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  1. I agreed with you. When FSF and NiNi use to date, so much affection between the two. FSF seem to love NiNi so much. As for ZLY and FSF relationship, I am still shocked until now. I am waiting for LGX to sign for a dramas. I miss him in historic drama... Ohhhh!!!! My poor ywy.
  2. Ladies!!!!!! I hope you don't mine me drop by and post couple HOT STEAMY gifs . Please forgive me, I am not familiar with korean dramas or should I say OPPA!!!! I am just here to have some fun. Anyway, since I watched a lots of Chinese dramas, I have to admitted... chinese actor have nothing to compare to all the oppa's... they sure knows how to kiss..from gentle, to wall slamming, underwater kissing, and to hot and steamy bedroom scenes ..Gosh @cenching you should never introduce me to this thread.. is it just me or thing just getting hot.
  3. I can't wait until Nov 25 https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4309220243202119
  4. Got Mary had kid become a stay-at-home mom..
  5. Right now right now I am doing an early Christmas shopping
  6. Oh come on @cenching its can't that bad.. okay I agree the cookies do need a blessing.. you and @lgxzly just wait and see...my soup will new and improved..... so there ...whatever!!! @cenching @lgxzly ..i needs at least six hour to make this. So, ...see y'all later Right now still grocery shopping
  7. Now right I am at the grocery buying ingredients to make Indonesian chicken soup with turmeric and ginger (Soto Ayam) first time making it ... @cenching wish me luck.
  8. Yes it is!!! l like a gyro sandwich for lunch And i don't mine having a gyro omelette for breakfast either...absolutely delicious
  9. I find a lots of india foods have a very strong turmeric taste or maybe the source are very thick for my mine liking. But i do like the roti bread...have you ever try gyro @cenching.
  10. @cenching i am pretty sure you can still multitask @lgxzly i think it's ok for you to said balls. Its only an ordinary balls, right. Right now i am having breakfast
  11. Like congee, bake fresh Bread with milk tea.
  12. oh come on @cenching...you know how addictive sooompi is.. snow can wait..wake up soon Right now I am watching bizarre food
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