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Wacky bets and polls


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Name of thread:  EVENT: [Drama 2017] Tunnel 터널 RE-WATCH (Under Events section)


Name of poll: Tunnel re-watch: First impressions  


1. Who are the most intriguing characters (so far)? (choose as many as you like)
Detective Park Gwang Ho - 5
Lt. Kim Sun Jae - 5
Prof. Shin Jae Yi - 7
2016 chief Jeon Sung Sik - 1
Reporter Oh (1986) / taxi driver (2017) - 1
The young Park Gwang Ho whose identity our male lead is impersonating - 8
The young guy who killed all those dogs - 3
Someone else. Who? - 2


2. If you time traveled from 1986 to 2021, what do you think you would struggle with? (choose as many as you like)
I would miss my family and friends - 8
Mobile phones - 8
Computers and other IT gadgets - 7
2021 fashion - 1
The pandemic - 6
Driving a 2021 car - 2
Finding out about personal, local and global tragedies that happened between 1986 and 2021 - 5
Change in the way of thinking / society / globalization - 8
Social media - 7
2021 music - 0
The state of your country and/or the world in 2021 - 5
Something else. What? - 0
3. Do you prefer Detective Park Gwang Ho in:
1986 pants - 3
2017 pants - 8


In total: 11 votes


Played: January 2021


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Name of thread: Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce), 결혼작사 이혼작곡


Name of poll: Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music: First impressions  


1. Which couple do you find the most interesting at the moment?
30s couple - 5
40s couple - 3
50s couple - 10
2. Do you think that the 3 women shown at the end of episode 2 are all mistresses?
Yes, can't believe that the mistresses all befriended each other! - 5
Maybe, let's see what upcoming episodes reveal - 10
No, I don't think so - 3
3. Are all 3 husbands cheating?
Oh yeah! No question about it - 6
Maybe, but not sure about the 40s/50s husband yet - 11
No, I think there is more to the story - 1


In total: 18 votes


Played: January 2021

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Name of thread: Queen Cheorin/Mr. Queen, 철인왕후


Name of poll: Mr. Queen Poll: Yes Touch Time  


1. Do you think Jang Bong Hwan will return to modern times?
Yes. Maybe he will meet the King again in modern times. - 41
I'm not sure. We'll see. Maybe if the King dies? - 24
No. The King would be devastated to lose the person he has fallen in love with. Maybe Bong Hwan too... - 24


2. Will we see romance between Royal Chef Man Bok and Court Lady Choi?
Absolutely. Man Bok only needs to show off his abs to her, and he will be hers in a jiffy. lol - 81
Nah. Court Lady Choi is too busy trying to keep reigns on Mr. Queen to think about Man Bok. Who needs a man when you have a kaleidoscope with abs anyway? - 8
3. Do you think So Bong is in love with the King?
Yes, but Bong Hwan hasn't admitted it to himself yet. - 69
So Yong inside Mr.Queen's body is in love with the King. - 17
No. Bong Hwan is only liking the physical aspects of the relationship. He will never emotionally feel love for the King. - 3


In total: 90 votes


Played: January 2021

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Name of thread: Yoo In Na ♥ 유인나 ♥


Name of poll:  Romances that make you swoon  


Q1. What are your favourite Yoo In Na dramas? (can pick 3)

1. The Spies Who Loved Me ~ 8 votes

2. Touch Your Heart ~ 16 votes

3. Top Star Yoo-Baek ~ 0 votes

4. (Goblin) Guardian: The Lonely and Great God ~ 19 votes

5. One More Happy Ending ~ 2 votes

6. Bubble Gum ~ 0 votes

7. The Secret Message ~ 1 votes

8. My Secret Hotel ~ 2 votes

9. My Love From the Star ~ 4 votes

10. Potato Star 2013QR3 ~ 0 votes

11. You Are The Best! ~ 1 votes

12. Queen In-Hyun's Man ~ 10 votes

13. Birdie Buddy ~ 0 votes

14. The Greatest Love ~ 2 votes

14. Secret Garden ~ 3 votes

15. High Kick! 2 ~ 1 votes


Number of votes: 23 votes

Played: February 2021

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Name of thread: Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce), 결혼작사 이혼작곡


Name of poll:  keeping up appearances  


Q1. Do you think there is a true makjang style twist? Like the 30s husband's mistress being the maid or the 50s husband having swapped places with his dead brother?

1. it was written by princess aurora writer. obviously, there are makjang scandalous twists ~ 11 votes

2. isn't the drama supposed to be about marriage and divorce and life? no, I don't think so ~ 1 votes

3. possibly? I am still figuring out the vibe of the drama yet... ~ 7 votes


Q2. what were your reaction to seeing the scenes where 30s wife hit the husband?

1. was uncomfortable. okay, he cheated but no need to slap him till he gets a bloody nose or beat him while sleeping ~ 7 votes

2. was confused; I get she is angry and maybe you feel like slapping once but does she have to keep doing it so much? ~ 5 votes

3. can understand the 30s wife is angry because of the affair. people do mean things in anger. ~ 7 votes


Q3. Do you believe the 40s husband's stepmom actively killed her husband?

1. yes, she is a nurse. she actively spiked his meds or something ~ 8 votes

2. yes. even if she didn't do anything to his meds, as a nurse, she should have done something ~ 9 votes

3. no, people can freeze and spazz out during an emergency. ~ 2 votes


Number of votes: 19 votes

Played: February 2021

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Name of thread: Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)/Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music, 결혼작사 이혼작곡


Name of poll: Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music: Quick poll ep 5  


1. If your husband cheated on you and told you he is no longer in love with you, what would you do?
I would consider to reconcile first, especially if we have young kids - 2
I would file for a divorce (whether we had kids or not) - 10
I would take revenge - 0
I would come up with a strategy to win him back - 0
I would suggest a trial separation and marriage councelling before we made up our minds about a divorce - 8
Something else. What? - 0


2. Do you think stepmom Dong Mi loved her husband?
Yes, she just felt that the time had come for her to move on - 0
Maybe at some point, but she grew tired of the caretaker role and wanted out - 7
No. She never called her husband by his name or "oppa", suggesting that she consciously wanted to keep an emotional distance - 13


3. Do you think 40s husband will have an affair with his stepmom?
Yes. He has probably been cheating with other women during the years anyway. It's in his nature to cheat - 4
Maybe. He seems to always have been unusually close with her and might have been harboring feelings for her secretly - 9
No. She's too old for him. He's just being kind to her because he feels it's his duty - 7


In total: 20 votes


Played: Feb 2021

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Name of thread: Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 (actors & actresses - entertainment section)


Name of poll: lets spend time in nature!  


Q1. Would you go camping with LMH?

1. Yes, even if I have to pitch the tent, light the fire and cook ~ 13 votes

2. No, I love you oppa, but I wouldn't go camping with you. I prefer to have a roof over my head, be warm and have a full belly! LOL ~ 3 votes

3. Oh I wish I could but I don't know the first thing about camping. How would I survive? Are there bathrooms? kekeke ~ 1 votes

4. Can someone lend me money? I will fly in by helicopter for an hour, camp with LMh and then fly out back to the city! LOL ~ 5 votes



Number of votes: 22 votes

Played: Feb 2021

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Name of thread: My Ultimate Oppa - Part 2 (Ahjussi edition) <3


Name of poll: Poll: My Ultimate Oppa (Ahjussi, Super Ahjussi, Grandpa Oppa)  


1. My Ultimate AHJUSSI Oppa (choose up to 4)
Won Bin (The Man From Nowhere, Autumn in My Heart) 25
Kim Nam Gil (The Fiery Priest, Live Up To Your Name) 20
Lee Sun Kyun (My Mister, Parasite) 17
Sung Hoon (Level Up, My Secret Romance) 16
Yoo Ji Tae (Mad Dog, The Good Wife) 15
Kwon Sang Woo (Delayed Justice, Queen of Mystery 1 and 2) 13
Lee Jin Wook (Goodbye Mr. Black, Voice 2 and 3) 13
Kim Ji Hoon (Flower of Evil, Come! Jang Bo Ri) 12
Lim Ju Hwan (The Spies Who Loved Me, Oh My Ghost) 9
Jang Seung Jo (The Good Detective, Encounter) 9
Yeon Jung Hoon (Lies of Lies, Mask) 8
Choi Won Young (SKY Castle, My Dangerous Wife) 7
Jo Dong Hyuk (Rugal, The Last Empress) 6
Bae Soo Bin (Graceful Friends, Secret (Love)) 6
Oh Ji Ho (Liver or Die, Never Twice) 4
Shin Ha Kyun (Mr Baek, Pied Piper) 4
Kim Tae Hoon (My Unfamiliar Family, Secret Boutique) 3
Lee Dong Gun (Queen for Seven Days, The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop) 2
Shim Hyung Tak (Touch Your Heart, Melting Me Softly) 2
None of the above 10
2. My Ultimate SUPER AHJUSSI Oppa (choose up to 4)
Keanu Reeves (Matrix, Speed, John Wick) 35
Ji Jin Hee (Misty, Second to Last Love) 27
Lee Byung Hun (Mr. Sunshine, IRIS) 18
Sung Dong Il (Reply series, The Legend of the Blue Seas) 15
Park Sung Woong (Remember: War of Son, Rugal) 13
Cha In Pyo (The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop, Endless Love) 10
Kim Tae Woo (Mr. Queen, The Spies Who Loved Me) 10
Kim Won Hae (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Signal) 9
Yoo Jun Sang (The Uncanny Counter, Graceful Friends) 7
Hwang Jung Min (Hush, The Wailing) 6
Ahn Nae Sang (Royal Secret Agent, Hi Bye Mama) 4
Jo Hee Bong (Oh My Baby, Tunnel) 4
Cheon Ho Jin (Good Doctor, Once Again) 4
Kim Min Sang (Rugal, Queen of Mystery 2) 3
Lee Kyoung Young (The World of the Married, Hyena) 3
Kim Kwang Kyu (Pinocchio, Hospital Ship) 2
Eom Hyo Seop (Start-Up, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol) 2
Kang Shin Il (Descendants of the Sun, Nobody Knows) 1
Lee Byung Joon (Secret Garden, Backstreet Rookie) 1
None of the above 7
3. My Ultimate GRANDPA oppa (choose up to 4)  
Kim Kap Soo (The K2, Hospital Playlist) 23
Lee Soon Jae (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Money Flower) 20
Jeon Gook Hwan (Crash Landing on You, Empress Ki) 15
Kim Young Chul (Innocent Man, Criminal Minds) 10
Yoon Joo Sang (The Uncanny Counter, Doctor John) 9
Kim Chang Wan (Jugglers, It's Okay To Not Be Okay) 9
Kim Ki Cheon (It's Okay To Not Be Okay, Kkondae Intern) 8
Lee Deok Hwa (Secret(Love), The Good Witch) 8
Yoo Dong Geun (What Happens to My Family, Marry Me Now) 8
Kim Yong Gun (Marriage Contract, Kill Me, Heal Me) 6
Shin Goo (Kairos, My Mister) 5
Jung In Gi (The Fiery Priest, Doctor John) 5
Choi Jung Woo (The Legend of the Blue Sea, Alice) 4
Jang Yong (My Husband Got A Family, Miss Korea) 4
Lee Do Kyung (Hyena, Voice) 3
Park Young Gyu (Run On, Good Manager) 3
Jang Gwang (A Korean Odyssey, Oh My Baby) 2
Baek Il Seob (Goddess of Marriage, Ojakgyo Family) 2
Byun Hee Bong (Madame Antoine, Pinocchio) 2
None of the above 18


In total: 77 votes


Played: February 2021

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Name of thread: EVENT: [Drama 2017] Tunnel RE-WATCH (under Events section)


Name of poll: Tunnel Re-watch Poll: Pick one  


1. Professor Shin?
Scary - 6
Sweet as a lamb - 0
2. Park Kwang Ho and Kim Sun Jae?
Bromance in the air - 5
They will never be best friends - 1
3. Kim Sun Jae and Professor Shin?
Oh yeah, he's into her - 3
Oh yeah, they're both into each other - 3


In total: 6 votes


Played: February 2021

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Name of thread: Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)/Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music, 결혼작사 이혼작곡


Name of poll: Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music Poll: Seduction and Revenge  


1. The scenes with stepmom and 40s husband in ep 6?
Pass me a vomit bag...Yuck! - 18
I was a little grossed out by some of the scenes (the bathing and hand holding scenes mainly), but otherwise it was fine - 4
What a seductress she is! Will we see romance between them soon? - 2
I think it was romantic - 1
2. How do you feel about the revelation that the 50s husband is having an affair?
He is a scumbag! I hope he will have to pay for it big time! - 10
Poor 50s wife and the kids. :( I hope they will be able to build up a new happy life without him. - 13
People fall out of love. Each person has to make decisions that feels best for them. - 2
3. The sound engineer?
He's shady. Wonder what he has up his sleeve? - 9
He seems like a cool guy. Wonder if he'll have an affair with one or several of the ladies? - 4
Not sure how I feel about him yet - 12


In total: 25 votes


Played: February 2021

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Name of thread: A Man in a Veil, 비밀의 남자


Name of poll: the lawyer genius strikes!   


Q1. now that the drama has ended, who did you dislike? (multiple choice)

1. no one; they all just cracked me up by the end. hahahahah ~ 4 votes

2. tae poong - for being useless as a revenge lead ~ 6 votes

3. yura - for screaming so much ~ 8 votes

4. lady joo - for refusing to change ~ 7 votes

5. yujung - for crying and calling random old men "appa" ~ 7 votes

6. seo jun - for crying so beautifully! ~ 1 votes

7. the chairman - for caring about seo jun so late ~ 3 votes

8. the han family ~ 6 votes

9. the writer! ~ 13 votes

10. the entire cast + PD for making us sit through this madness! ~ 3 votes


Q2. was the death of Mr. Abs necessary?

1. no, I wish seo jun got to fly away to US ~ 15 votes

2. yes, it was only way lady joo would be punished ~ 5 votes

3. I didn't care either way -- as long as the truck of doom got someone. shrug! ~ 0 votes


Q3. would you watch this drama again?

1. no - once was enough ~ 15 votes

2. maybe if I had company to laugh with ~ 3 votes

3. yea, it was entertaining. ~ 2 votes


Number of votes: 20 votes

Played: Feb 2021

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Name of thread: Queen Cheorin/Mr. Queen, 철인왕후


Name of poll: Mr. Queen's final episode: Quick poll  

1. Your impressions of the ending?
tvN, I will hunt you down and make you pay! I'm so angry! - 11
Are you saying that I watched 19 episodes for an ending like that? I just wanna cry - I'm so disappointed - 32
I'm so confused. I'm gonna need to watch it with subs first. - 14
It was kind of meh. - 13
It was great! Happy ending for everyone! - 37


In total: 107 votes


Played: February 2021


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Name of thread: Vincenzo, 빈센조


Name of poll: Vincenzo pre-airing impressions  


1. What are the reasons you are planning on watching Vincenzo? (Choose as many as you like)
Song Joong Ki - 16
Jeon Yeo Bin - 7
Taecyeon - 4
Kwak Dong Yeon - 9
Kim Yeo Jin - 2
Jo Han Chul - 0
The plot sounds really interesting - 13
Gangster theme - 9
Black comedy genre - 9
To hear Song Joong Ki speak Italian - 4
The hype surrounding this drama - 2
Something else -  0
2. Do you think that this specific director and writer combination will be a recipe for success?
Oh yeah! The female director and male writer both have great track records. The combo is surely a recipe for success! - 6
Maybe. Money Flower, The Crowned Clown, The Fiery Priest and Good Manager were all good dramas. There is potential. - 19
No. I don't like some of their previous works (e.g. Blood, Warm and Cozy). This might end up a disaster. - 0
3. Taecyeon's hair in Vincenzo?
Didn't the hair stylist get the memo? Taecyeon is a forehead oppa! - 4
LOL :D What is that floof on his head? I'm gonna call it fluffy helmet or floof mop. - 13
I like it. He looks goofy and adorable. :heart: - 8


In total: 25 votes


Played: February 2021

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Name of thread: Quick Poll: Dramas You are Looking Forward To


Name of poll: Quick Poll: Dramas You are Looking Forward To   


1. Which dramas are you planning on checking out in Feb - April ? (Choose as many as you like)


Miss Monte-Cristo                                                              08
River Where The Moon Rises                                             40
Hello? Its Me!                                                                       07
Vincenzo                                                                              49
Times                                                                                    13
Beyond Evil                                                                           16
Dear M.                                                                                 10
Sisyphus: The Myth                                                             44
Mouse                                                                                   09
Ok Kwang Sisters                                                                 06
Oh! Master                                                                            08
Penthouse 2                                                                         20
Joseon Exorcist                                                                    15
Monthly Magazine Home                                                     05
Navillera                                                                                08
Love Alarm 2                                                                         16

One Roof, Two Families                                                        02
In My Wildest Dreams                                                           01
Summer Guys                                                                        01

None of the Above                                                                05


In total: 91 votes


Played: February 2021

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Name of thread: Sisyphus: The Myth, 시지프스: the myth


Name of poll: Impressed/Disappointed, Memory Loss and doppelgängers  


1. What do feel about the drama after watching the first 2 episodes?

I think its too early for me to like or dislike it - 0
I liked the episodes - 15
There were some WTH moments, but I'll ignore them for now - 15
I am confused and need answers - 3
I am disappointed - 0


2. What do you think about Seo Hae's memory loss?


It happened due to the time travel - 9
She is not having a memory loss, instead she is getting the memories of Seo Hae of this timeline - 19
She was a mercenary/soldier and could have had a memory loss due to some injury/incident - 2
Something else (please mention) - 3


3. Do you think we'll have doppelgängers in this drama?


Yes - 10

No - 23


In total: 32 votes


Played: February 2021

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Name of thread: Vincenzo, 빈센조


Name of poll: Vincenzo: First Impressions  


Q1. Which of the characters are you liking or rooting for the most so far? (Choose as many as you like)

1. Vincenzo Cassano ~ 11

2. Hong Cha Young (female lead) ~ 6

3. Jang Joon Woo (Taecyeon's character) ~ 5

4. Han Seung Hyeok (manager of Wuhan) ~ 0

5. Jang Joon Woo (female prosecutor) ~ 2

6. Chairman Jang Han Seo (Kwak Dong Yeon's character) ~ 5

7. Hong Yu Chan (the female lead's lawyer father) ~ 12

8. "Fake Italian" Chef Toto from Geumga Plaza ~ 6

9. Monk Chaeshin from Geumga Plaza ~ 4

10. Kwak Hee Soo and her son from Yeongho Snack Bar (Geumga Plaza) ~ 1

11. Seo Mi Ri from Destiny Piano (Geumga Plaza) ~ 2

12. Dry cleaner Tak Hong Sik from Geumga Plaza ~ 1

13. Martial artist Lee Cheol Wook and his wife from Geumga Plaza ~ 1

14. Cho Yeong Un - previous owner of Geumga Plaza ~ 2

15. Nam Joo Sung from Jipuragi Law Firm in Geumga Plaza (FL father's assistant) ~ 2

16. Larry Kang from Dance Step Up studio at Geumga Plaza ~ 1

17. Agent An Ki Seok who wants to trail Vincenzo (using his own savings....) ~ 6

18. No one ~ 0

19. Someone else. Who? ~ 1


Q2. Do you think Taecyeon's character will turn out to be a villain?

1. Yes, no way Taecyeon would take the 2nd ML role without him playing a substantial part to the story ~ 9

2. Maybe, it's possible the producers messed up when they first announced that Taecyeon will play the villain - they backtracked later ~ 8

3. No, Taecyeon's character is a puppy! Please let him stay sweet! ~ 1


Q3. What do you think the female ex-prosecutor Jang Joon Woo's real agenda is?

1. She joined Wuhan law firm because she was tired of trying fight for innocent people - working for the bad guys seems easier. ~ 1

2. She might have a hidden agenda. Maybe she knows more about Babel's chairman than has been shown so far? ~ 5

3. She clearly has a game plan we viewers don't know about yet. She might have joined Wuhan to take Wuhan down and punish all the evil guys. ~ 10

4. I have a feeling she might actually be the most evil character in this drama..... ~ 2


In total: 18 votes

Played: February 2021



Name of thread: Monster/Beyond Evil, 괴물


Name of poll: Beyond Evil: First Impressions  


Q1. Is Lee Dong Sik a (serial) killer?

1. Yes, the end of episode 2 would suggest that he is a killer ~ 1

2. Maybe, he might have Dissociative identity disorder (DID) and might be behind one, some or all of the killings ~ 8

3. No, I think the end of ep 2 is a red herring ~ 9


Q2. What is Han Ju Won hiding?

1. He messed up a case in the Foreign Affairs unit. Now he has to lay low until the issue has blown over. ~ 5

2. His father and him are involved in some shady business connected to the Foreign Affairs unit. ~ 2

3. Han Ju Won is a killer and his father found out ~ 1

4. Han Ju Won found out his father is a bad man (maybe even a killer) ~ 2

5. Han Ju Won knows more about Lee Dong Sik's case than what has been shown so far.... ~ 7

6. Something else, what? ~ 1


Q3. Who else do you find suspicious? (Choose as many as you like)

1. Archive cop Park Jung Je (Dong Sik's friend) ~ 8

2. "Master of Knife" and the owner of Manyang Butcher Shop Yoo Jae Yi ~ 3

3. Ju Won's dad Han Ki Hwan ~ 5

4. Nam Sang Bae - the police chief ~ 5

6. Do Hae Won - current city council member of Munju (Park Jung Je's mother) ~ 5

7. Owner of Manyang Supermarket Kang Jin Mook ~ 4

5. Someone else, who? ~ 1

6. Everyone seems susipicious to me - lol ~ 11


In total: 18 votes

Played: February 2021


* polls were created by @partyon

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Name of Thread: River Where the Moon Rises, 달이 뜨는 강 


Name of the poll: Interesting Characters, Ga Jin's return as Princess and Go Gun  


1. Which characters you liked the most till now, and find Interesting (Choose as many as you like)

  1. Ga Jin (Princess Pyeong Gang) - 13
  2. On Dal - 12
  3. Go Gun - 7
  4. Hae Mo Yong - 5
  5. The King - 0
  6. Crown Prince - 2
  7. The Queen - 3
  8. Go Won Pyo (Gyeru Chief, a.k.a Gochunga) - 1
  9. Wol Gwang (Queen's rumored past lover, now a Monk) - 2 
  10. Wol Yi (The little girl in Ghost Village) - 2
  11. On Dal's Mom - 1
  12. Ghost Village Chief - 3
  13. Sa Poong Gae (Ghost Village Chief's son) - 0
  14. On Dal's mom - 1
  15. Tara Jin (Ga Jin's female assassin friend) - 5
  16. Tara San (Ga Jin's male assassin friend) - 2
  17. The Assassin Chief - 2
  18. Gong Son (the palace court lady, Ga Jin's nanny when she was young) - 1
  19. Some one else (Please mention in comments) - 0

2. What do you think will make Ga Jin return to the palace as the Princess

  1. Go Gun will convince her to return, as her presence as princess will help stabilize the country and help the King -3
  2. Go Gun will threaten her that if she does not return, the residents of ghost village will not be safe anymore - 6
  3. Ga Jin is already in dilemma after the talk with Wol Gwang, and will decide to return herself - 4
  4. The King will meet her secretly and convince her to return - 2
  5. Something else (Please mention in comments) - 0

3. When the time comes, what choice do you think Go Gun will make?

  1. He will stay loyal to Gogoryeo and the Royal Family - 1
  2. He will choose his tribe and father - 1
  3. No matter what, his main objective will be to protect the Princess and he will choose either of the options, if he feels it will protect her - 13

In total: 15 votes

Played: February 2021

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Name of thread: Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce), 결혼작사 이혼작곡


Name of poll: going for a swim  


Q1. what do you think about season 2 announcement?

1. groan! I can barely sit through this one! ~ 13

2. I will not be tuning in ~ 6

3. I am excited! ~ 2

4. who knows - maybe it will be entertaining? ~ 13


Q2. what is your feel of the drama so far?

1. am bored! where is the makjang? the truck of doom? the random birth secret? ~ 15

2. disappointed as I was expecting a lovely note about the state of marriages today ~ 5

3. it is okay ~ 8

4. better than I expected - rather thoughtful exploration of reality ~ 5

5. I love it! ~ 1


In total: 34 members have voted

Played: March 2021

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Name of thread: Miss Montecristo, 미스 몬테크리스토


Name of poll: edmond dantes in rehab hospital  


Q1. do you think chairwoman (hara's mom) killed her friend (ha jun's mom)?

1. yes, history repeated itself - like mother, like daughter ~ 14

2. maybe the dad or someone else did it! maybe it was just random suspicion ~ 2

3. not sure ~2


Q2. do you think disco oppa's (ha jun) grandmother will die?

1. yes, thats how he will also be motivated to take revenge ~ 12

2. no, I like her! ~ 4

3. not sure ~ 2


Q3. who do you will think will meet the new eun joo v2.0 first? (choose up to 3)

1. disco oppa - ha jun ~ 13

2. universal oppa - sun hyuk ~ 1

3. doting sidekick - bomi (sun hyuk's sister) ~ 4

4. hairclip omma - sun hyuk's mom ~ 0

5. tonkatsu brother - eun gyul ~ 5

6. eun joo's mom ~ 5

7. hara ~ 4

8. serin ~ 2

9. con artist - serin's dad ~ 2

10. chairwoman (hara's mom) ~ 1

11. chairman (hara's dad) ~ 0

12. housekeeper / grandmother ~ 1


In total: 18 members have voted

Played: March 2021

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Name of thread: Penthouse/War in Life, 펜트하우스


Name of poll: chess moves  


Q1. Is Su-Ryeon alive?

1. No, she's obviously dead. We saw her die. We need to send her off in our hearts and get over it. ~ 22

2. Yes. She is chillin' with Logan in the U.S., planning her outfit for an elaborate revenge. ~ 24


Q2. Who falls down the stairs?

1. Bae Ro-Na ~ 34

2. Ha Eun-Byeol ~ 5

3. Ju Seok-Gyeong ~ 6

4. Yu Je-Ni ~ 0

5. Teacher Gu Ho-Dong ~ 0

6. Teacher Ma Du-Gi ~ 1


Q3. How will Ju Dan-Tae go down at the end of the series?

1. Su-Ryeon's revenge ~ 11

2. Seo-Jin's revenge ~ 5

3. Ma-Ri's revenge ~ 4

4. All three! ~ 26


In total: 46 members have voted

Played: March 2021

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