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[Current Drama 2021] Mount Jiri/Cliffhanger, 지리산 - Saturday & Sunday @21:00 KST- Jun Ji Hyun & Joo Ji Hoon


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Sung Dong Il and Oh Jung Se Join Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon in Drama ‘Mount Jiri’

By krishkim 



Sung Dong Il and Oh Jung Se confirmed their appearances in drama Mount Jiri (literal title).

Mount Jiri will revolve around the activities of the park rangers, including going on rescue missions and protecting the ecosystem against the backdrop of Jiri Mountain, one of Korea’s most famous mountains.

Previously, Jun Ji Hyun (Seo Yi Kang) and Ju Ji Hoon (Kang Hyun Jo) decided to take on the lead roles, making headlines. On top of that, Sung Dong Il and Oh Jung Se also confirmed their roles, raising the expectations.

Oh Jung Se, who showed exceptional performance in the recently-ended It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, will play Jung Gu Young. He is a down-to-earth realist with the motto of “I live, then others live.” He never works overtime and keeps his vacation and monthly leave like a clockwork.

Sung Dong Il plays Jo Dae Jin, the branch manager of Jirisan National Park Haedong Branch. He has spent more than half of his life as a ranger and is nicknamed “Mout Jiri Man.” Jo Dae Jin has a strong sense of duty and honesty as a ranger and always feel responsible for his junior rangers.

Meanwhile, Mount Jiri is written by Kim Eun Hee, best known for Netflix’s Kingdom series and drama Signal, and is directed by Lee Eung Bok, who worked on Descendants of the Sun, Mr. Sunshine, and Goblin.

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Supporting role casting lineup:


Cho Han-cheol → Kim Young-ok... 'Jirisan' starring Jeon Ji-hyun completed the formation of the golden climbing team



Han-cheol Cho, Seok-ho Jeon, Ga-seop Lee, Goong-si, Joo-kyung, and Young-ok Kim joined MT Jiri


“Park Il-hae,” played by Jo Han-cheol, is a man from Gangwon-do, who has weak spontaneity, but is united with a strong desire to win. With a strong sense of responsibility as the head of the family, he is the only team leader as a leader among the Jirisan Ranger classmates such as “Seo Lee Kang” (played by Jeon Jeon-hyun) and “Jeong Goo-young” (played by Oh Jeong-se). Cho Han-cheol's wide acting spectrum is expected to increase extreme immersion.


Jeon Seok-ho's role, “Kim Woong-soon,” is “Cha Do-nam,” a cold urban man who transferred from Seoul to the school of “Seo Lee Kang” when he was a high school student. He has been working at the Haedong Police Box for more than 15 years, monitoring and taking care of the village's major events.


Lee Ga-seop is divided into “Kim Sol”, an employee of the Resource Conservation Department at Jirisan National Park. A native of Jirisan who was born in a nearby mountain range, he is a model-style single head who has mastered the culture, history, and humanities related to Jirisan.


The role of'Dawon', a new ranger belonging to the Haedong branch office, was played by Goong-si. It is an atmosphere maker full of positive energy to discover good things, fun things, and pleasant things anytime in any situation.


Joo Min-kyung appears as “Yang-seon Lee,” an administrative staff member of the Haedong branch office. Rescue is difficult because of his weak physical strength, but he helps the rangers by taking over all the bad things in the branch office.


Kim Young-ok appears in the role of “Lee Moon-ok,” the great leader of Jirisan Mountain. “Lee Moon-ok,” who runs a restaurant nearby, is proud to have her granddaughter “Seo Lee Kang” working as a ranger protecting Mt. Jirisan.


(Google translate)





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Jo Han-chul, plays Park Il-hae who is a Ranger in the Haedong branch of Jirisan National Park and a colleague of Jun Ji Hyun`s character. He is not quick-witted, but has a strong spirit and a strong sense of responsibility.


Joo Min Kyung  plays Lee Yang-sun who is an administrative staff of the Haedong branch. She is a responsible person who supports the rangers by taking on all the dirty works in the branch, although rescue works is difficult due to her weak physical strength.
Go Min Si plays Lee Da-won who is a rookie ranger of the Haedong branch and will play the role of a mood maker as a positive energy figure who finds good things under any situation.








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Lineup confirmed for mystery drama Jirisan by Kingdom’s writer and Goblin’s PD

by tccolb

Jeon Ji-hyun, Joo Ji-hoon

In a slew of casting news over the last few days for upcoming drama Jirisan, lead roles have been confirmed for actors Jeon Ji-hyun (Legend of the Blue Sea), Joo Ji-hoon (Kingdom 2), Sung Dong-il (Somehow Family), and Oh Jung-se (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay).

Set in the titular Jiri Mountain, the drama is centered around the park rangers who work in Jirisan National Park and involves a mystery surrounding the mountain’s many visitors.

Jeon Ji-hyun plays one of the park’s top rangers, Seo Yi-kang. In many ways, she has become one with nature and navigating through the mountainside is almost instinctive. Her experience has also made her very knowledgeable and even a single leaf is enough of a clue to help track down a lost hiker.

Joo Ji-hoon plays a new ranger named Kang Hyun-jo, who becomes partnered with Jeon Ji-hyun when he joins the Jirisan team. He used to work in the army and rose to the rank of captain, but he carries a secret from his past.

Sung Dong-il’s character is Jo Dae-jin. He is the head of the branch office at Jirisan National Park and spent most of his life working as park ranger. He has a strong sense of duty for his job and responsibility for his staff, and is honest to a fault.

Oh Jung-se takes on the role of ranger Jung Gu-young. Being extremely realistic, he lives by the motto, “I have to take care of myself in order to take care of others.” As such, he clocks in and out of work sharply on time, makes sure to take all of his vacation days, and disappears as soon as someone says “You’re dismissed.”

Supporting cast for the drama includes team leader Jo Han-chul (Old School Intern), police officer Jeon Suk-ho (365: Defying the Year), park volunteer Lee Ga-seop (Forest of Secrets 2), and rookie ranger Go Min-shi (Secret Boutique) among others. And a notable mention for my favorite veteran actor Kim Young-ok (The King: Eternal Monarch), who plays Jeon Ji-hyun’s grandmother and restaurant owner in the Jirisan village.

There’s been a lot of fanfare for the drama’s production team as well, which will be headed by writer Kim Eun-hee (Kingdom, Signal) and PD Lee Eung-bok (Mister Sunshine, The Lonely Shining Goblin).

A network has not yet been confirmed, but the drama is being planned to air sometime next year and filming is set to commence in mid-September. The production team has also reported that they are prioritizing the health and safety of both cast and crew, and will be taking measures to practice caution and protect against the current pandemic circumstances with COVID-19.







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‘Mount Jiri’ Starring Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon Confirmed to Air on tvN + Starts Filming Today

by krishkim

The most anticipated 2021 drama Mount Jiri will air on tvN.

Mount Jiri is a mystery drama that tells the various stories of people climbing Mount Jiri, one of Korea’s most famous mountains.





The jaw-dropping cast lineup that includes Jun Ji Hyun, Ju Ji Hoon, Sung Dong Il, and Oh Jung Se raised expectations vertically even before the official filming started. The production team is also eye-catching. It is joined by writer Kim Eun Hee, best known for Netflix’s Kingdom series and drama Signal, and director Lee Eung Bok, who worked on Descendants of the Sun, Mr. Sunshine, and Goblin. 

Mount Jiri started filming today (Sept. 18) while strictly following all the guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Jun Ji Hyun, who plays the role of the top ranger Seo Yi Kang, and Ju Ji Hoon, who plays Kang Hyun Jo, a rookie ranger with a deep secret, will attend the first official shooting. 

Meanwhile, drama Mount Jiri, which will feature a mystery that has never been seen before, is scheduled to air on tvN in 2021.

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Highly Anticipated upcoming Korean drama ‘Mount Jiri’ gets on its first voyage today. And it marks the beginning of the eight month journey of the production team!


The first script reading of ‘Mount Jiri’ held on September 9. The atmosphere was very friendly as open minded writer Kim Eun-hee allowed the actors to walk freely to absorb their characters. One anonymous actor who participated in the script reading pointed out, “I had to immerse myself into script reading because the writing style of Kim Eun-hee was so attractive."


First filming of ‘Mount Jiri’ was initially scheduled on September 18, but got postponed for a day for unknown reasons. 

So at last, the shooting of ‘Mount Jiri’ started today. One production crew confirmed it by saying,” Today (on August 18), filming of the first lot has begun. The safety of the actors and crews will be our first priority, and we will do our best to have a good start.”
- Read more details-https://www.sassygirljunjihyun.com/filming-of-big-budget-korean-drama-mount-jiri-starts-today/


Edited by Rifat Sharna
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First poster of highly anticipated Korean drama ‘Mount Jiri’ starring Jun Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon just got released!


From the artful poster, we can see a lonely mountaineer (probably depicts Jun Ji-hyun or her ancestor’s character) walking along rocks and tattered road of ‘Mount Jiri’ and sky touching, smoky mountain stands tall behind that person’s figure.

Also, the tagline of the drama is displayed above his/her head- ” Where the sky meets the earth, there’s the boundary between this life and after-life (death)” – and you know, that place is nowhere but ‘Mount Jiri’!


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The other cast :love:

One of my favorite. Go Min Si  part of this drama. She's got good acting. Oh btw, she's also part of Sweet Home (I've been waiting for sooooo long to be shown!) which is also from same director for this drama.


My fav Ajusshi! Sung Dong Il. Yep. I always watch his drama. Wait. isn't he also cast in the other anticipated drama drama of 2021.. Sysphus: The Myth?. I'll watch both anyway.


Oh Jung Se. What's a drama without a good character actor! Must have watch him already in several dramas last couple of months.


Thanks every for the updatess for this. I'll be here when it premiers next year.





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4 hours ago, larus said:

tvN drama Jirisan`s license for overseas broadcasting rights goes to iQiyi, it means the drama will release on online platform via iQiyi worldwidely except South Korea and China.

hi @larus what about Netflix. Would that means it won't be shown on Netflix?

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2021] Mount Jiri/Cliffhanger, 지리산 - Saturday & Sunday @21:00 KST- Jun Ji Hyun & Joo Ji Hoon

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