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  1. I'm watching this on Viki. It's subbed to episode 14 now and the demonstration of ZR's powers are becoming slightly repetitive. Hoping for more to come because I'm enjoying the series. I kinda like Bing Bing's characterization because she's smart and seems genuine (if a bit driven by family interests). I don't see anything between Fei Fei and ZR lol. FF's height and athleticism makes her a pretty believable detective. The antagonists from the Xu family seem kinda one dimensional as of right now. Am wondering if the last bosses will be the old grandpa's on the show haha.
  2. @themarchioness thank you for the recaps! I stopped watching the show and only stuck around to read recaps to see when MRF would show up lol all the actors were great....the show. lol. I think you can still appreciate the acting while not liking the show, like me. :-)
  3. ohmygawd... don't know how i missed this whole episode recap with MRF.... and...PFFFTTTTTTTTT it's because of sexist patriarchal attitudes like DFS and all the other men like him that MRF had to live a lie as a boy. MRF was an accomplished, highly skilled martial artist and praised genius....until "he" became a "she." Hm, actually this show doesn't really treat its female characters all that well overall is my feeling. Even HBQ had her identity kept in the dark by Uncle, then the ML likes to make plans around HBQ but not necessarily ask her opinion. Let's not even talk about the other women on the show.
  4. I don't understand why so many people have to die on a show with such a silly opening song. Plus, it's kind of a downer for me to watch so many people fall in love with one woman and so many others sacrifice themselves for said woman. Frankly, I think LQW had the correct idea from the beginning by hunting down and attempting to kill HBQ and Jiu Shu...of course, then there'd be no show to watch . I'm in my early 30s so this kind of story line is excruciating for me to follow. That being said, I appreciate everyone keeping this thread alive since I'm only watching for Xing En...not even her story arc lol but just to catch her on the show. lol. If MRF is blackened at the end, naturally, imma just chalk it up to bad writing haha.
  5. ^^for the love of Buddha, I can't wait to see how MRF's arc unfolds. I saw all the pics on IG n Xing En is looking hella elegant as a woman (more so than any of the women from Ming Yue Villa lol)! That being said, I couldn't unsee or forget that one preview with DFS stabbing MRF .
  6. ^^ i had the same thought and response lol. the pics show MRF looking awfully fierce and awkward (LOL but cute imo) as a girl clad in pink. But the body language is like . I was only wondering if it meant that the character MRF would stay alive.
  7. whoa i'm like super lost now...of course yaw know it's because i only tune in when MRF is on screen lmaoooo so i have no idea what is going on lol. Oh is this what happens? Low-key not looking forward to any tragedy that befalls Mo Manor then (or anybody actually)...but I sorta feel that this is not unexpected in most dramas of this genre. That is, I'm talking about how bad things always happen to anyone who is against the main OTP in any way (so typical that there are webnovels that specifically face slap main OTPs haha). I will still tune in for Xing En scenes though because it's actually because of Xing En is why I like MRF and not vice versa lololol.
  8. Now that The Story of Minglan is finished, I will continue to selectively watch this again. Specifically, can yaw give me a heads up when MRF comes back on? I just been following Xing En and fan clubs on IG lololol
  9. I been catching it on YoYo. Pan Yueming is pretty cool in this role! I actually started watching for Xin Zhi Lei because she's so gorgeous and talented. I love Hong Gu Niang's feisty but fair attitude!
  10. Interesting. Sorry I cut your message. I'm afraid I don't have any insight into the casting choices behind the scenes. In regards to shipping two characters, I actually think this is not uncommon for male characters and way less common (but not unheard of) for female characters (notice a lotta bad writing around most female roles in dramas of the same genre). I guess what I mean to say is shipping will happen regardless of the gender identities of the characters. I've just been treating the character of MRF as a man. As that is, shipping him and HBQ together, doesn't seem strange to me (but I don't, in my heart, MRF is mine lol). I haven't characterized MRF as the second male lead in my head because there only seems to be platonic and sibling feelings btwn MRF and HBQ. As for the actual second male lead, I don't like him lol. He's prob the least charming male character for me right now unless somebody wants to convince me otherwise. I like that MRF doesn't seem to have any romantic feelings for HBQ actually. So, I also hope he remains the same and sticks around. It's interesting that MRF thinks he's just a foster brother, but tries to treat HBQ like a sister. While CY thinks he was the real brother, but falls in love with HBQ. Right now, after MRF, my favorite male characters are Jiu Shu (so handsome, so tragic) and Grandpa (oddly goofy despite losing two kids) lol.
  11. I am so happy that Zhang momo gave a piece of her mind to Auntie Kang (who is a great actress btw)! She was on point with her insults! I don't really understand what's going on between the royal family members, so I just been skipping that discussion lol. I do appreciate that all of the veteran actresses are wonderful in their various roles. For me, this show is being carried by the ladies.
  12. Is the actor Austin Lin very popular? He doesn't really look good in ancient clothes to me, but seems like he has a good body for modern clothing.
  13. ^^haha Ariel is an ugly crier...but aren't we all in real life? Watching the final version of this scene, I could really feel how devastated she was though.
  14. Personally, I'd pick my own mother over a young woman (albeit quite pitiful) I've only known for a few months (I'm not sure how time passes in the show) any day. Even if that young woman turned out to be a half sibling that I didn't grow up with (MRF didn't even know). The Big Madam Mo was wrong to kill Xue Fei, her ppl, and HBQ as Old Mr. Mo was indeed at fault (as HBQ pointed out) and not the other outsiders. But few ppl would harm the ones they love over outsiders. That's not fair, but it's understandable. I am under the impression that although Mrs. Mo was unyielding to HBQ, she is a good mother (see how she wants her son to be happy even if that means losing the Treasury bid) to MRF and the two had suffered a lot together and depended on one another greatly after MRF's father just carelessly died. I don't think that MRF ultimately choosing his mother is out of character at all since he's shown to be a person who is filial, pragmatic and strategic. As a character, MRF is only just somewhat sentimental (when he realized that he failed HBQ) and not really the romantic male lead type that Lian Yi Ke, who is the one that is actually in love with HBQ BTW, is portrayed. CY/LYK feels like the type of character that would fight for love while MRF would probably choose a mutually beneficial business marriage lololol. Besides, I don't think this series, which is basically a romantic comedy, will let any of the male characters outshine our hero. I wonder how HBQ will fare in her new family? Big rich familes have a lotta problems after all, like a lotta women drama. I'm interested to see how HBQ will handle that drama, if there are any. She's not Ming Lan after all hahaha
  15. I can't seem to find episode one of this subbed even though there are other episodes subbed?
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