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  1. to my precious and lovely moon chae won ,positively sure that you will win the award for this year from apan award because you are shining among them surely true
  2. moon chae won is getting lots of recognition now and in the future for her sincerity and stunning performance in acting skill ...shes the best actress that need to pay more attention internationally and lots of people are truely impressed by her unique acting skill ,looking forward for moon chae won next role
  3. i want lee joon gi and moon chae won win more awards and walked together on red carpet please make this happen lee joo gi and moon chae won deserved more
  4. [Episode 12 ratings] national 4.729 seoul 5.234 wow congratulation to flower of evil ,the rating are so so high for the late timeslot ,..its really jumping ,..even me iam jumping for so much happiness,..wow flower of evil are always on the most buzz worthy drama and stunning cast it gets more popularity international . we only needs awards for them,all
  5. flower of evil is the best,..recieve lots of positive feedback around the world and getting lot of popularity for the cast stunning performance,..hoping after flower of evil there is photoshoot and interviews for the couple still hoping for such gorgeous couple,..i like moon chae won strong opinion on the question about the drama ,the character and so on,...and also the way she answer a question about working with lee joon gi,..her answer is always honest and straightforward that you want more from her,..also lee joon gi is also the best always vocal and ready to talked about anything except l
  6. tvN’s “Flower of Evil” remains No. 1 among Wednesday-Thursday night dramas! they are undefeated getting stronger and stronger,...congratulation
  7. iam eagerly want lee joon gi and moon chae won win the baeksang award as the result of theyre stunning performance walking together( like walking to the flower path) as a gift for their hard work and as viewers we will full of happiness seeing this two couple in such precious awards night,..i will wait and watch them...they need to win.
  8. wow,..while watching ep 10 my heart is aching and tearing this episode is super intense ,brilliant ..i feel connected to the story while watching because their acting performance is so realistic and stunning,..even though theres no subtitle but i will watch again for translation on viewasian,...still it so heavy to carry .that even my heart can break .... advance congratulation to flower of evil drama because this story is truly unpredictable that make me so intriguing and number 1 best drama also the lead cast and casting team are stunning they are all veterance wow ,..
  9. i think the real baek hee sung is not the killer ,.the real accomplice is his father
  10. i really love episode 9 ,..so much emotion ..i cry everytime cha ji won in tears i just carried away,.and about hyun soo side he really tried to get deep inside his heart to understand her but he cant feel it all he can do is to show himself he loves her and afraid of losing her,... i really enjoy watching every episode ,..it getting better and better and intense,..brilliant,..also mention they are both gorgeous,.... congratulation to flower of evil this drama never disapointed me its so brilliant i feel iam attached to the story so much so addicted,..wowand inlove,..th
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