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Soompi potluck

treat yourself  

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  1. 1. What do you treat yourself (or a friend) to so you can relax? (choose your top 5)

    • something sweet - cake & pastries to sweeten the day!
    • something cold - ice cream to warm my heart!
    • something salty - french fries to crunch through my worries!
    • something savoury - a nice warm meal to warm my tummy (tell us more)
    • shopping for my favs -- (tell us more)
    • a walk around the neighbourhood to enjoy the wind and sun
    • give me some bubblies - cocktails to warm the body!
    • take me to the movies - show me someone's else drama to take my mind off my own
    • zap my heart - let me be a kid and shoot away all my stress with a joystick! friends, won't you join me and play some video games?
    • treat your body to treat your heart - a day at the hair salon or spa or beauty treatment
    • treat your mind to treat your heart - do something cultural like go to the museum, watch a play or read a book
    • play a game with me - is it football? basketball, volleyball? how do you like to catch up with friends?
    • gossip! - someone's else problems always remind you that you are not the only one! and you realize kdramas get inspiration from somewhere!
    • take a ride with me! - travel away for a few days, a weekend. do you like long trips or short trips?
    • nature the healer - hike, bird watch, spend the day at the lake, sea. go for picnics at the park. what do you like to do?
    • lets have a party, BBQ and call all those you want to spend time with. what is a good time without something to munch on?
    • put me on those rides -- go to the amusement park like your favourite kdrama characters
    • music to soothe the soul - do you like to go to concerts? or just listen to the radio? how does music enhance your life?
    • other (tell us more)

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Wow how cool is this:blush: I'm salivating and now I know what the notification button is for lol. My apologies for missing the pot luck but I'll never miss another.

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Members who know me will not be surprised to see me bring champagne to the potluck. During the pandemic I have really missed nights out with my friends. Good food, drinks and dancing. I know that

Thanks @Lmangla for initiating the potluck,   Below dish is called Roti Jala and is served with chicken curry, mutton, beef or dhall. Can be eaten in any occassions, and is not costly.

chingus, welcome to the soompi potluck! the past year has been a crazy difficult challenging ride for all of us. sometimes, it can be hard to remember the good things among this stress. so the th

On 2/22/2021 at 4:26 AM, partyon said:

tagging some people who haven't been mentioned yet and who are hanging out on the same threads as I am at the moment

Oh no... Sorry @partyon Missed your tagging. It's too late now for potluck...

But I'm going to offer you and chingudeul a spread or two anyway lol:glee:



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