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  1. A comment I read on Flower of Evil's dcinside: "When Heesung says "You shouldn't have met me" sounds like he didn't want Jiwon to get hurt (as he cares about her)... Even tho psychopaths lacks empathy" Also, other comment asking why he was getting beaten if he is suspected of being a cruel serial killer... Which makes me think that maybe, his choices of victims might be other criminals??? I get sad every time I think about this last trailer I'm not readyyyy Edit:
  2. Some gifs~ Can't wait to see their chemistry @LyraYoo I like sunflower couple!! it's cute!
  3. This part of the trailer, when Jiwon is holding Heesung's hand with both of hers make me think of MCW's lastest movie post, Wicker Park... Where will their obsessions take them, Heesung's of keeping his life as it is, and Jiwon's to find out the truth.
  4. We have what... 4 more weeks of promos still? I'm curious with how many more teasers/trailer we are going to get, there have been one each week, right?? With the first trailer (4th teaser) we finally got some drama scenes, and for the little we saw, I'm really loving the look of the drama After reading @sas79's post... I always get conflicted when I think about Heesung, even if he committed serial killings for a "good" reason (or even if he isn't a serial killer after all), he still lied for so many years, that I keep asking myself if I would forgive someone for lying for so long. But then, be might have a good reason for lying too.. SO CONFLICTED. How are they going to work this out as a couple? And their daughter being in the middle of all this, she being so close to her dad I just feel this drama will stress me out like TWOTM did,,, But I'm ready!!! Please come faster.
  5. Exactly, @Jillia. As fans we can be mad, but let's focus on the drama, that's more exciting, lol!
  6. I keep thinking of ways this drama can have a happy ending But every teaser makes think this is going to be a really sad ride
  7. The smashed TV showing the husband and daughter This new teaser gave me a huge "The World of the Married" vibe
  8. I'm seeing a lot these introvert excuse being use, that maybe it's her decision or what not, but let's be honest that a drama is a work decision that not only needs her own personal opinion being made and being considered. Is she her own boss to say no and they go with it? To me is just Namoo neglecting her. She had her own photoshoot in her previous dramas, and if they give her costar behind the scenes photos (I don't even mention videos lol), when she is right there on his side, holding his wrist, but releases no picture it's kinda... Messed up. If this was the other way around, fans would feel the same way. And by no means I'm ever criticizing JG, he has his own team and I don't expect them to work double just because they got casted together. This is all Namoo complete lack of support for Moon Chaewon, not from today, but from the beginning. Anyway, the way things are being handled just makes promotions even worst, And by the way, The drama was pushed further to July 29.
  9. @jazz85 @kekeke09 It's surprising they don't have a photoshoot together, specially with both leads under the same management company.. But yeah, let's see what happens.
  10. We actually didn't had a single teaser with scenes of the drama, I'm looking forward to that! And stills! We need some drama stills, please.
  11. !!!!!! OMG!! i had no idea that was written there! tvn is really teasing us
  12. Omg, you now remind me to talk about about one of the writer's Drama Specials, Avici! She did 4, and this is by far my favorite and I have watched many times... And it's creepy. Do recommed!