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  1. Hi @missmaudy thank you for the information. I noted on the buzz that they received and even on top of it. I wouldve imagine that if this drama is getting more exposure ie to be listed in Netflix and the airtime is good. It will be more famous then wht it received today. But I am glad, eventho it wasnt exposed to Netflix and the airtime is on weekdays and on the late night. It still receive a good recognition from us the viewer. Would be happy to become one of the supporters too. Peace.
  2. I am so glad after reading all of your thoughts regarding this drama and awards. Truely I was hoping this drama, cast and crews are atleast to be a nominees. As of episode 10, it maintains a good momentum and its quality is just a boom for me. It might not receiving many hypes (eg: was not air in Netflix and the airtime was too late). I hope this drama deserve what it should be. Not root for its popularity but the quality of the show. Finger cross and I hope this would be a turning point for MCW and LJG too. MCW yeah as u guys says an underrated good actress and her latest project
  3. I dont believe it either. Wishing that it could extend till episode 20 haha. How can each episode be better each time. The thrill is seriously no joke for me. This is the first time I felt so much for a drama as I think of it almost everyday.
  4. WTH is going on todayyyyyyyyyyyyy. I dont believe that we get this revelation so fast. I am going to die waiting next week and..episode 12 later on
  5. I just wanna say, this episode is totally hit me so hard. So many heart wrenching scenes made my day gloomy today. Haha. Btw, we are about to connecting all the dots on the mystery of the serial killing. The voice cassette - solved (indirectly Jiwon helps Hyunsoo to memorize back the past with his father) The real BHS is awaken - knowing that he is looking for a women he talk to before the accident (I think might probably Jung Mi Suk) Baek Man Wu - literally dark mysterious (he has something to do with the agency) Do Min Seok - a psycopath who is the loyal client to
  6. And I still belief with this theory before haha. There's something about this Baek family that we cannot simply take for granted. But to add on, may be Do family is the victim of the local society.
  7. Me!!! I am sad tooooooo , saw Joongi IG too that it seems the drama filming is coming to an end too. OMG what a sad day .
  8. So happy for themmmm!! Next target is to get it on Netflix and good appreciation award. Watching episode 6 yesterday and I found myself so hard after putting Jiwon situation on me. Literally Jiwon is so smart and will not easily influence by the media and others. This is much heartbreaking to know that their relationship wont be as good as before but Jiwon need to pretend for the sake of Eunha This story is so emotionally and physically intense and I would like to praise the director and writer for a such good drama! Not forgotten all the casts and crews. Let’s screwed
  9. It is just episode 4 but I feels like it is the end of the worldddddddd mix feeling thoooooo!!! The true pain starts at episode 5
  10. I had a feeling again that the original BHS (Kim Ji Hoon) was force to be in coma state by the father (hospital director) - like the Yong Pal series of sleeping beauty. I feel that he is the true evil, like if he wake up he will cause so much chaos (real serial killer). And even everyone admit that Do Min Seok is the serial killer, I believe there is something with this Baek's family had done to the Do family like blackmailing them to take all the blame from the serial killing. Remembered what BHS aka Do Hyun Soo says, it is all about reputation - if you are doing good, no one wil
  11. I am curious too. Taking Eunha is just 6 years old and they have been married abt 14 years. Possible to have another child
  12. Having the same thoughts too! What if they ended up of being a small psychotic family. The father (HS), mother (JW) and developing a psycho angel (Eunha). JW smile after she slap the killer is creepy tho.
  13. @Prettysup Aha yeah, such a coincidence, Cha Ji Won is the ML Swan/Baek Eun Young is MCW in good bye Mr Black! haha They are literally from Cha and Baek family
  14. Disappointed to see such rating for this great drama but trying to be positive anyway and hope the storyline and plot twist could beat all this. By seeing 2 episodes, I feel all the creepy feelings and my expectations abt who HS was, has been totally changed. Eventho he is a psychopath, I hope the love to his wife and child is actually genuine. Totally sad :(. Now, I do think, he switch his identity with the original BHS, and the original BHS is actually an evil. Note: Watching the kakaotalk live and BTS makes me happy seeing the chemistry between MCW and LJG HEHE
  15. The first episode really captured me eventho with no subs last night. They offered us all the happiness at the beginning and I belief it will be a painful struggle later. HeeSung parent were really mean to JiWon but I am so ready for the next episode! Note: Their kissing scene is to die for! Haha
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