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  1. ZLY deleted most if not all of her pics related to LGX and her other leading men after her marriage announcement. We commented about it here then and some were baffled about it and some pretty much understood why she did it. For this recent change , not sure really what to think of it. Maybe she wants her account to be simply about her career and nothing about her personal life. About the rumors , though not a fan of Feng Feng guy, I hope the rumor of cheating is not true. That’s devastating for ZLY as a newly wed and new mom. The kinda irony though is that most of the stuff about them started as rumors , came denials only to be proven right later. But still, i hope things are fine with their marriage.
  2. I think the English sub or translation was a little bit muddled. She was speaking to YX in the context of playing fair. That she wouldn’t blame YX if he killed YWY in an even playing field and Yanbei as being his territory (YX’s) , he already has the advantage. Then there’s not playing fair emotionally as he resorted using both YWY’s and CQ’s feelings to lure him into a death trap. CQ’s/Xing’er’s words to YWY in the end clearly showed who was the man in her heart. The line “I will never leave you again” was very meaningful in the context of her relationship and feelings for YWY. We’ve seen her leaving him out of anger and or running away/denying her own feelings. Their final moments were full of realizations and regrets from CQ as we saw her anguish seeing the injured, bloody YWY.She tried in vain to save him as she was practically ready to die with him when she jumped after him into that frozen lake.
  3. I guess it’s better just to wait for the official announcement of whatever there is to announce. No point of fans asking this and that and then just get a denial only to be confirmed as true later. Anyways, congrats to them. Hopefully when she’s ready to go back to work , PA2 is in the agenda.
  4. Her heart belonged to Yuwen Yue. It was always his ; but sadly it was towards the end that she realized how much he meant to her. She cared for Yan Xun but it was more as a friend. She did say though in the last episode that she wasn’t sure if what she felt for him was love but she knew that she cared for him. She thought all her dreams and goals to be free would be realized with Yan Xun but he got so consumed with revenge and power. As we saw in the end , she told Yan Xun that she will never forgive him if Yuwen Yue dies (in Yanbei) as she turned her back on him and followed her heart and tried to save Yuwen Yue.
  5. Just because our ship has gone Titanic, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them anymore in reel life if ever they get to work again. So, I’m glad this thread remains open since it’s also an outlet for followers to get the latest news about LGX or ZLY(good and not so good ) like from Weibo being brought here for non Chinese speaking fans like myself. *Still tapping fingers waiting for any new drama for LGX. Dude needs to pick up a script ASAP! That face and talent are terrible things to waste!
  6. @angelangie I saw that you put a note of “no bashing” under my recent post. I beg to disagree though labeling my post as such and honestly felt even offended by it. I’ve been posting messages here for quite some time now and been pretty much respectful with my comments about the actors. I’m not sure how often this board gets checked or monitored but there have been posts here that were flat out bashing ZLY or LGX and I can assure you that long time posters here like myself even remind those kind of posters to be mindful of what they’re posting. i just expressed my disappointments from time to time like most of the posters here about the recent news about this board’s OTP. I never used foul language or phrases that would be categorized as bashing. To say one is annoyed or even angry about your favorite without using offensive language, is a valid expression of one’s opinion. I suggest to the monitors of this board to try to know which posters have been posting here regularly and what kind of posts they’ve posted in the past in order to distinguish which ones are real fans/followers of the actors and which ones are not.
  7. @mmrod_04 What she pulled on her fans after the only believe the words from her own mouth yada, yada was incredibly disappointing. She also shot down her own credibility. I’m more annoyed too than angry. I mean she has every right to marry who she wants to and the fans can only wish her the best but the sudden announcement of marriage and then went into hiding ( now we know why) after all the denials just left a bitter taste in your mouth. I’ve said that I’m not watching her new drama ( or even the one before it) not because of what happened but it just simply doesn’t interest me in any way to religiously follow a 50+ episodes drama where I know I’ll be subjecttng myself to utter boredom. Though I’ve seen clips on IG out of curiosity and I must say I made the right decision to stay away from seeing any more . Feng Feng guy looks ridiculous acting semi comedic . I never thought he could annoy me even more. But oh well, I suppose this what happens when you get invested , small or big way, as a fan. Disillusioned and annoyed.
  8. Steaks, sandwiches, pasta, rice , burrito and all the food you could think of to fill that skinny frame of his @cenching But yeah, he’s as handsome as ever As for the incoming Zhao Feng Feng tot that explains her no shows to premieres. I was kinda surprised they didn’t do a grand press con for Ming Lan so they could formally announce the pregnancy as well as being married. But then again, maybe they did not want to answer all the questions nor the denials. Btw, how’s Ming Lan doing in the ratings?
  9. Such a crowd drawer. He’s still one of the most sought after product endorsers even though he hasn’t been on a drama since PA. Dude needs a sandwich or two though. He looks skinnier now.
  10. She’s already married , so there’s no reasons for her to hide or deny if she’s pregnant. It’s silly if she keeps denying it while she’s being seen in oversized clothes and then being spotted shopping around in baby/maternity stores. It’s not a scandal waiting to happen anymore , so come clean already.
  11. Feng Feng guy and NiNi looked more suited and happier together. But who knows what went wrong. How long were FF guy and NiNi together ? He and ZLY I think got together around 2017 since mid or late 2016 she was running around incognito at Tsinghua Uni with LGX. So, that would be like a year being together before marriage. Too short of a time especially when they didn’t even admit they were dating. Though he was the one guy consistently being rumored to her and getting caught with by the papz in 2017. Over at LGX’s camp, it seems very quiet. No new projects nor “scandals.”
  12. It’s kinda weird that Swordsman Love had a press con/promo after more than a month of the mini movie’s release. ZLY as a no show isn’t surprising since she ditched the press con of her new drama OGT as well. She’s probably preparing for an all out promo for her drama with Feng Feng guy. I’m not watching OGT.I just get annoyed even with the clips I see on IG and can’t wait for it to be over. Though another annoyance is coming with her drama with Feng Feng guy. As for LGX, still waiting if he’s going to do another drama. He’s being wasted just doing reality shows.
  13. Exactly! This is her follow up project after PA and looks well-produced for a modern day drama. If she’s pregnant , her people prolly advised her not to show up so as not to take the attention away from the new drama. Though not much of a big deal if they’ve already announced it ahead of the press con. But hey, they can use both the wedding and baby news when Ming Lan is ready for release. It wouldnt be surprising anymore if they announce any baby news. They’re already married anyway. But I’m sure their fans would love an official announcement. Well, now, now. Let’s not be too harsh. Celebs life is often weird. They make fans happy at one point and then disappointed the next. I’m not watching anything either unless a miracle happens and a XingYue project comes up.
  14. @cenching She was a no show for OGT’s press con? Hmm...I think the pregnancy rumor will turn out to be true. There was no press con whatsoever with the last Swordsman’s Love either and now she’s not at her new drama PC. Her recent papz pic with FengFeng guy looked like she!s preggy and it’s not just because of the bulky jacket. They’ll prolly announce it the same way as the wedding...without a warning. Yeah, not watching her new drama. No XingYue, me no watching .That would have been a great follow up team up with LGX after PA though. But crap, everything seems against for the star and moon to align ,both in real and reel life. LGX has no new drama and just doing reality shows. PA was a huge hit and his leading man status is being wasted with no follow up drama projects. What’s up with that?!
  15. @mmrod_04 It is silly for her to delete old posts with her co-stars. Though I’ve said I kinda get why she did it since she’s a married woman now, it’s still silly and unnecessary just the same. What about her upcoming or future projects other than with Mr. Feng Feng guy? Is she not gonna post any more about them too unless it’s with her hubby? I’m not really interested to see her new drama with “Chiyu Nan” of Princess Weiyoung. Though I’m glad he’s given a break as a leading man instead of always playing the bad guy. Her costume drama with Mr.FF guy looks gloomy so, not interested on that one either. You can say I’m just biased being a huge XingYue fan that it really doesn’t interest me to watch her with other leading men and same goes with LGX with other ladies ( even their old dramas). Sorry, can’t help it. Their off the charts chem in PA spoiled it for me to see either of them in other pairing. And then she dropped the bomb on us .That just did it. Took all the wind out of our sails. Epic Titanic ending. Not sure what’s in store in the future but I think it would be something close to a miracle if we see XingYue in a drama ever again. I’m just gonna go now and rewatch Princess Weiyoung. My first C drama love. My first C drama couple ship that actually sailed into the sunset. They made my XingYue heart hurt a little less.
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