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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before   The Cards In The Intro/Opening Goo ChanSeong's Card   Jang ManWol's Card   Number of Cards  

Jang Man Wolnim

Mocking eyes is relatively tolerable :)

There's  just sight of between questioning your capabilities a moment's   she finding the bests hotelier weaknesses B)



definitely different vibe with

the ways Jian  slices others confident with her mockery cold eyes:naughty:



Jian stoic gesture and Smirking smiles is scarier thou


When the eyes could killed !


I really Wish Jieuni new approaches to describe JMW personality is different than JA character but in same levels of depthness . The character  who's could made us get goosebumps and fall deep to Jieun acting once again.


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Be ready!

Seems many scenes would make viewers desperate wanna to know who's the lady who's runs the hotel ghost.

Jang Man wolnim, please have merci on  our weakest souls :P

And be strong the best hotelier GCS we feel youB)


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Oh my:naughty:


When the education, a manner and a pride not related with reality :grin:



A ghost  still freaking me out...


a manly man could looks cool in each situation.

I bet...

Unless ghosts appears..





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All these pictures and trailers got me hyped up for this drama!!


but i am hoping it doesn’t fail me in the end! I have been disappointed before :(


anyways i am going to give this drama a chance ;) especially because i like the leads and genre.


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