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  1. An amazing talented Actor Every time I re-watch a JG's drama/movie, I can't stop myself wondering how good he is....and he was right from the beginning of his career
  2. JG's agenda in Japan -dramas and Splendor Day(2018) on Japanese TV channels -Fan Meeting: Lee Joon Gi Splendor Family Day (June 14)
  3. https://www.weibo.com/p/100808dfb7713cbd19312b0c5f780b89e0287f/super_index#_rnd1528134903708
  4. https://www.weibo.com/p/100808dfb7713cbd19312b0c5f780b89e0287f/super_index#_rnd1528134903708
  5. Sorry....but I am really fascinated by his eyes
  6. This Lady is really doing a good workNot only a loving fan but also a very, very generous person. Thank you, @gunman https://twitter.com/jg_gm_kdrama / @jg_k_drama https://www.instagram.com/jg_k_drama/ JG interviews with Eng subs (20181107~) A roundup of JG's interviews with Eng subs : @angelangie, @LyraYoo, can you help me, please ? I don't know why this post looks so long ...with a big white space ...so better delete it, please ! Thank you !
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