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  1. I'm still watching this and am having some difficulty connecting to the main characters on the show. I mean, that's to be expected for the crazy characters because I'm not crazy after all. The lady cop (and her family) is the only cute and likable person for me. Jong Woo is actually kind of aloof and cold and his stressed out gf isn't doing a good job of confiding in or comforting him. My ideal ending for Jong Woo to leap into the far side, kill everyone that is annoying, move up in life, and successfully pretend to be normal .
  2. I thought the ending was interesting. GCS could've chosen to be the 85th passerby in JMW's life if he had stayed in the past...as he was a passerby (albeit quite important) the first time he met her. But, he chose to establish a more solid connection with her in order to make sure that they'd meet each other again in another lifetime. I teared up a little when all of the staff members had their story lines wrapped up. What got me this episode was how much GCS and JMW were in synchronicity with one another in their hand gestures in the lighter parts of the episode. i liked the drama enough, but tbh i prob tuned in partly to see IU's outfits, hats, and nail polish. I wonder if there's a blog or site that has cataloged them for audience members?? That's really what I came here for hahaha.
  3. am here for the cross dressing hi jinks and kim so hyun is probably my fave of the younger generation child to adult actresses. 9/30 seems so far away ...
  4. wow, i'm so late to this topic waiting for all the subs to come out haha. i read the novel and it's pretty good. the drama is pretty good...well tbh, better than i expected because i wasn't expecting much. but not bad at all! in my first run of watching it, i fast forwarded through lotsa of the scenes because i felt like i was watching the book! so now i'm revisiting the drama and noticing so many other things i didn't notice before...like how good wang yibo's shoulders are haha. xiao zhan has a cuter face than yibo but yibo got the better shoulders . they are both chosen wisely for their individual roles. then, i got addicted to the opening song. i was slightly turned off in my first run because i thought lan xichen, the #1 most handsome dude in whatever whatever wasn't that handsome. in fact, in comparison to the main leads, none of the other guys looked as good as them. i did become quite smitten with shi jie though . the interviews that have arisen out of the series are fun to watch. i'm not surprised this thread is still poppin'.
  5. i just watched the 2nd episode and ermygawd the 4th floor is also filthy. i am still disgusted with the filth. episode 2 was a tad scarier because of the violence...but i don't find violence super scary. i will say that lee dong wook seems oddly pristine and angelic for his character lmaooo. in the last camera shot, i noticed how much taller lee dong wook (184 cm) was than im siwan (175 cm) and immediately my mind was like "oooOooh cute height difference!" haha. but im siwan is right...the tenants in the building that laugh too much and smile too much are just as creepy as the one that stares too much. i didn't know Koreans had a similar attitude to East Coasters about smiling too much at strangers. noted. yeah, looks like im siwan is the new "honey" haha i love that.
  6. I just watched episode 1 and i'm not sure what I just watched lol. i'm a scaredy cat but didn't find the episode particularly scary. It was kinda disgusting though. the filth in the apartment complex was the scariest thing for me.
  7. Any updates from anyone been watching? lol. I feel like i just come to this thread to get my updates. Am busy with life and putting off watching until subs are nearly done. I'm a little bummed I haven't read any good news between Asule and XZ.
  8. @firipy dang that's a big character deviation from the novel hahaha
  9. I am watching this for Li Yuan's Yu Chang even tho I don't like that character. I feel slightly confused by her female appearance in the beginning, then cool warrior outfit with shaved head, and also her feelings. Meh. I'm probably mainly watching this show for the actresses if I'm being honest haha.
  10. I agree with @skibbies thoughts on YR and XZ as both girls are great as their own characters. These characters are supposed to be kids, right? While they're all growing up in a different time period where kids their age are old enough to have families and lead countries, but the reality is that only YR has been able to be a carefree child compared to many of the other young people her age. As that is, it's normal that feelings towards those around them will change; and that's okay. I do hope that we will see her coming of age as we have towards JY and Asule, or else it's unfair to her character to be used as the wedge between them. I feel that her own story and identity could also be very interesting, but the gravity of her character has just not been established (say in comparison to her aunt who is obviously a very interesting person). I actually love that we see other young people come into the lives of Asule and JY, especially that these two young women seem to highlight specific parts of their lives and characters that YR does not. While YR does a nice job of bringing happiness and joy into the somber lives of the boys, but XZ and YY also allow us to imagine the actually politicking and grittiness that both boys live in different ways. These two new young women characters, at least for me, are very grounding because they actually live out the circumstances and conditions of their stations, consequences and all.
  11. There's a romance subplot between the three young leads?? Why?? Honestly, Ji Ye needs to focus on his career and education. Asule obviously has to try to stay alive amidst the bloodshed between nations and even the fight for the throne in his own homeland. And Yu Ran clearly needs to get her own life since she's not planning on helping her aunt resurrect her kingdom. These kids ain't got no time for romance lmaooooo. It's normal for childhood friends to outgrow one another. The painful part here will be watching how these three will struggle through attempting to maintain their friendship. Actually, their families, politics, and personal loyalties are enough to come between all of them. Inserting a romantic subplot between them trivializes their identities, characters, and friendship. Sad. The romance between Lady Su and General Xi was just.... like dayum it hurt so good.
  12. I'm watching this on Viki. It's subbed to episode 14 now and the demonstration of ZR's powers are becoming slightly repetitive. Hoping for more to come because I'm enjoying the series. I kinda like Bing Bing's characterization because she's smart and seems genuine (if a bit driven by family interests). I don't see anything between Fei Fei and ZR lol. FF's height and athleticism makes her a pretty believable detective. The antagonists from the Xu family seem kinda one dimensional as of right now. Am wondering if the last bosses will be the old grandpa's on the show haha.
  13. @themarchioness thank you for the recaps! I stopped watching the show and only stuck around to read recaps to see when MRF would show up lol all the actors were great....the show. lol. I think you can still appreciate the acting while not liking the show, like me. :-)
  14. ohmygawd... don't know how i missed this whole episode recap with MRF.... and...PFFFTTTTTTTTT it's because of sexist patriarchal attitudes like DFS and all the other men like him that MRF had to live a lie as a boy. MRF was an accomplished, highly skilled martial artist and praised genius....until "he" became a "she." Hm, actually this show doesn't really treat its female characters all that well overall is my feeling. Even HBQ had her identity kept in the dark by Uncle, then the ML likes to make plans around HBQ but not necessarily ask her opinion. Let's not even talk about the other women on the show.
  15. I don't understand why so many people have to die on a show with such a silly opening song. Plus, it's kind of a downer for me to watch so many people fall in love with one woman and so many others sacrifice themselves for said woman. Frankly, I think LQW had the correct idea from the beginning by hunting down and attempting to kill HBQ and Jiu Shu...of course, then there'd be no show to watch . I'm in my early 30s so this kind of story line is excruciating for me to follow. That being said, I appreciate everyone keeping this thread alive since I'm only watching for Xing En...not even her story arc lol but just to catch her on the show. lol. If MRF is blackened at the end, naturally, imma just chalk it up to bad writing haha.
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