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[Drama 2022] Thirty-Nine, 서른 아홉


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A group of Jeon Mido fans sent lunch bentos to Jeon Mido, Son Yejin and Kim Jihyun at JTBC Studio last Thursday 11/25.  

She posted an IGS on Sunday 11/28 thanked her fans for tge support.:)
















Jeon Mido & her stylist “Thank You” IGS 



Jeon Mido IGS 11/28


”Thank you so much.  I’m posting it now” ~ Mido


Mido makeup artist IGS her fans food bento on 11/25





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Bungeoppang food support for Jeon Mido from her agency ~ Bistus Entertainment last nite 12/01.  <Thirty, Nine> team was having an outdoor filming under chilling cold of -7°   Stay safe and warm, team!!









Staff IGS last nite




Staff warm packs








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Yejinhand updated her IG as of 8:58pm PSTime. By appreciating her fans and supporters who sent her a food truck.:fullofhearts:


She looks pretty and gorgeous in her outfit.:sparklyeyes:



English Translation:


"I keep on ending up saying hello to you by saying thank you ah.. How am I suppose to repay this thankful heart. I eat and drink well and am so full from all of your love.. Thank you.. Hope my love and thankful heart is well conveyed to you" - SON YE JIN/YEJINHAND











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Son Yejin posted IG thanked her fans for their endless support.


"I keep greeting you guys with the phrase “Thank You”.  Ah.. how can i repay (to show) you my gratitude.. I will drink, eat well and keep getting full with your love… Thank you..Hope my love and gratitude is well conveyed to you” ~ Son Yejin




'Hyun Bin ♥' Son Ye-jin "I keep getting full with love"

2021.12.08. 10:30pm
 Reporter Lee yu-na
[Sports Chosun Reporter Lee Yoo-na]
Actress Son Ye-jin expressed her gratitude for her endless support. 
Son Ye-jin said on Instagram on the 8th, "I continue to send my regards by saying thank you." 

She continued, "Drink well, eat well, and keep getting full with your love. Thank you.. So that all my love and gratitude can be conveyed to you as well," she posted a photo taken in front of the coffee and snack trucks sent by fans.



Son Ye-jin is currently filming JTBC's next drama 'Thirty, Nine' after three years following 'Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food'. The drama depicts the love and friendship of three friends who are about to turn 40, and is a 12-episode real-life human romance. 

Son Ye-jin plays the role of Cha Mi-jo, the director of Gangnam Dermatology Clinic, who grew up in an affluent family. 

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<Thirty, Nine> Sighting


OP saw <Thirty, Nine> filming in her school.  She only saw all three female protagonists (Son Yejin, Jeon Mido and Kim Jihyun from their backs.. ^^

The staff asked her to watch it later on TV, so photography were not allowed.  All three of them came right away, and their proportions are crazy. Especially, Jeon Mi-do head is really small..

Actress Son Ye-jin also shines from behind.  As if all the people who witnessed Actress Son Ye-jin were woven. It's so much fun that Actress Son Ye-jin  shines.




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<Thirty,  Nine> sighting

OP was driving and when they passed by a coffee shop, the road was blocked because they were filming <Thirty,  Nine>.

OP saw Son Yejin and Jeon Mido.  She said their body proportions stood out and their faces are really small, truly celebrities!!




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