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Lee Joon Gi x Moon Chae Won [Flower of Evil Couple]


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Lee Joon Gi x Moon Chae Won 

Flower of Evil Couple


These two fantastic actors reunited once again in a new melodrama this coming July !

From colleagues in Criminal Minds in 2017 to husband and wife in Flower of Evil :wub: 





Lee Joon Gi

[Official Forum]


lee joongi | Tumblr


Birthdate: April 17th, 1982 

Birthplace: Busan, South Korea

University: Seoul Institute of the Arts

Height: 178cm

Blood Type: B

Twitter: @JGshock

Weibo: @leejoongi

Facebook: Lee Joon Gi  

Instagram: @actor_jg

Official Website: http://www.leejoongi.co.kr


Moon Chae Won


[Official Forum]

움짤.gif - 문채원 갤러리 | 첫사랑, 갤러리


Birthday: November 13, 1986
Birthplace: Daegu
Body: 168cm (5ft 6in), 49kg (108lbs)
Family: parents and younger brother
Education: Chugye, University for the Arts

Instagram: @myu_bless 




2016- Moon Chae Won Signs with Lee Joon Gi's agency (Namooactors)

2017- Criminal Minds Korea main leads


joon gi gifs | Tumblr


:wub: Moon Chae Won celebrated her 10th Year Anniversary at the set of  CMKr (May 13,2017)



:wub: CMKr Presscon/VLIVE

 201 Gambar #MoonLee | Moon Chae Won ❤ Lee Joon Gi terbaik ...

JG said he wanted to do romance drama with CW and she agreed. 


2018- Individual Projects (Lawless Lawyer/Mama Fairy and The Woodcutter)

2019- Break from kdrama/film projects

2020- Flower of Evil 


Please observe our shipper's paradise rules ^^ 





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o.m.g,.finally there is a place where i can stalked and talked about this intense couple...  hoping more sweet bts moments,...iam still waiting for their photoshoot in one magazine,...their beauty both gorgeous


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they always said moonlee couple...maybe depend to the people when the presscon come and see them together so close...iam overflowing excited when the press see this two gorgeous couple in front of them,..and also is seeing them on camera sitting each other...iam curious what lee joon gi and moon chae won would they will wear..hoping for couple wear...o.m.g....iam so so gigles right now my heart jumping so fast..their chemistry are purely explosived, ..their eyes looking and facing each other are absolutely intense,..yes july is coming....ian waiting this two happen,...after being myself so anxious waiting and waiting for years happen to see them together again..now is happening all of a sudden that iam still surprised..since criminal mind i love this couple,..its a destiny they back and surprised us as couple...so much much much love,..lee joon gi and moon chae won are the best couple and deserved more recognition and success...


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this couple is surely on fire,...people waiting for this to finaly come together both strong and charistmatic,...moon chae won and lee joon gi are highly anticipated and gets alot of buzz for their stunning acting performance and mostly undeniable chemistry that leads to a getting closer relationship, ..hoping this two make a real couple...love them so much,.. such a real happy family in flower of evil,..

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better wait a little bit ,..we are getting closer by july 8 they will release the full trailer...i think every wensday and thursday theres always latest update,..so we dont fell anxious,...just always stay tune for the latest weekly..til we get to the premier,...my excitement is getting higher that any time soon my heart explode when the presscon come,...still hoping for lots of interviews, guesing games.anything as long i see this two inter act each other,....photoshoot also,...the more promotion the more visible their chemistry is.....i need lots of interviews mostly,...

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On 7/4/2020 at 5:59 AM, LeeMoonSquare said:



I'm also wondering why she had to delete her ig post after an hour where LJG posted his pic?? (But actually on the back of my head I'm having my own delusions and own answer to that question lol :D


Ctto to owner

 They look so hot together! I cant wait to see their chemistry more. I guess it will be a boom :evillaugh:

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