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  1. Hi guys! Just dropping by to give my take re Morphine. Morphine can be given through infusion pump aka PCA (Patient Controlled Anelgesia), it's either there is continous drip at a very low dose or just pure bolus (This is can be use either post surgical or cancer patients). I'm not really sure what did they use at the drama but yes, you can actually give more dose when needed (that is what we call the Clinician Activated Bolus). About HAM drugs, they can be accessed by any person who are authorized (Anesthesiologist, Pain Doctors, Pain Nurses).
  2. It's been awhile since I last joined a forum, and here I am can't help but signed up again and be with you guys discussed about this new medical drama Doctor John. Dropping my thoughts and the things that I found interesting: 1. The 2nd case about the patient who signed DNR: I'm quite confused about the scene when the patient had respiratory distress and they have to intubate him, the doctors argued whether to intubate him or not? It is clear that signed DNR, and not DNI so I'm guessing that there is no need to argue about it since they are technically allowed to do so? 2. Case of the anal cancer patient: I think CYH is taking care of him as palliative patient, that the pain medication is used to give comfort and not actually to "relieve" the pain. There are specific pain medications such as opioids that are used for palliative patients: example Morphine The mechanism of those drugs block pain messages to our brain, hence patients feel the "comfort". (It's hard to discuss about it since I'm still learning and I must say, not the expert) 3. The Nurse: I don't understand her obsession about the case of the anal cancer patient 4. Euthanasia: such a broad and sensitive topic. I'm am hoping that this drama give the right justice.
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