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Wacky bets and polls

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Name of thread: Empress Dignity / The Last Empress, 황후의 품격

Name of bet:  "the kill count!" bet  sword-red-crab-emoticon.gif?1292455363

so far, 2 villains (Ma pil joo & chief guard) have been killed, 4 good people killed (grandma, mom of wang shik, queen so hyun, chief hong) and 1 fake death of wang shik, miscellaneous people (the royal guard who went missing, his brother who attempted to kill emperor + 2 or 3 buddies) , all together about 10ish folks. going forward, how many more characters will disappear? 


option 1: this isn't OCN with bad depressing lighting! surprised-red-crab-emoticon.gif?12924553so maybe few : maybe another 1-5?

option 2: this is a modern saeguk! what's a saeguk without some tragedy? thinking-red-crab-emoticon.gif?129245536so a few more + miscellaneous random people from palace we don't care about: so maybe another 6-10?

option 3: they are taking down the monarchy, it will be a revolution! ops-red-crab-emoticon.gif?1292455361: so maybe more than 10?

also, you can place your bet on who you expect next that might disappear.... or wish that would disappear... 


Played: December 2018

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