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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before   The Cards In The Intro/Opening Goo ChanSeong's Card   Jang ManWol's Card   Number of Cards  

1 hour ago, Joseph Lim said:

They already have release time-slot and number of episode already. Why aren't we getting the full cast list???



Seems secrecy is the mine topics in this drama

Just waiting the PH reveal the detail some time later..:phew:


When you uncertain what you waiting for...




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Of course  that's our Jieuni:wub:

Even just highlights at least we have something to be called new news or this is just kind of insider :sweat_smile:.

Hotel deluna theme is about Mistery fantasy Romance .

it'll not surprised the PH made all the productions process in secrecy undisclosed B)

Wish the outcome become a wonderful an artistic in technical, concept and story.

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Seen all  recent site scene Hotel Del luna been shoot pretty interesting, the story seemed would be going back and forth that's way till now we don't have so much update about another cast, since many actors not involved in the story for start till the ends.

The plot is quite fascinating to wait because so much good possibility to develop a strong heart flustered story in lapse era wish Hong sisters  made it grand little bit tricky to give JMW  a kind patriotic Noble women who involved at all stage to founding Korea nowadays, it's not just about romances but to tell story a women contribution and her weights to witnessed all the history been made in pain, misery and joy to reveal her live story why she must end her live under curse.

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An omnibus drama..?

Why not?

It's more easy to pulled a string to intertwine the plots without being dragged in long bored explanation just need a good smooth directing to polishing story and good actor's acting to convincing the viewers such stories is exist .

Hotel del luna fighting 

Happy nice day.

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These articel is worthy to spreads it's so well presenting IU as leejieundary singer but told us how she growth become trustworthy actress as well.

Happy long waiting Hotel del luna teasers B)


I really meant it :wub:

I wanna the production dropped little clue here and there to made us drawn to this drama with big anticipation and enthusiasm :glasses:

Hotel del luna fighting!


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