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  1. Hi @missmaudy thank you for the information. I noted on the buzz that they received and even on top of it. I wouldve imagine that if this drama is getting more exposure ie to be listed in Netflix and the airtime is good. It will be more famous then wht it received today. But I am glad, eventho it wasnt exposed to Netflix and the airtime is on weekdays and on the late night. It still receive a good recognition from us the viewer. Would be happy to become one of the supporters too. Peace.
  2. I am so glad after reading all of your thoughts regarding this drama and awards. Truely I was hoping this drama, cast and crews are atleast to be a nominees. As of episode 10, it maintains a good momentum and its quality is just a boom for me. It might not receiving many hypes (eg: was not air in Netflix and the airtime was too late). I hope this drama deserve what it should be. Not root for its popularity but the quality of the show. Finger cross and I hope this would be a turning point for MCW and LJG too. MCW yeah as u guys says an underrated good actress and her latest project
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