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  1. Right now I am getting ready to go to school..
  2. Thank you @angelangie for your wisdom. I definitely needs the luck for sure. Thank you! Thank you! for having me in your thought. . I wish you work for ZLY. I will definitely msg you everyday...
  3. Right now I am studying hardcore...
  4. @angelangie goodmorning According to the accusations about ZLY pragnancy, its was date back in August. So I imagine right about now she probably 5 or 6 months pregnant.. Is that still an early stage? I remember during that time she did deny the pregnancy rumors. http://www.dramapanda.com/2018/08/zhao-li-yings-response-to-pregnancy.html?m=1 http://www.dramapanda.com/2018/10/zhao-liying-forced-to-deny-pregnancy.html?m=1 I knows this is so random.....Oh angelangie I just want ZLY have a wedding ceremony before she have a baby. Another thing I'm sad about angelangie, how come ZLY doesn't wear her wedding band. I can understand some men they don't wear jewelry because it's not their forte, but for woman.. a wedding ring is something that we like to show off and be proud off, especially when you a newlywed. Maybe I'm too young to understand this stuff. I wish you work for her. You can answer all the question I want to know.. anyways back to reality, I have 4 exam in next 2 week.. Wish me luck @angelangie..
  5. https://www.jaynestars.com/news/cecilia-cheung-gave-birth-to-baby-boy-father-is-a-65-year-old-singaporean-businessman/ Correct me if I'm wrong angelangie, according to the article I have read. Cecilia Cheung did give fan a little clue on her Instagram that she's going to have a baby at the end of this year, at that time her fan didn't take it serious. The beginning of May if this years Cecilia Cheung disappear from the limelight, nobody even knows that she was pregnant until she gave birth last week. As you can see angelangie during the months of Cecilia pragnancy, she was never once was spot by the media. I am pretty sure if she was spot by the paparazzi/media's during her pregnancy, I'm pretty sure she won't deny it because she already gave her fan a hint in the beginning of the year that she going to have a baby. To me, I feel that's ZLY case is different from Cecelia. Fans did ask ZLY again and again if she's pregnant or not and zly as always deny again and again. And you are right angelangie, ZLY doesn't have to admit that she is pregnant or not. I remembered ZLY, tell us fan a long time ago that only believe in her, and from her own mouth only. And if is indeed pragnant, don't make her a liar though. As a young fan who loves her and adore her. So, it's okay for me to lie too.
  6. Right now I am staring at the clouds...the weather is sooo gloomy ...where is SUN!!!
  7. Right now I am having a cotton candy hot chocolate at Timmy
  8. @cenching even I bring the soup to the temple for blessing it didn't even help... Lord have mercy.. right now I'm responding back to cenching
  9. Now right I am getting ready to go to school...how exciting is that ....
  10. Chicken congee for breakfast.. with hot chocolate..
  11. I have stir fry ginger with fish and rice...
  12. what was i thinking pizza with cheese, should be the other way around .. maybe too many balls in soup @cenching i got it alll confused..oh my!!!did i just said balls.. i am allowed to say balls. Good morning!!! Right now i just woke
  13. No!!!!!! no goodnight @cenching Right now I am eating pizza with chesse
  14. right now it's night time in Canada, Im staring at the first snowfall and having my hot chocolate at the same time ....YUMMY
  15. Right now i am shopping online. I love this Manitobah boot...love it love it
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