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  1. everyday i always visit this thread cause i am happy reading all your opinions,.it gives me so much excitement ,.. are they still filming? or doing some photoshoot ?
  2. i need the trailer of drama,..i really miss moon chae won acting... figthing fighting fighting!!!!!!! hoping for more success,..flower of evil fighting,...please july come faster hoping lee joon gi and moon chae won get lots of buzz by july premier...
  3. i think its not a lie,..for me ...because baek hee sung is also inlove to his wife eventhough he dont feel love emotion ,,..he physically attracted to her, and also her innocence charm and mostly she is also smart feminine woman,...and i think all he needs will give by his wife ... cha ji won easily fall in love to bae hee sung because he is so charistmatic and intellegent..for sure
  4. maybe true cha ji won is deeply inlove to him while baek hee sung is attracted to her...confusing,..july please come fast we answer to all our question....
  5. maybe,...all i want to see is how theyre ralationship developed back then that end up to married,their backstory together and mostly their kissing scene that iam waited,....hope theyre more kissing scene,...its really unfaired for us if theres no kissing scene,..i hope it passionate or intimate,.... im eagerly want to watch flower of evil,...i am so curious the flow of story and what the writer think,...by the way i will trust the writer...
  6. i think beak hee sung is naturally a psychopath because maybe his father is also a psychopath that is why he dont feel empathy,...and i think the reason his married to cha ji won that last for 14 years is because he knew his wife love him deeply and baek hee sung also never let go his wife because he want her, ...he maybe dont feel emotion or doesnt feel inlove because of his inborn mental state or psychopath person,...but baek hee sung i think the meaning of feeling inlove for him is like doing or showing some action but not in emotion,....and the years theyre together as married couple baek hee sung trust his wife for sure so that theyve last,.....but suddenly his wife cha ji won unvieled the dark side of her husband past and lead the suspicious love relationship,...
  7. i love what you said ,..baek hee sung fake love married his wife cha ji won to conceal his evil side but as a years passed he fall inlove to his wife,..hoping thats the outcome of story.... all the lead cast, team ,director and writer are full force to make this heavy drama full package,...i am more surprised by their visual appearance theyre both appeared strong and happy fighting!!!!!!! "flower of evil" lets us make this drama be successful.
  8. its alright for me if they push back as long its july,..we are getting closer ,.and i think this coming june there is more exciting update for lee joon gi and moon chae won appeared just need to wait patiently
  9. its aready may ,..i miss them so much mostly moon chae won,..until now no script reading,..still waiting,...lee joon gi always post on his intagram while moon chae won is still hiding,...but its alright ..no more..spoiler,. ..maybe she will surprise us with her transformation we better watch out,...so excited...lets gets busy all
  10. i think its true they really giving the hint,..as you watch the movie helpless it look the same because both married couple and their partner is psychopath,..its interesting movie..the person who is psychopath is no emotion or consciense killing its their nature ,..but they didnt kill the one they married,...a psychopath just do what they want,..doing crime is not a big deal because theyre no emotion and dont feel mercy,...i hope "flower of evil "melodrama so much different from the movie "helpless".. moon chae won and lee joon gi role is verry challenging and complicated ...this is really the battle of good and bad.... this is highly intriguing,..more backstory for investigating the scene,..and the story focusing only for this married couple who were more human than anyone else,...o.m.g...this story is mistery and thrilling with romance,...it get me cleared....i wish theres a twist,..a happy ending
  11. wow lydliem nice observation...thank you so much..it makes me so happy,.. thank you all for the update ..i really love reading your comments ,.....
  12. true tuiwgn his wife cha ji won will change evrything to make him a true good human being hopefully ,...... but honestly im so intrique by the story because i cant read the mind of writer ...... i have high expectation for the writer....
  13. wow so beautiful fan edit,..thank you for sharing bombshellchick1...o.m.g...im so eagerly want to see this two more romance focusing on them...
  14. i hope that being a psychopath can also be inlove to the person they want,..because in reality a psychopath dont feel emotion or inlove,.... jilla i really love your thoughts about the backstory of this married couple... i hope baek hee sung really inlove to his wife,.. i cant wait to watch the trailer,..my curiousity is getting higher and i miss them
  15. what is moon chae won hair is it long or short,..because her previous pic is short ,..thanks again for another latest update photo
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