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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나


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Just saw some previews that looked really tempting and I like the leads BUT there is one thing that completely puts me off: The Hong Sisters.


The Hong Sisters tend to leave a trail littered with the broken dreams and broken hearts of viewers in their wake, and I have learned this lesson painfully: 

There is No Way I'm watching this until it is OVER (and maybe not even then) because I have sworn never ever again to trust The Hong Sisters. 


Am I still ticked off because of the way Hwyugi ended?  Yeah, you could say that.  :angry:

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Man wolnim literary would kill us not just with her appearance but her story of life it self could twirled up our feelings in despair, passion, anguish and deep love.

Jieunaa, hold on! we want to survive tooB)





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