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[Drama 2019] The Banker, 더 뱅커


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Ahn Woo Yeon joined MBC drama The Banker





Sohn Jung-eun will appear in drama The Banker



Soo Jung Eun MBC announcer challenges performance.

Soo Announcer confessed that she will appear in the MBC drama 'The Banker' at the '2019 MBC Announcer' s Media Day 'at MBC in Sangam - dong, Seoul on the 25th.

She said, "I played the role of the head of the Financial Supervisory Service. I will do it twice but I will try hard."



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Jo Bo Ah Surprises Former Co-Star Chae Si Ra With Thoughtful Gift

by E. Cha

Jo Bo Ah prepared a sweet surprise to show her support for former co-star Chae Si Ra!

On March 1, Chae Si Ra took to Instagram to express her gratitude to Jo Bo Ah, who surprised her by sending a personalized coffee truck to the set of her upcoming drama “The Banker.” The two actresses starred together in the MBC drama “Goodbye to Goodbye” last year, and they received a great deal of attention for their chemistry as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

In addition to several photos of herself posing happily in front of the coffee truck, Chae Si Ra posted an affectionate message addressed to Jo Bo Ah. The actress wrote, “My Jung Hyo [a reference to Jo Bo Ah’s character from ‘Goodbye to Goodbye’], Bo Ah, surprised me with a gift. She caught me off guard yesterday by unexpectedly sending a coffee truck to the filming set.”

She went on, “It wasn’t just a coffee truck; it was also playing a loop of the commercials that I filmed in my late teens. And Bo Ah also ordered this and that for me, including posters and photos of me. So touching!”

Chae Si Ra concluded, “Thanks to this completely unexpected gift from my beautiful junior actress, who asked us to ‘find strength!’ [a pun on Chae Si Ra’s name that Jo Bo Ah wrote on the coffee truck’s banner], I received thanks from the [drama’s] staff, and we all enjoyed a happy coffee break. Thank you, Bo Ah!”





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The Banker released a double life picture of Roh Dae-ho (Kim Sang-jung) on May 5. In the open photo, Roh shows a perfect financial man with gray suit and glasses. In particular, a nameplate written in front of him called 'Thank you Roh Dae-ho' attracts attention. In the dark, there is also a picture of a young man in a crisis under a streetlight. Roh Tae-woo wearing a trench coat is unshakable even in front of sudden black men.



Kim Sang-joong goes after the corporate villains in MBC’s The Banker

by tipsymocha


Trust dramaland to take the most innocuous job ever and somehow make it into a high-stakes thriller. MBC is busy preparing for its next Wednesday-Thursday show, titled The Banker, and has released several stills of its main lead Kim Sang-joong (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People). He’ll be joined by fellow veteran heavyweights Chae Shi-ra (Goodbye to Goodbye) and Yoo Dong-geun (Marry Me Now), as well as promising young talent like Ahn Woo-yeon (Let’s Eat 3), Shin Do-hyun (Dance Sports Girls), and Cha In-ha (Clean With Passion for Now).

Kim Sang-joong will play the titular “banker,” a former small-time branch manager of Daehan Bank with a flailing career, who unexpectedly gets promoted to headquarters as an auditor. He, and other employees in the auditing office, will investigate corporate corruption among various organizations. Which I’m sure ruffles more than a few feathers, judging by the menacing figures cornering our poor hero in a darkly lit alleyway at night. The show is definitely selling the underdog story, pitting a bank employee against corporate giants. But with Kim Sang-joong playing the auditor, it almost feels like a fair fight.

Directing is Lee Jae-jin, whose credits include Woman With a Suitcase and Strange Daughter-in-law. Penning the script will be writers Oh Hye-ran, Bae Sang-wook, and Seo Eun-jung. The writers all seem to be newbies, and only Oh Hye-ran has any credits to her name, though it’s pretty sparse, with one web series and a drama special to her name. The behind-the-scenes crew is a little underwhelming, but I’m hoping that the onscreen talent will more than make up for it.

The Banker will premiere on MBC on March 27, following Spring Must Be Coming.




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March 6 2019

Teaser trailer for MBC drama series “The Banker”


First teaser trailer for MBC drama series “The Banker” starring Kim Sang-Joong. The drama series is based on manga series “Kansayaku Nozaki Shuhei” by Ryouka Shuu & Shigeru Noda. 2018 WOWOW drama series “Nozaki Shuhei Auditor of Bank” is also based on the same manga series. The teaser trailer has a brief narration around the 35 second mark in Korean that states “From today, No Dae-Ho’s audit begins.” Below are still images of Kim Sang-Joong in the drama series.

“The Banker” first airs March 27, 2019 in South Korea.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] The Banker 더 뱅커 - Kim Sang Joon & Chae Shi Ra - Wed & Thu @22:00 KST - Premieres on March 27th

Kim Sang Joong Is Ready To Expose The True Face Of Korean Finance In “The Banker”

by C. Hong

The upcoming MBC drama “The Banker” has released a new poster of its lead actor, Kim Sang Joong.

“The Banker” stars Kim Sang Joong as Noh Dae Ho, the branch manager at Daehan Bank who has been waiting forever for a promotion. Unexpectedly, he is promoted to auditor at the main branch and must team up with his new officemates to expose corruption.

Also starring in the drama are Chae Si Ra, Yoo Dong Geun, An Woo Yeon, Shin Do Hyun, and Cha In Ha.

The poster hints at a combination of the thrills of an investigative drama and the seriousness of a topic like financial corruption. The caption reads, “The truth will come to light.”

The production staff of “The Banker” stated, “The drama will tell the story of auditor Noh Dae Ho, who struggles to find the truth and justice that has been hidden inside Daehan Bank. The genre can be called a finance office investigative drama and will give both entertainment and a sense of relief to the audience as the characters focus on discovering the truth until the very end. Please look forward to ‘The Banker.'”

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'The Banker' Yoo Dong-Geun shows a profound charisma as 'Gangsam Do', a bank manager who holds the power of the Bank of Korea.



Kang Sam-do is a graduate of Bank of Korea Bank of Korea. He is a legendary figure who wrote 'Legend of Legend Shinhwa'. Kang Sam-do has stepped out of a prestigious high school and a prestigious college, followed by an elite course at the bank's headquarters. After becoming an officer in his mid-40s, he went to the bank office after being vice-president. Gangsamdo has a high degree of virtue and passion among the temples with its gentle walk and gentle impression. But he is also a person who wields powerlessness with cool charisma.

Yoo Dong Geun said is the role of holding all the secrets of the banker". He also said that he thought, "This man is a lonely man," and "I always have to be lonely alone." He said Kang Sam is also studying to express the lonely side of the inside.










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@larus, Thank you for starting the thread.

I love the veteran actors, and the subject matter.   
Waves also to @jongski, and everyone else here.  says-hi-smiley-emoticon.gif


On 2/24/2019 at 6:32 PM, seteney said:

There is something about Kim Tae Woo I really like :wub:

@seteney, me too. Actually, both him and his brother...

JTBC just posted this trailer.

I get vibes of the movie "Default" from this Drama, and I like it...

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March 13 2019

Teaser trailer #2 for MBC drama series “The Banker”


Teaser trailer #2 added for MBC drama series “The Banker” starring Kim Sang-Joong and Chae Shi-Ra. The drama series is based on manga series “Kansayaku Nozaki Shuhei” by Ryouka Shuu & Shigeru Noda. In teaser trailer #2, Kim Sang-Joong narrates in Korean with “As long as I work as an auditor, I will keep my principles.” Meanwhile, above is the first character poster from the drama series which features Kim Sang-Joong as No Dae-Ho.

“The Banker” firast airs March 27, 2019 in South Korea.



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2 hours ago, seteney said:

He has a brother?

I take it you found the brother... :wub:

Kim Tae Hoon gave me 2nd lead syndrome ...

He is so very charming as a romantic 2nd lead.

Actually - both brothers are superb actors, and very charismatic.

The last drama I watched with Kim Tae-woo was Secret Mother. It was very good.

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35 minutes ago, irilight said:

I take it you found the brother... :wub:

Kim Tae Hoon gave me 2nd lead syndrome ...

He is so very charming as a romantic 2nd lead.

Actually - both brothers are superb actors, and very charismatic.

The last drama I watched with Kim Tae-woo was Secret Mother. It was very good.


I did, indeed




Often times the 2nd leads are my favs anyway, so he is right in my target then. :D


I think the last show I watched with Kim Tae-woo was 'Black' and I was kinda bummed out that we didn't see him in the last episodes... Oh well, there seems to be plenty more and I will bookmark Secret Mother. B)

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