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[Drama 2019] The Banker, 더 뱅커


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Premiere Watch: The Banker

The Banker


Time slot: Wedneday & Thursday
Broadcaster: MBC
Genre: Workplace, finance
Episode count: 36 episodes

Reasons to watch: Adapted from a Japanese manga, The Banker centers around corruption and corporate lust for money and power. When a big bank is determined to amass wealth by any means necessary, who can stop them? Kim Sang-joong, the titular banker will be sure to try as he plays an auditor at a big bank who cares more about integrity than profits. Veteran Chae Shi-ra will be one of Kim’s most loyal allies (and I’m going to guess he’ll need the help) as the fierce, charismatic general manager of the bank in question. Those two will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Yoo Dong-geun rounds out the veteran actor trio as the bank’s president. While he’s a role model for the bank’s employees his true motivations are wrapped up in mystery, making him more of a grey character. Our auditor will have backup as Ahn Woo-yeon, Shin Do-hyun, and Cha In-ha will be part of his auditing team.


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1 hour ago, jongski said:

 I'm gonna watch this. Kim Moo Yeol Will always be My Beautif banker ( I drool!)  but I'm gonna watch this other banker! Plus ahjusshi crush is here KTW!


I wish Kim Moo Yul will be lead in a drama again. :D I also love to see Kim Tae Woo again, plus the other veteran actors. Even the younger cast I like. Hope the strory/ script is worth of the acting talent.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2019] The Banker 더 뱅커 - Wed & Thu @22:00 KST
  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2019] The Banker, 더 뱅커 - Wed & Thu @22:00 KST



I was so irritated at first at this scene, but then he does his best banker smile.






He is getting dragged the whole time <_<:lol:




I wanted to cry at this scene :tears: Good people always getting screwed, but ugh did it feel good when he was appointed as exceutive and finally that annoying dude had to shut up :P





:rolleyes: What a brat.


Loved the contrast between her


and him when they started at the same day.



She feels she earned, she did, and he is like 'what am I doing here?' As if I couldn't identify more with him lmao. But eeekk, when he dragged everyone at the dinner. He was right, but I thought he came across as naive as well.








This was so cute ^_^



One thing I thought was funny was the music, it was so 90s anime :D

All in all a good solid start and I look forward to the upcoming episodes.




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Her new post is a line function in the company hierarchy which equates to power+influence. His new post is a staff function in the company hierarchy which equates to power with no influence(he doesn't bring in $$$$) + hatred from all line managers + no lunch pals+no drinking pals. I guess this is why he is so hesitant. 


I do not understand the Korean language. But I am curious why Auditor Noh speaks in such a weird rhythm/tone. He sounded like he is from a different era.


Since this is a MBC drama, can someone drop a note on their drama twitter  ----Stop making him wear that trenchcoat, it's not Odoru Daisōsasen!

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"I do not understand the Korean language. But I am curious why Auditor Noh speaks in such a weird rhythm/tone. He sounded like he is from a different era."


Auditor Noh is from Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do province, he is speaking in that province dialect. The dialect notably have slower enunciation than most & its unique jargon.....he play with "sound like" words....mentioned as "Aje"'s Blaque


Aje (아재) is a casual friendly term to denote Middle age man which commonly generalise as Ajusshi (아저씨)


For example he quote a few famous personality that is originally from Gongju e.g. Park Chan Ho (MLB baseball player), then play with the word that he mentioned Queen Elizabeth II, the British Monarchy is originally Gongju (playing with the word Gongju means for Princess)


For example, you may find that he usually ends his sentence with "것다" (geotda), to the standard "겠다" (gettda) & uses phrases e.g. "기여" (giyeo for yes) than the standard while occasionally pronounce the ending form with with "이니께" (inikke) than the standard "이니까" (inikka) 

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Hi everyone~


I watched ep 1 and 2  and I like it. I like how mellow Mr Noh is but when he is crossed he does not back down. I want him and the young lad at his old bank to partner up more. They make such an interesting pair. Hahaha


Looking forward to see Auditor Noh clean up the dirty mess in the bank. Fighting! 


Edit: i'm still confused with the 30minute episode format. I actually watched upto ep 4. Lol

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waving hello to old friends like @gerrytan8063 and @irilight


so I randomly watched this drama's first two episodes and I surprisingly enjoyed the first two episodes. with a title like banker, I was expecting some really boring drama but I liked how it is basically a human drama that showcases economic and business issues.


it was fun to start the drama with the hunting of the wild boar -- looks like it will be a kind of a metaphor as he is a sharp shooter who takes down a local menace. but also enjoyed it as I didn't realize that this sort of human/animal interaction is problem in also other parts of the world. so in my place, this often happens (not with boars though) and it can be a bit of problem as some of these animals (like elephants and monkeys) are protected species and so it gets complicated with forest officials having to step in...


also found it interesting that he was a sports person before. in my place, many people who retire out of sports end up in services like banks and railways because these institutions often sponsor and take them on after events are over.. so it was interesting to see it here in this drama as I didn't realize it happens elsewhere...


and the economic issues are touched in such a human, light-hearted manner that it becomes very interesting. the power of co-operatives, the difficulties that rural businesses face, the threats that small businesses face from large supermarkets, importance of banks in small regional areas -- it was interesting to watch.


and the elements of fraud that we saw set up as well as the corporate backbitting means there are going to be lots of nuances -- this makes a really boring sector into a kind of thriller as well as put a human face on banking and bad loans.


the characters are also quickly developed and I like them. all the staff as well as manger noh. will we get a romance from mama manhattan boy and dad's factory loan girl? keeping my fingers crossed that it remains interesting...off to watch ep 3 and 4

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