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  1. Real BHS is awake!! Yikes! Why do I feel like there will be a love triangle soon., ah no never mind. I just love this series since its 1st ep. And it is also the first time I watch an ongoing series to the point that I even watch on live streaming w/o subs. And watch the episode w/ subs repeatedly. Actors were all great and the LeeMoon chemistry is literaly a blazing This drama is for sure a masterpiece.. Will put my theories after episode 16!!! Lol
  2. done watching ep 1 and 2. My goodness its way too awesome!!! LGJ and MCW's acting is great. Aside from their chemistry that is on fire! I feel like there is also something with Jiwon. I don't know its just a hunch, I dont even have a definite proof. Can we move Wednesday and Thursday tomorrow??
  3. That's what I think too if talking about the reality. Maybe someone from here end told her about jg's post or she saw it. (stalker mode lol) And i just watch another interview of Jg yesterday. The keywords for keywords talk.. when ask about Jiwon he answered "My love" and then about "Moon Chae-won" he answered "Wife, I love" ("my lovely wife" in some translation. As for me I was feeling giddy and excited until now!!! I can't contain my happiness hearing those. Haha
  4. I'm also wondering why she had to delete her ig post after an hour where LJG posted his pic?? (But actually on the back of my head I'm having my own delusions and own answer to that question lol ) Ctto to owner
  5. I've been shipping these two incredible actors since I watch CM.. I'm super glad that they reunited again! :)
  6. LJK said I lied.. just a little bit. So if its just a "little" lie. There are some truth in him, the question is how can his wife knows which of those are real? Since he betrayed her trust. Maybe the fact that he loves her or the he he just used her??? there are so many question but my english vocabulary is quite limited this time so bye..! is it July tomorrow?
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CATwDCaJFrV/?igshid=11evpquhay3i1 script reading! ;)
  8. Uh oh. The long wait is... LONGER... lol need to add more patience..
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