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@Ameera Ali Summoned me...so here I am. 

I´m in suport of the sexy CEO for all the reason that @triplem has written :wub:.

Even tho part of me is also leaning towards long haired beauty. I´m thinking Ye Hua from 10 miles of peach blossom...I wanted to cover myself with that lushious hair of his.  embarrassed4-onion-head-emoticon.gifAnd also wanted to make a wig out of his hair...I mean he got enough...and sharing is caring. :P



cr. to owner


Thinking about Sexy CEO my pick is Yeo Jin Woo from MOTA :wub:


cr. to Soompi


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@Lawyerh What A CEO event without a boss that behave as a Robot with everyone :joy:




In I AM NOT A ROBOT , Yoo Seung Ho 

Yoo Play CEO of company that lives an isolated life due to a severe allergy to other people but learn in a little human connection how to opens his heart and trust people again . 


If you ever wished your own BOSS to become more human , gives a little appreciation & damn about how hard you’re working 






Light  your sprit & your heart with one touch /nice word




Then let’s not go any further than THE CEO EVENT  :mrgreen:



*cr to owner

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My nominations for CEO category: Nam Gong Min in Undateables! (You are welcome! :lol:




Beautiful hair category:

Chen Kun in The Rise of the Phoenixes





Bad Hair: YYS in Mr Sunshine. 




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3 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

Btw i got question : the poll is to select the winner purely & solely based on HIS HAIR condition only right? Not because of his personality or other stuff ? :D @Lmangla

yes, we are like shampoo commercial. it is all about the hair. not about personality. so if you have villains or side characters with gorgeous/bad hair wig, do mention!

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6 hours ago, Lawyerh said:



Worst Wig : Ye Hua - Three Lives Three World Ten Miles Peach Blossom (luckily not all 3 lives with same bad wig)

I beg you dear Mark Chao.... pls pls dont wear this wig again:sweatingbullets:...like... for EVER, in this life or next life :ph34r:



This is a joke, right? You can't be serious!!! Ye hua has a perfect hair. I maybe currently obsessed with Xufeng, but my inner Ye hua fangirl is triggered now. LOL. 


Maybe you didn't like that middle partition, but I think it adds to the sexiness. Hahaha. 


Look at how silky smooth it is, even Yang mi's hair looks like it has many split ends. Bwahahahahaha. 


Not gonna lie, there were many times when I was watching the show, I wanted to just reach out and touch and feel his hair in my hands. It sounds creepy, I know, but blame him for having the perfect hair which makes me get ideas. LOL. 

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There are so many such characters ... Here you can choose and choose. But here are my top five!

Рanther from Reply 1988



All-all-all from Modern Farmer



The best gangster friend from Wok of Love



Always doubting doctor from You Who Forgot Poetry



Ghostbusters from Let's Fight Ghost 



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the bestest subordinate! :lol: he follows you to seoul, gate crashes your house as he has no place to stay but is loyal. when boss is dragged to police station in false charge, he does his goalie best to protect from cameras!


Seo Bo Gul in the drama "banker"






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Son Ho Jun From The light in your eyes. He was just toooo darn funny!!!!! He should write a book titled "101 ways to become a loser" hahaha. 





Next one is from the drama I'm watching right now. Dok Jae from Go back couple


He doesn't even have to say or do anything, I end up laughing like a maniac just at the sight of him. Bahahahahaha. If anyone is wondering, his hair is inspired from Brad Pitt. LOLOLOL. 

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Park Sung Woon in Man to Man was hilarious. Everytime he had one of his brother talks or he cleaned these wooden things he had to buy from the Black Auctions. He was so funny all the time, but had also very serious moments. I bet @triplem thinks the same.


Oh that reminds me of the scene where PHJ woke woke him up? You remember that scene?



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I will also add funny characters ...:D


The sister of the main character from Another Oh Hae Young 




Friend of the main character from Marriage Not Dating




Prince's assistants from The Rooftop Prince




Neighbor main character from Terius Behind Me


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16 minutes ago, Dhakra said:

Park Sung Woon in Man to Man was hilarious. Everytime he had one of his brother talks or he cleaned these wooden things he had to buy from the Black Auctions. He was so funny all the time, but had also very serious moments. I bet @triplem thinks the same.


Oh that reminds me of the scene where PHJ woke woke him up? You remember that scene?



Yes , PSW in MXM was hilarious . He wasn't exactly the side character but one of the main cast. really loved that he was such a diva.


10 minutes ago, Friendly kitty said:

Neighbor main character from Terius Behind Me

This one I agree as well.  He and the other ahjummas were sometimes better than the NIS :D


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My first side character I would like to be in the poll ,it’s a  SS from Fiery Priest & I think This guy deserves a place on it  :mrgreen:

For the people , Who didn’t know SS , he is phenomenal character that make people go crazy for him , you would want an * I love Oppa *  T-shirt  If u watch him for a second  :joy: Of course not for his abs but his personality :mrgreen:


He can dance A11FFB46-081C-49FE-B945-D859AB3B04EE.gif




He can fight A11FFB46-081C-49FE-B945-D859AB3B04EE.gif





He support woman *ROTC * & can ride A11FFB46-081C-49FE-B945-D859AB3B04EE.gif








He is a best tongue twister ever   ]A11FFB46-081C-49FE-B945-D859AB3B04EE.gif





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Dear @Lmangla & @sushilicious






I heard there is a nomination is going to be open for the best side character from my best friend / stalker *Ameera* . So I decided to put up my name forward, I am a character on TYH , and although I say it myself, I am the best lawyer on the Kdrama by far . I wouldn’t lie at first I was worried to come forward to nominate myself because my similarity to Bradley Cooper :joy:





Some fans call me Mama’s boy * cough @triplem * which I find fascinating , to be clear I am lawyer , an amazing lawyer , at the age of 3 years old I won my first case against my mom with my cuteness * so sue me* , at age a of 17 I won my second case against my teacher with my sweet personality so no wonder I am a divorce lawyer , I have my way around women , if I was successful my name end at poll my mum & I know that my loyal soompi fans won’t let me down & I gonna win the best side character prize even if I have to rip it out of the winner hands  - shout to @Sejabin for her kind nomination :mrgreen:





A while a go I discovered that I was quite musical , I could play music nicely, which lead a lot of fans coming to me asking for lessons like my favourite client @Lawyerh that I found out she didn’t nominated me , that made me heart broken & ask my self WHAT MORE AM I TO DO ? When I am marvellous from start to finish :yum:





best side character 





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alright chingus, the year has flown by and you have had your fill of dramas! we are going to have a poll to see which were the dramas that you enjoyed as well as didn't like. 


there will be 3 categories for which we would like your nominations: 

1. burnt rice -- started out great with super smell and taste and then rice was burnt at bottom and it all got spoiled. so great beginning and bad ending for drama! (feeling: disappointed/meh)

2. soda without fizz -- everyone tells you the drama is great but like soda without fizz, it was just flat for you (feeling: hated/couldn't care less)

3. cuppa on a rainy day -- is there anything more nice than a hot cup of coffee or tea while it is raining outside? sometimes a drama feels like that. just right for the mood you are in. (feeling: loved/liked)


if you are like me and can't remember what you watched, here is the complete list of dramas that aired from Jan 1, 2019 to Nov 15, 2019. (we will have to exclude the following as these are still airing and won't finish till the end of the month:= my country, lies within, leverage, VIP, vagabond, extraordinary you, tale of nokdu, melting me softly, pegasus market, camellia blooms, secret boutique)


miss lee
running mates: human rights
flower crew: joseon marriage agency
arthdal chronicles
strangers from hell
great show
graceful family
be melodramatic
I wanna hear your song
welcome 2 life
when the devil calls your name
moment at eighteen
golden garden
doctor john
rookie historian goo hae ryung
doctor detective
class of lies
hotel del luna
level up
love affairs in the afternoon
designated survivor: 60 days
chief of staff (season 1)
joseon survival
search: www
investigation couple (season 2)
A place in the sun
the wind blows
angel's last mission: love
one spring night
shady mom-in-law
my absolute boyfriend
voice (season 3)
save me (season 2)
secret life of my secretary
different dreams
home for summer
mung bean flower
her private life
special labor inspector jo
beautiful world
my fellow citizens
the banker
eulachacha waikiki (season 2)
mother of mine
doctor prisoner
he is psychometric
big issue
love in sadness
fiery priest
I hate you juliet
dazzling / light in your eyes
legal high
touch your heart
romance is a bonus book
spring turns to spring
blessing of the sea
what's wrong poong sang / live or die
neighborhood lawyer jo deul ho (season 2)
the crowned clown
left handed wife
best chicken
kill it



so what was burnt rice, bad soda and rainy day cuppa for you? please put in your nominations in the next few days and tag your friends in soompi as well to join you! once we have the nominations, we will have the polls set up. :)


P.S ~ in case you are wondering, yes, I came up with this idea while I was hungry for lunch... :joy:

re: @Sushimi

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