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@larus  Great minds, I also went for reach from Perfume on previous page! You're not alone I can't remember the ones from earlier this year either. Actually earlier today because of this event I was listening to my spotify Korean drama ost playlist and we songs played and reminded me of some other ones  from this year.

When this came on I swear all my frustrations towards Poong Sang returned :D




Later this played and that kiss scene was back! 

KANG: GRAVITY From Cleaning with a Passion for Now . COSMOS by Huh Gak  was also good from that drama


And The Fiery Priest OST album had some good ones too. More rap type and hyper songs that were great.

BREEZE by Punch featuring Gree is more chilled 



Feel like I'm spamming y'all. Blame it on the playlist that you guys have seen me back to listening and updating.:D

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