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  1. i am not up to date with episodes! because my internet is down! i don't want SL and ZF to get together yet. they have a great friendship, but as a couple the power dynamic is too different between them. as an independent and proud person, i don't think ZF would like that and SL respects her integrity and professionalism. friends don't necessarily need to have much expectations for one another, but it's different when you're an adult couple. that is low voice but really deep is HJY's real voice. some people like it but i personally find it a but dull and makes me sleepy.
  2. i just started watching it and think it's pretty entertaining. Not sure what the plot is tho...feels kind of slice of life rn. I love strong sisterhoods and ZF and QQ are so cute together! They're both beautiful and interesting and competent. They look so good onscreen together! HJY has never struck me as the CEO type but he's funnier here than when he was in MnV. I think his relationship with his sister is realistic. He raised her but doesn't know how to communicate or connect with her. He's got both his sister and company to take care of so I can see why he'd like ZF--she helps him figure out solutions with his sister, which he can't quite solve on his own. Unlike his company. He's not omnipotent or OP despite being wealthy. He's not overly kind to ZF either. I think he low-key likes to tease her because she interacts with him as a friend (which he doesn't yet seem to have). Still iffy about HJY except the character is okay. ZF is a nice character. Well, she's a nice person. Bad things happen to her, so she gets mad, and then she deals with it. She's patient with people and isn't petty, but doesn't let others step on her. I also appreciate that she's not at the peak of her talent yet, and both she and SL know this lol, but she's earnest in getting better. Maybe cause I just finished watching Serenade of Peaceful Joy, so I really hope things work out for the leads on this show. lol.
  3. I just finished it. welp, nothing to say really... life kinda is what it is for characters on the show.
  4. holy crap, thanks for that link! prob won't be tuning in. what's with whole rivalry thing and everybody liking the same girl all the time? i feel like i'm adorable, smart and funny but ppl ain't falling for me left and right irl haha. that would be so awkward and terrible! who has this kinda fantasy??
  5. one of the sisters has a slightly meaner face than the other. I feel she's the cuter one. im guessing she's the 2nd female lead cause Chinese dramas like nice female leads. can someone briefly let me know of the sisters get along? i don't like watching sisters scheme against one another.
  6. I actually love Huiruo. She feels and expresses all the things that I think in a frank manner. Unfortunately for her, the era and context are wrong. The Emperor wanted to spoil his daughter, but he didn't realize that loving a fiery, passionate woman is not going to be the same thing as raising a fiery, passionate woman. He wanted to raise a pameperd daughter but she turned out to be an individual. Thankfully for Consort Zhang, she died young, so she wouldn't have to be disappointed in him longer once they get older. Huiruo, on the other hand, is starting to experience that disappointment in her father. She can love him and admire him, but she will never be able to love like he did. She's not even allowed to think about that cute boy lol. The Emperor should realize why the Empress was loved by so many, yet Consort Zhang was loved by so few. Well, he knows but he didn't care, he just decided to indulge her. I am excited to see how he will defend Huirou when she is condemned by others in the future. Basically, I wanna see this man suffer. EDIT: i was looking up the age of Huirou and Consort Zhang. As it turns out...they were both born in 1999. damn. lmao!!
  7. It's kinda funny that Chen Feiyu is romancing another girl named "Sang Sang" I feel he started liking her pretty fast. He warmed up to her even quicker than da shi xiong of Zhai Feng lol. That maid needs to figure out her priorities. I think her acting abilities n facial expressions are even below Cheng Xiao.
  8. What?! People hate the Empress?! But, why??? I'm frustrated by her behaviors, but I also understand her frustrations. Qiuhe was spot on when she said the Empress didn't just want to be a respected wife, she wanted to be the one true love of a man...who could never have a one true love. If anything, I hate the patriarchy that binds women to their so-called duties and responsibilities in this context and era. Basically every women in the show is suffering from oppressive standards of their time, and they are responsible for upholding them too. Sigh. I love Wang Kai. He's a great actor and seems like a good guy. But the Emperor is clearly developing some mental health issues related to his mothers. Maybe there's some cultural disconnect here?
  9. I just started watching this and am only up to episode 6 or so. I also didn't read all 27 pages of this thread, but I've been on the MDL of this drama and have some questions. How come it seems that so many ppl dislike Qin Sang? She doesn't seem that bad or annoying to me. As far as annoying female leads in recent dramas go, please see Bai Youning in My Roommate is a Detective. So annoying that I dropped the show. So far, QS just seems kind of distrusting of the ruffian ML, but he does give off a scrappy thug feel lol. She's kind of wilfull and overestimates her capacity, but she's also righteous and has empathetic feelings towards others. Do ppl not like her because she doesn't smile or something? She does sort of have a RBF, but her brother doesn't smile a lot either lol. Or worse, does she get truly annoying later? As far as likability, she's on par with Lu Ping for me. By that I mean that they are both "meh" but watchable. Actually, the secondary characters are quite likable. For example, Su Tang, Zhao Xifan, Mo Lin and the Shifu. Ppl in that group are cheerful. The ppl on QS's side don't have welcoming facial expressions: the maid's face is supposed to be cute but the proportions remind me of a malnourished child. She always looks like something upset her. The General brother is stern, even in his love for his sister. What is the approach to watching this story? Should I take it seriously (doesn't seem to take itself seriously tho) or just watch it as a light coming of age youth drama?
  10. I forgot about this show and then scrolled through Viki in my boredom and decided to check out episode 1. I think I will pass on this one, especially after reviewing the last 4 pages lol. I basically saw all the red flags coming except Wang Bolin lol. 1. The Fiance - I'm sorry but if money is stopping a couple from getting married then they need to reconsider the relationship and their priorities. Also, if they're short on money, then why is The Fiance changing her job now?? That's irresponsible and not pragmatic. Something about their dynamic seemed weird and gendered. 2. The SIL - this richard simmons. Her disdain of her sister in law is high handed and she doesn't even bother concealing it. Makes me question Yang's own common sense for loving someone who looks down on his family. I've dumped every date/partner when I can sniff this behavior. 3. The Sister - wow talk about desperate and low self confidence. Yes, it's tough being poor, but it's not a character flaw---only when you look down on yourself. When I saw her lil room and setup, I knew where her storyline is going. Also, she does not look that young. Not sure if she's naive, but she's probably desperate to achieve something and is grasping at straws. Wang Ou's character seems okay. I like head strong but not aggressive. I'm a little bit sad. I don't like watching shows that don't have good female characterization and that's usually all too common for for crime and cop dramas. I'm sad to pass on this one because of the stellar cast too. Also, the premise of human greed is interesting, and realistic even, but I can't sit through shows with too few ppl to root for. However, if anyone wants to convince me that the show is worth watching and people change for the better, I'm willing to listen.
  11. I'm still watching this! I just paused it for the subtitles to come out. Show doesn't seem popular on this forum, but hope it was well received by Chinese audience!
  12. I thought Huiruo was 14 by the latest incarnation, no? Or was 14 mentioned as the age she comes of age and gets married?
  13. I'm still watching this but on pause. I did see what happened to Dora. I bet some ppl at MDL are happy with her ending cause they wanted this to be a strong BL. Dora is a great character, imo. It was pretty obvious that she didn't really have romantic thoughts towards TF to me. Odd how characters of the opposite sex just can't be friends.
  14. So I just caught up to episode 46 and it's so odd. So the Emperor and Empress had never been intimate before this? That's a friggin long time to wait for the "right time." Dang. But I def was feeling frustrated that whenever these two were about to have a real conversation some ish would come up and they'd reel in their emotions. I was frustrated by these 2 ppl who just won't ask one another, "what's your problem?" Consort Zhang is a dumb richard simmons. So you had an unfortunate upbringing, well that doesn't give you the right to be a trash human being. What I hated about her was that she had no understanding of her context and did whatever she wanted. And what I hate about the Emperor is that's why he loved her. Dude, grow up. I feel that he liked her because he could be the adult in control of the relationship. And then there's that gas lighting auntie serving Consort Zhang...they should've gotten rid of her long ago. My fave character is Zhang Mao Ze. Huiruo is okay. She was cutest when she was two years old. Liang Huaji is okay. He was cutest when he was around 10/11 years old.
  15. Is his acting child like? That's not what the character is supposed to be like? lol I like his characterization because it's unlike the other characters. SZ is a typical soft spoken hero (although he can cook lol). I laugh every time a young lady sees him and the dreamy music and filter comes on lol. Wang Zh, my love, should chronologically be the youngest character, but he's the most suave and, perhaps, jaded. I think they're a good trio. There's even a weird doctor friend. So, I feel like there is someone for everyone lol.