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[Drama 2019] The Banker, 더 뱅커


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No calls out the labor union dude out for pressuring his employees into being trolls to disturb the anon chatroom.

Im invited former members of 'Team Yook' and 'Team Do' to a dinner and they chat about the things that are going on right now in the bank. I see, Dos former assistant is as dumb as before lmao. Im wants to have regular dinners as meetings to be active.

Lee brings some documents about Haesan Construction given by the creditors of Haesan.


Yeah, same, No. I always look at him like that too.

Han meanwhile visits Yook, who lives in a poor neighbourhood now. She talks about how she used to admire him and how he gave her a chance and after all this talk he only replies that he used her like Kang probably is using her and she should not ever visit him again. Han is quite devastated by this - I assume he is lying, after all Kang really has a triumph cards with the sons.

Team No is putting the puzzle slowly together, finding out more names, including one of the spoilt rich boy of The Best.

Han approves of a personnel transfer of a Kim Jang In.

Kang visits No in his office and says why he just won't stop, he won't come far anyway and the future of the Bank won't include him.

No is being attacked by Park and thugs to abduct him, but Bae helps him to get rid off them. Jung seriously sent thugs to hurt no?

No of course asks for the D1 plan and it seems Bae feeds him wrong infos, as Yook is again accused to be the main evil. And indeed, he calls Kang and tells him he gave him incorrect infos and also that Jungs people attacked No.

Now No doubts what he is doing and if it was wrong to accuse Kang and do the audit and if he may have been manipulated by Lee like Kang and Han said.

Kang is really mad at Jung, because he thinks he wants to have Kang accused of these attacks. Jung gets blackmailed, if he won't keep still, Kang will release everything about him.

The reporter follows Kangs car and thinks there is a secret meeting of bank Presidents.

No tells Lee what Bae told him and both agree that those infos Bae gave is bullcrap and those were to deflect Kang from being the mastermind.

The reporter reads how the banks Daehan, Munhwa and Myungsung are suspected of fixing interest rates.

Han thinks about what Yook told her and grows suspicious about Songs activities and she also didn't know about the interest rates. Lee didn't know either and tells No to go now and take the opportunity.

They all meet an empty office and they wonder what is actually going on and the bomb is revealed: a merge of Daehan and Myungsung to become a megabank :blink:

Kang says in a press conference that those interest rate news were false and it was about the merging. The vices and No are not amused...I also didn't see this coming.

End of ep28


Teaser for the finale episodes 29-32




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A Do Gif Thread


A very beautiful woman and I kinda miss Do and her funny smirks



We should have seen more of his fightíng skills, maybe we will see him whooping Kangs butt in the finale? :D

I certainly will miss his kind character, Seo and Lee ^_^ And yes, Han too. I forgive her for throwing No under the bus, that business is just dirty.


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saw a few episodes that I missed out on.. watched pieces of the ending and it looks like a good one. am enjoying the strong characterization of all the characters including the side one. in the episode where IT guy Moon's background is revealed and it was good acting even for a small role. the drama highlights how ruthless corporates can be and how our loyalties and emotions can sometimes blind us and confuse us while working. what are we working for?


auditor Noh is fun to watch as he is not boring. like chairman of haesan described him -- one overlooks and thinks noh is a pushover but he turns out to be a tiger instead. it was quite amusing to see noh reject haesan chairman with logic -- who would work for a company that is broke and mis-managed? hahahaha....


noh's conversation with moon really highlighted what drives noh -- he too was once a banker that only cared about performance but his father-in-law's death changed him permanently. for that conscience, he was transferred to regional banks but he didn't change his perspective or feel that it is useless to do the right thing. instead, he became more determined to do what is right. so neither money nor offer of promotion really tempts him. but noh is so warm and even struggles with how to survive in this corporate jungle -- so he is still relatable. he doesn't become this character that we look from afar as we cannot understand. at his heart, noh is driven by his family and thats what continues to motivate to do what is right. 

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As I got closer to the ending, every time Pres. Kang and secretary Song came on screen, felt like smacking them for their arrogance and the way they treat people. but was also filled with a question -- what motivates pres kang? what is his agenda? so it was VP Lee who finally explained that -- the old man was behind power and wanted to continue being president. Kang was a difficult character to understand. he was charming and would flatter his employees with some small encouragement or vague incentive that they would fall over themselves trying to fulfill his goals and then he would throw them away showing that he had other goals in mind. so what were these goals? still not clear to me (if anyone else gets it, please post)... 


he seems to think that daehan bank was a part of him and he was free to do as he pleases. at the same time, he seemed to believe that he wasn't acting out of personal interest but rather out of the interest of the bank only. was he self-deluded or was it a combination of ambition, greed as well as a sense of duty? it was difficult to tell in some ways. in the end, he was willing to end the drama by falling on the sword because otherwise, what he had helped to build -- the bank -- would totally fall if Noh had to take it to the prosecutors...


Han came through in the end as she realized that her two mentors - yook and kang -- had both used her as a pawn in their games and she was never really part of the team in a way. her interaction with lee as she resigned made me laugh. don't you want me to resign so you don't have competition? lee is honest enough to chuckle a yes. hahahah....


lee remained as ambitious as ever but unlike kang, he is able to recognize that people run on different motivations. while he was wary if Noh would become president, he understood the larger problem was to get rid of kang first. unlike kang who found it hard to believe that noh didn't harbour ambitions, lee at least understood sort of. with the meeting scene in the end, it looks like lee would be a better president than kang as he at least takes genuine input from his execs.


all in all, it was a good drama. since it ended a day after doctor prisoner, it had good ratings. read it ended on about 7%. not bad no?

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Such a pity that The Banker has to compete against Doctor Prisoner and they both had the same theme. They are both equally intriguing.


I cannot read President Kang either. In the Japanese version, the characters are easy to understand.  So, did President siphon any money? There was no audit trial to prove his corruption actually. VP Lee is like a typical emperor. Like Joseon Lee Bang Won or any founder of Chinese dynasty (Liu Bang or Zhao Guangyin). VP Lee prefers to wipe out all contenders for power. VP Han reminded me of Ming Dynasty's Wu Sangui. For betraying the previous emperor, she has become a Wu Sangui.  If she doesn't quit, she remains a threat to the new emperor and she might end up like Han Feizi, betrayed. Noh is Han Dynasty's Han Xin. He was one of the pillars who brought VP Lee to power. I question his wisdom to stay with the bank.

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this was really solid drama. I really liked it. SOmehow this is really different from thriller dramas I usually watch. But still I wasn't bored or fastforwarded any scenes. ANd the cast was really stellar. 

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