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[Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2020] Miss Truth 大唐女法医


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Chinese title: 大唐女法医
English title: Miss Truth

Genre: Historical, Drama, Supernatural, Detective

Episodes: 36

Director: 吴天戈 Wú Tiān Gē, 、叶田 Yè Tián

Broadcast Period: 2/14/2020



Zhou Jie Qiong

Toby Li Cheng Bin 


An upcoming Youku web series based on the novel The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor. It follows a present day forensic examiner who is reborn in the Tang Dynasty and who must make use of her modern day knowledge and post motem techniques to survive in the Tang dynasty.

Cr mydramalist

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

Additional Links:

WeiBo Link

Click here to request the Viki license!


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Maybe will check this one out because I like the forensic and mysteries type and I love the Tang Dynasty. I love the fox and wolf poster for 2 of the 3 leads. Since I have fish phobia the main guy’s poster is a huge no no for me.

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Oooh... I like the look of this. Does appear to share similarities with Under the Power in terms of the male and female lead working collaboratively to solve cases. Not so impressed with the FL but I like Toby Li. He has the right look for this. A bit on the shrewd and cunning side.


Not fond of the idea of a protracted love triangle though. :wacko: Although everything else about the drama seems to be right up my alley. Huge fan of the Tang dynasty.



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3 hours ago, angelangie said:

so the officer is Toby Li?

Yes... the da ren here is Toby Li. :D He is excellent IMO. I really really like him.

He's not classically good-looking but he looks and acts intelligent ;) which is probably far more important in this instance. He's one of the show's highlights.


However FL doesn't call him da ren... she calls him Ren Yu (Fish Man or Merman) and he calls her Hu Li (Fox) :P

Honestly I'm not a fan how over-the-top sassy they've made her. The kid who plays her is okay, apparently a newbie so she's just adequate to the task. Sigh... Okay, I get it it's obligatory in C dramaland for the leads to have some kind of bickering relationship in the beginning but geeze... she was unnecessarily adversarial especially when she was the one who jumped into his bath to dodge her pursuers. She's lucky that he's amused by her and can appreciate her talent. The forensics stuff isn't too bad once the drama gets going.


Believe it or not, there's even a fake bedroom scene like the one in Under the Power:lol:


The detective stuff is not bad although I pretty much figured out most of the details of the first case before it wrapped up. Still it is the kind of detective show I like.

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2 hours ago, angelangie said:


yes the detective part is pretty solid in a sense better a lil than 'Under the Power'


I think so as well. It's more like a Bao Qing Tian style drama with different cases that are more like puzzles.


I have to say I am really surprised at how quickly things are moving in the romance front. The ML likes her already and has given her the jade carved fox piece. And so does her wei hun fu apparently. :D I suppose it's a shorter drama (thank God!) and everything moves faster than this.


But she really needs to stop running her mouth off at the slightest thing. Sheesh.


A good show so far. Second case is very interesting.

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I was reading the translations of this novel but haven't caught any episodes. Hearing that Drama RY is sassy must mean that the drama is very VERY loosely based on the novel. Novel RY was extremely beautiful but outwardly very aloof. 


I'm guessing there are no subs yet?

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7 minutes ago, crackaddict said:

I was reading the translations of this novel but haven't caught any episodes. Hearing that Drama RY is sassy must mean that the drama is very VERY loosely based on the novel. Novel RY was extremely beautiful but outwardly very aloof. 


I'm guessing there are no subs yet?


May I ask where did you read the translation as I would also like to read it too?


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Initial impressions...


It's always a pleasure to watch a drama where the leads are intelligent people and that's including the 2ML who has his own agenda. For me, this is the sort of detective drama that when done well surpasses everything else that come out of Cdrama land. The potential is there for that to happen but a lot rests on the writing which is so far pretty good. I didn't think that the Ran Yan character really needed to be that impertinent towards Xiao Yu right from Day 1 but it is one of those tropes that Asian dramas can't seem to resist. ;) His strategy of course is to toy with her as would befit someone of his foresight and shrewdness as well as an innate self-confidence that comes from being sure of his abilities. Clearly he is a good judge of people and talent among his other skills. On top of that he is rather open-minded for his time, engaging a woman to be his personal forensic pathologists because he knows her skills are extraordinary. His nickname for her is on point: hu li... she can sniff out the details and from what I gather, foxes grip their prey with their canines until they're dead or disemboweled. He seldom takes offence at her outbursts (I imagine it's because he's generally in a superior bargaining position but also he's amused by her antics) and her bark is usually worse than her bite. He's the kind of male character that I relish watching. Not overly garrulous, not overly aloof but sharp and somewhat mischievous. While he toys with the FL, he doesn't feel the need to denigrate her. And that... I really really like. Plus his logical and pragmatic side also seems to override any egotistical tendencies which I also find very attractive. 


Unlike what she thinks initially, he isn't a heartless man even if he manages to push her buttons. Her prejudice clouds her judgment somewhat but that gradually softens over time when she realises that he's not just all talk. She's a good partner-in-crime for him not just to cover the forensic pathology side of things but as they deliberate over the cases. Like a Watson to his Holmes. His 


Ran Yan's relationship with Su Fu is surprisingly less cliche. He's not obviously a non-contender in that it is possible she could ride off with him at the end except for the fact that he's involved in some deep dark plot against the throne. He is a sword-carrying, walking bag of angst and I guess he really does care about her. ;) Whether he cares enough to abandon his role in the conspiracy that he's a part of, that remains to be seen. But she is crushing on him at this point so he does seem to be the frontrunner in this love triangle. At the very least she is responding to his gentle nature although his threats to kill her doesn't seem to be an impediment. :D


That said, I can't see why Xiao Yu can't be with Ran Yan at the finishing line even if he's handicapped by the fact that Ran Yan is already betrothed to Su Fu and that he's been very "unlucky" with marriage... being twice widowered already. ;) As she notes, it might not be anything to do with how his stars are aligned but that might be an explanation much closer to home. That is a telling statement and perhaps there's an avenue that will be explored down the track in the context of the investigations. It's evident that he cares about her beyond the bounds of business and work. The hu li nickname is becoming increasingly a term of endearment especially now that he's given her a jade fox to commemorate their successful working relationship. :D


I also like the inclusion of the scholar character as a member of the team. A little bit on the timid side but has a useful skill set as well. ;) Apparently he has picturing ability which should come in handy again.


The cases are nicely constructed and deconstructed by our detectives. This is the sort of thing I wanted more of in Under the Power. They are complex enough to be intriguing but not overly convoluted that they're dragged out unreasonably. The template is something I'm happy to buy into. Individual cases with an overarching storyline that functions separately. Any of that could change of course... but seeing that it's a 36 episode drama, I'm fairly confident we won't be bogged down by too many non-criminal related subplots.

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I might have just found my new drama crack... :D

The latest and newest 6 episodes have definitely cemented my newfound fervour for this drama and for young Toby. I'm even warming up to Zhou Jie Song. I've gone a bit fanatical and watched the last 6 at least twice already. For some unknown reason it just hits all the right notes with me. ;) It's not perfect of course. Editing continues to be a problem in C dramas although this is certainly not the worst I've experience. But the OST is actually reasonably good.


I've come to realise in the last couple of years of watching C dramas that often the gems are really to be found amongst those that feature lesser or unknown actors. Maybe it behooves the production team to rely less on star power and more on the writing and storytelling to do the heavy lifting. It's not as if the lesser known actors are talentless either but they're not the primary drawcard I expect.


I don't usually have a problem coming up with the "who" of the whodunnits here but I enjoy finding out the "whys" and the "whats". I'm also somewhat amused that they even managed to insert a serial killing case into the mix anachronistically explained with modern profiling tools. ;) I refer specifically to the third case with the Snow Witch folklore.


This drama does remind me of the two C drama Justice Bao dramas I saw years ago. The first one (Young Justice Bao 2) starring Lu Yi and the second (YJB3), Deng Cao. It's the kind of format I prefer for the genre. Smaller individual cases to begin with that may or may not have anything to do with larger conspiracies. I hope the pearl at the centre of things presently isn't just a McGuffin. I hope that goes somewhere after all the build up.


As for the progression of the romance, I'm largely content with how things are progressing. It's probably less common that the FL doesn't fall head over heels with the ML first but it isn't something that never happens either . As someone who isn't normally enamoured with love triangles, this one is actually tolerable and surprisingly well-integrated into the storyline. It doesn't come across as some unnecessary appendage for the most part. It also makes sense why Ran Yan isn't head over heels with Xiao Song because with their respective personalities, they're bound to clash hard at the start. He wants something from her, she drives a hard bargain so he pushes her buttons to make her give in, she does grudgingly. All the makings of a beautiful romance. :lol: Truth be told, she didn't learn to be a coroner just to sit around and twiddle her thumbs. So he understands something about her that she doesn't realise about herself. Still Su Fu is her knight in shining armour future fiance with a sob story so the lonely girl in her is swept off her feet.


Of course I'm not a fan of the screechy step-sister (who could be) who has her eye on Xiao Song as husband material. She may have succeeded in getting her hooks into him but Ran Yan's efforts to trigger her is quite funny. Humour also comes from Cui Sang, the genius scholar that's crushing on RY. His plan of being stuck with her in the forest came to naught. Not a contender for suitor, I don't think. ;) Of course there's the banter between leads... although lately he seems less inclined. The nicknames that they have for each other started off somewhat cheesy but I'm becoming quite fond of them. What I really like about that is that it highlights a bond between them that no one else shares. It may have started as teasing and insult but it's gradually becoming more about endearment and intimacy.


One of the surprising things is that Xiao Song confesses so early and then retracts by saying that he tricked her. Avoiding a loss of face? I don't think so. I suppose he did it partly to test the waters and he knows that RY is in love with SF... at least it's the obvious conclusion to come to. So he retreats. I doubt he's given up completely. Not that he really can if he's drawn to her like a moth to a flame.


It is telling that both men are not properly understood by RY. Given her background and age, it's not surprising. She has an anti-authoritarian streak from being mistreated by her own family so there's a prejudice there and she presumes that what you see is what you get. I also think that she doesn't quite know who she is or what she wants. Although she claims that the Merman puts her in jeopardy, the reality is that she relishes risk-taking. That he knows all too well. Why else would she deal in corpses and go after leads? She's never played it safe even as a child so why start now?


Despite how the odds are stacked against him right now, I still root for Xiao Song to get the girl. Ultimately he's a brilliant nerd that wants to play detective and she's a good fit for him. The other half, in fact. ;) While he may toy with her at times, he cares for her much more than she realises. Given time, I think she will realise fully that he is someone she can't do without, given his passion and hers.

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20 hours ago, whome said:

Question for anyone who has read the novel, 



  Hide contents



Does the FL end up with the ML or the 2nd ML (her fiancee)? I'm hoping Toby Li gets the girl in this drama.





I read to chapter 78 cause translator stopped.  However, I read spoilers, she ends up with ML, the prince, if the drama follows the novel.  I wish someone continue the translation cause I want to read the details of how the end up together.  I read the preview of their romance and it was interesting.  The ML already likes her after two encounter but he can't marry a commoner.  I read spoil that she loves the assassin and she helped him escape  being captured by the ML twice.


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Dangit... I spent a couple of hours in the morning translating the previews for next week's episodes and they were taken down. Anyway... I managed to track down these videos.


Interesting plot twists... It's all spoilery so look at your own risk. ;)


Episode 17 Preview Translation (Under spoiler tags)





Huli (Fox) It's good that you're fine


Miss, Yan'er, Yan'er

Very pretty


You're hurting me




Very pretty




My Lord!

RY's husband is Su Fu. If there's anyone that should take her away it's him.

My Lord, the one you're marrying is me

I'm pregnant with your child. Have you forgotten?


I'm going to take RY away

Anyone who dares stop me will be killed!

My Lord!



It's very strange.

This lantern stand is very sturdy

There was no strong wind that day

Don't know why but it fell



Guo Fu didn't die by loss of blood through poisoning

But before blood was sucked out of him, he was shot dead in the neck by an iron bead/pellet



You wicked man! Let me go!

This room... you should remember it, right?

Help me prepare betrothal gifts

The one I want to marry is Ran Yan



I will a lifetime cherishing this little fox
Heaven and earth be my witness

I will never go back on my word



Episode 18 (Finally got the correct video in)




Bad Merman

Wake up quickly

(What is this new trend in medicine feeding using mouth to mouth?!)



I'm taking her with me

She's now my woman

She doesn't belong to you

She's mine now

Someone! Arrest him!

Wait a moment!

When his injuries get better, I'll come look for you



Hand that thing over then I will save you



This body has six toes

So does this body actually belong to Yu Dezhi?

Yu Dezhi?



Why is it a bracelet?

The grain lines in here

It must be my mother's bracelet



This crystal box covered in gold has brilliant, vibrant colours

It looks like an artifact from the royal palace

Marquis Shui's Pearl (I'm not sure about this one)

This is indeed a clue to Marquis Shui's Pearl



When I was six, I discovered something from inside my ancestor tablet

It was that.



Episode 19 Preview Translation (under spoiler tags)

Super spoilery... you have been warned. Includes the truth of her mother's death.






I've spent 12 years looking for you

You used the Ran family as cover trying to find that thing

That was my task/mission

Your mother's death was about preserving your life

Don't you want to avenge her?




A fake artifact can kill 2 birds with a stone

I want to thank you


Merman Xiao, you used me


Who dares touch him! Let him go!

You're married to me already

I'm sorry. He's the only one in my heart.



Stupid woman. He doesn't love you at all. He's only using you.

He got close to you to get the Marquis Shui's Pearl (I think that's what it should be but not 100% about it)

What he said, is it all true?



I have to leave.

Do you have to leave for Chang'an so soon?

Can't go against the royal decree.

Hu Li (Fox) you're now free.



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Okay found the other videos...


Episode 15  Preview Translation (under spoiler tags)

Marriage Announcements etc... 






The marriage of my oldest daughter Ran Yan and Su Fu is fixed to be on the eighth day of the next month.

I object!

Master Ran I boldly propose marriage  




Master... Miss Ran... She

What is it? Speak up.

She's pregnant

I'm pregnant with Lord Xiao [Song's] child


Lord Xiao... this...



Not valuing what is precious

Loyalty is assumed to be treasured

This is a moral principle of life

Since you've committed the act

You must acknowledge it



This is mother's handwriting

To have found that thing



Is there really a corpse buried under the floor?




Episode 16 Preview Translation








Who is this under there?

It's my mum, right?


Mother. I never expected that one day I would have to personally examine your corpse. I will help you find the truth of why you died.



I have first applied alcohol and vinegar to the bones. If these bones sustained injuries due to beating, blood would have entered the marrow.

When the bones are being steamed, all the blood that has seeped into the marrow will be drawn out.



No more beating!

Stop the beating!



That night the wind must've been very strong, causing the many flowers to fall off. There were many next to my mother's body but none on her body.

This means... that my mother didn't die here



Sir, take a look. This marking...

Doesn't it look like a woman's bracelet?

Moreover, it seems familiar

Please return this bracelet to Ran Yan



Ran Yan's bracelet has this pattern



This bracelet is not my mother's heirloom at all

But evidence of the culprit that's been left to me by my mother




Episode 20 Preview Translation

Seems like everyone's in Chang'an now...





Miss... Have we gone the wrong way?

Why does this living quarters look exactly the same as ours?

Miss! Miss!

Even the furniture looks exactly the same



I will call you Xiao Bai (Little White)

You are Xiao Hui Hui (Little Black One)

I will call you Xiao Song then! (named after Xiao Song... a pun I think)



The silver fox is a protected animal in Tang. You actually killed one. I must arrest you for your crime.



They wrongly accused me of it.

Merman Xiao, you must save me


I don't know her

Deal with her however you like


Mermaid Xiao, I am Ran Yan

Your lawful, wedded wife

The marriage agreement is still in my possession



After this feast I have a gift to present to my lady/my wife


This screen is not made of jade

It's all bones inside

It's dripping blood!



Lord Lu. I am the new Da Li Si officer, Su Fu



It's already late in the morning, this jade screen shows no change at all

She's just talking big

Lord Xiao, this young lady is lacking in skill. Why don't we change to another coroner?

I trust her. If she says it can be taken off (I think), it can definitely be taken off.







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I have watched the trailer, looks interesting, so it is a forensic and detective story yeah?  I have only watched one forensic drama Dr. Qin Medical Examiner, but it was modern drama, make me curious for this one!


I found Zhou JieSong really different with her usual makeup for K-Pop Ent. I have to adapt with this natural makeup. 

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