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[Drama 2022] Thirty-Nine, 서른 아홉


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Coffee truck sent by Lotte Cultureworks to support Drama <Thirty, Nine> actors and staff filming today.


It’s a cold day in Seoul, chilly feel around 7°.  For the first time in 17 years, a cold wave alert has been issued  yesterday (Oct 16) for Seoul in October.









FT review

 Actress Son Yejin has warm grapefruit tea and Actress Jeon Mido has black sesame latte








“This is the first #support event I went to during the day on Sunday!!  All actors in JTBC drama <Thirty. Nine>

Cheering for the staff, # Coffee at Lotte Cultureworks.  Drinks were prepared ^-^ !!  The schedule was rushed, so I worked with Lotte Cultureworks to complete the rollout quickly!!  I set it for lunch time, but the staff thought I would take it after the meal, but the drinks came out quickly and they said it was good, and they ordered again after the meal :) Your hands are faster than your eyes!  Actress Son Ye-jin, warm grapefruit tea, actress Jeon Mi-do, black sesame latte, and American manager, delivered it to me.  Director Kwak Jung-hwan and Lotte employees visited the site and cheered for them ^^ Thank you for visiting Lotte Culture Works and the PD who recommended it!!  <Thirty. Nine> teams cheer up > _ <!!  



Coffee truck support from Valentino for Son Yejin and <Thirty, Nine> team on 09/28







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<Thirty, Nine> Sighting

OP saw Jeon Mido and Son Yejin filming together.

When : Cloudy afternoon on Friday, 2021/10/15

Place: Park

Outfit : Jeon Mido - slightly bright green blouse and NOT wearing glasses. 

Son Yejin -  sky/white stripes 

Hair : Jeon Mido - really short brown hair (shorter than Hospital Playlist ~ Chae Songhwa). 

Son Yejin - long brown hair


OP said it seem to be a scene where both were chatting and walking; and that scene was shot 3x.  Both seemed close as they were laughing and talking when they weren't shooting; and Jeon Mido laughters sounded very contagious.

She also saw another actress and a child actor sat on a bench and filming.



Pretty Mido latest  photo with short brown hair in Shinhan Financialcf





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Actress Seo Ji-young transforms into Son Ye-jin's mother.





On the 25th, Seo Ji-young's agency Lucky Monster Entertainment announced, "Actress Seo Ji-young will appear as Mi-jo's (Son Ye-jin) mother in JTBC's new drama 'Thirty, Nine'."


JTBC's new drama 'Thirty, Nine' is a real human romance that deals with in-depth stories of friendship, love, and life, while three friends who are about to turn 40 meet by chance and contain ordinary and windless daily life. Actors Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do, Kim Ji-hyeon, Yeon Woo-jin, Lee Mu-saeng, and Lee Tae-hwan have been confirmed to appear, and writer Yoo Young-ah, who wrote the drama 'Boyfriend,' is in charge of writing. .


Seo Ji-young is an actress who has established herself as a diva in the musical world by winning the Musical Awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress in a row. She showed her unique acting skills in OCN's 'Class of Lies`. She has established herself as a multiplayer that encompasses performances, dramas, and movies.


She has now joined the role of Ellen in the musical 'Frankenstein', which will be released on November 24, and has been active in all directions as she has been cast as her better mother in the feature film 'One Day She In Space'. In addition to her, she will also appear in the feature-length independent film 'One Day She In Space'.

Meanwhile, JTBC's new drama 'Thirty, Nine' is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2022.


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OP saw Son Yejin 2nd nite filming at her Songdo Harbour View apartment complex which said to be Actor Lee Moo Saeng ~ Kim Ji Seok’s residence in <Thirty, Nine> 






OP:”There are a lot of seonji shootings close to the broadcasting stations in the neighborhood .. Today, I saw filming at my apartment complex.  Actors with pretty images are coming out, so I’ll have to watch it.  To be honest, I often see shooting in my apartment.  (I'm proud of it) lol”









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Son Yejin’s DC  Gallery FT (Part2)

Flower balloons, Kitty flowers and  Pengu from Actress Son Yejin DC Gallery …





Cup sleeve translation

 ”Pls take good care of our Cha Mi-Jorim and delicious coffee to DREAM MIJO!  DC Gallery supports “39”!  Our Mijo team, fighting! ”




The boss of Bohemian Cafe (FT) was at <Thirty, Nine> on set giving his FT support review

Actress Son ordered a cup of hot wheat flour latte and took took pretty pictures while taking turns in the 2nd and 1st food trucks”



Trans fm SYJ DC GALL



Today's support started at 1 o'clock. The weather was good, the time was good, and I thought it was a perfect day to support.


Below are the stories that  Bohemian Cafe  president himself told me, please enjoy it haha


(There is a full video of the scene sent by the company at the bottom, be sure to watch the video! Kitty also appears)


==================================================== =========

Review fm President, Bohemian Cafe

After setting up, we are giving prepared drinks, New York hot dogs, churros, and cup fruits to the on-site staff.

Actress Son’'s car came in and she got off …


SYJ: “What is this, it’s so pretty”

FT BOSS: ” Hello, actor, can I get you a drink!? 

SYJ:  ” Yes, thank you. What's delicious? 

FT BOSS” Ah, everything is delicious.  Do you like coffee? 

SYJ : ” I like your coffee too, um… 

FT BOSS : ” Our rice flour latte is also delicious, and I also like the Jori Pong latte and hot tea.”

SYJ: " Then, give me a cup of warm wheat flour latte, thank you"


I gave Actress Son a hot wheat flour latte.


Actress Son went into the filming set for a while and then came to change clothes,


With a pretty dog (Kitty), Actress Son  took a pretty picture while taking turns in the 2nd and 1st cars.


Actress Son  ordered another cup of hot latte.  Looking at balloons and dolls 


SYJ : " Oh my, you are so pretty"

FT BOSS: “ Your fan prepared it for you, can you take it with you??” 


With this warm latte and flower balloon as a gift, Actress Son went in to film!




After going in for a photo shoot, she came out to take a photo, but she brought a Kitty that she had only seen in photos.


I took a photo for authentication with Kitty, and the boss said that he even hugged Kitty once.

It was so small and pretty. 


It was a hit in the coffee truck support with

200 cups of coffee tea, 150 fruit cups, 100 churros, 100 hot dogs







Bohemian Cafe FT support review










Baby Kitty accompanied Mommy Son Yejin at work today She is sooo cutie :lol:






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[Thirty - Nine Filming Update]:


Son Ye Jin first food truck photo and first IG update for November 2021 with Kitty during Thirty - Nine Filming yesterday. Glad that both (Son Ye Jin & Kitty) are Top Trending List on Twitter PH. :fullofhearts:






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Actress Son Yejin expressed her gratitude for her fans lovely food trucks in her IG today 


Son Ye-jin, shy confession to a gift that arrived on set "I love you.."

2021.11.03. 3:43 PM



On November 3rd, Son Ye-jin posted on her personal Instagram, "Thank you, I ate all of the wheat flour latte, coffee, churros, and hot dog. My staff also enjoyed it. DC Son Ye-jin Gallery, I love you." She posted two photos with it. 

In the published photo, Son Ye-jin is smiling posing in front of the coffee truck sent by fans.   Son Ye-jin's face, happy with the fans' love, stands out. The dog Kitty standing next to Son Ye-jin also added to the cuteness.  


Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as "I'm in love with Hyun Bin" and "Fighting while filming". 




Actress Song Yoon-ah, who saw this, drew attention by leaving a comment saying, "Kitty went to work today as well." 

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin is appearing in the JTBC drama 'Thirty, Nine',  which is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2022.  She is also in a public relationship with actor Hyun Bin of the same age. 

(Photo = Son Ye-jin SNS)

Jungmin Park odult@newsen.com








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OP spotted Dr Cha (Son Yejin) and  Dr Kim Sun Woo (Yeon Woojin) filming at his neighbourhood tonite.


Yejin wearing white sneaker inseparable from her hand mirror and the wooden  box to support her height when filming with 1.85m tall Woojin :lol:



crd tw love_or_hate_3

Throwback 08/30

Son Yejin and Yeon Woojin shooting at flower shop, Jourdejoie Atelier, used as set for <Thirty.Nine>.  Both gave their autographs to the flower shop.








Son Yejin



Yeon Woojin





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TWO Lunch FT support (coffee & Tteokbokki truck) from Jeon Mido Korea Fancafe for her and <Thirty, Nine> team who are filming hard today:)


<Thirty, Nine> filming will be until end January 2022 and more FTs support coming.




FT Review

Actress Jeon came and shot avideo message for her fan cafe.  She took photos too and went back to filming”

















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Actress Ahn Soohee vlog & IG upload a video and she brought out her <Thirty, Nine> script 7.  Each script booklet is 1 episode, so seem like filming is already at ep 6.   Filming will be until end January 2022. 











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