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[OFFICIAL] Kenny Lin Gengxin 林更新 and Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖


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Excuse me, need to wipe off my drools after staring at those yummy pictures....:lol:



Saw it in Weibo, MC and LGX are wearing Dior's suits. LGX surely showing it off with his arm posing in front.....:)

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Btw, LGX is very much under weight under those suit.....The suit is Dior's Fall Collections which is not the thin cotton comfy suit for the hot summer but he still look skinny, I can't imagine if he is in a leotard....:crazy: He must avoid being seen by a doggie, all of those bones must be sticking out everywhere.....

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LGX looked dashingly handsome in Dior suit! When the dude gets serious with how he looks, he blows everybody away. I’m also glad that his unruly, hideous perm is somewhat under control now.


Btw, @cenching , ya think he’s going to be a Dior model/spokesperson now much like Yingbao? If not yet, they should! He’s one handsome walking hanger for those gorgeous men’s suits!

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OMGOMGOMG!!!!:D my baby LGX looks incredibly handsome, why are you so freaking fine!!! You fine thing:D!!! Its wasn't for my baby ZLY, I want to ship my baby LGX with me instead ...:lol::D





Uhhhh!!!poor uncle FSF, he felt so left out..my baby LGX/mark and some dude sitting at the front meanwhile uncle FSF sitting behind them all alone:(..uncle FSF look so freaking bored...i so glad to see my baby LGX look so happy, he dont look pissed at uncle FSF anymore..:D...


Dior's give my baby LGX a shout out!!! Can you blame them, he's looked so freaking handsome, maybe LGX should wear more of Dior's brand..

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