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  1. After episode 9 and 10 I'm sure my theories about the real Baek Heesung are complete nonsense lol It's getting pretty clear he was either the accomplice (his nails are just he same as the ones Haesoo saw) or his dad was also involved in something. But what I don't like is what a small (kdrama) world for Baek Heesung to run over the son of the serial killer he once knew, what underwhelming twist if that's what going to happen. And why would his dad help Hyunsoo? Ugh, I don't know, I wish I'm wrong and that the accomplice is a total difference person, tbh. And our pitiful
  2. After watching this week's episodes I'm desperate to see them come clean to each other! I believe in the writer, so I'm hoping that next week we will see that, please?? Cha Jiwon went to Moojin's place when both Hyunsoo and Haesoo where there, so maybe they finally admite the truth? She desperately wants to help him, if only he could stop lying (and yes, I know will be hard, as he is already so used to living like this)... Real Baek Heesung woke up, already! That's another problem Hyunsoo will have to deal with. And it's kinda good that Jiwon is thinking about div
  3. cr: jg_k_drama @ insta This week's GoodData!!!! JG #1, MCW #3, FOE #3 So happy for them! Congradulations~
  4. Harassment from shippers, but most importantly she was dealing with a really crazy online stalker, that she later sued and he was convicted http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20170405000889 https://www.soompi.com/article/1047173wpp/man-claimed-moon-chae-wons-boyfriend-receives-sentence Anyway, I hope Chaewon rest well!! Looks like she really needed a break from SNS... But how sweet of her to post on DC to let us know, uwu!! Love her.
  5. This week's still cuts Hyunsoo, my guy..... Your wife is watching you
  6. I've been thinking about the real Baek Heesung, and here is my theory
  7. Still need to watch the episode with subs, but..... I love Cha Jiwon. What an amazing female character we have here. Even after finding out the truth, after being lied to for years, feeling betrayed in a way I can't even imagine, she is still giving him chances, she will dig his past to understand him, his condition, and why he did it. I think after she finds more information about him, she will end up helping to clean his name... I hope. Her mental state is crazy, to endure all alone, to stay by his side. Like I posted before, we will see her taking him to Do Hyun
  8. This episode was so intense!! I'm still a little dizzy thinking about everything that happened in only one hour episode, omg... That ending scene!! I'm broken after seeing them suffering so much, and it's only the beginning.. Also, Do Haesoo is so suspicious, now I'm in with the theories she is the real culprit! Poor Hyunsoo is taking all the blame for his noona
  9. The little glimpse of Heesung and Jiwon waiting for Eunha, I find this so sweet.. makes me think of what he was thinking around that time, his reaction to the news, and how was like to hold his own baby for the first time, if anything changed from there (I think it did). I hope we will see that in episodes to come.
  10. Just watched all videos about Flower of Evil from this channel, and I had to recommend it here. They have English subs, btw!!
  11. Good observation!! They are wearing the same clothes from when they are standing in front of that abandoned place. Another scene I'm dying to see!
  12. Yesterday I was here talking about how much I want Jiwon to figure things out and for her and Heesung to help each other. But I just watched all teasers and highlights to see if I missed any important scenes... Things may be completely different than I though!! lmao Forget what I said earlier, this may be even more interesting as a viewer! lol
  13. After watching the last episode with subs, I'm so desperate for Jiwon to find out about him being Hyunsoo, but looks like won't be this time. She will be worried about his life and won't even think about his random connections with the case. Why would he be kidnapped by the Taxi driver? Why would his watch be in the warehouse? I'm sure her mind will find a good reasoning for everything, because she is running away from the truth all the time. She already "took the pill", from episode 1. But I want her to find out soon, and see them working things out. For her to understand him and th
  14. @Madu Mita I'm not sure who he is,,, But he knew Do Hyunsoo from before too, like the chinese restaurant guy. Gotta wait for subs, because I'm confused about him...
  15. They find his watch, with the wristband she gifted on his birthday, on the crime scene!! I'm going crazyyyy,,, Will she finally come to terms he is involved with something?? Like, there is no way to overlook this right?
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