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[Drama 2021] Times, 타임즈


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The ending is weak and it gives a sense like there is something hanging there
What happen to President Seo Ki-tae? He was seen standing in front of the Podium facing the reporters and that's it.
And what's with the Senior Reporter Kang Shin-wook? He is like playing to the tune of whatever suits him.
The sudden change of JW does not seem to flow with the rest of the story line in the sense too nice too relaxed suddenly.
What happen to Nam Sung-beom and the poisonous Kim young-joo?
Ep 1 to 10 was intense especially 1 to 7 was the most intense.
I enjoy watching Ep1 beginning... the President Motorcade...the lights is so enthralling (minus the siren) especially when it is night
Overall I would say 7/10 because the ending was too abrupt which I noticed seems to the case with series that is intense in the beginning and somehow towards the end...everything just collapsed.

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