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[OFFICIAL] Kenny Lin Gengxin 林更新 and Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖


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39 minutes ago, pawla said:

@lgxzly @delulu12 @princressagents1

Of course she should wear comfortable clothes especially on a long flight. And she didn't forget to wear xingyue brands too. Thanks @xingywyfor pointing that out. 

OMG!!!!! another XINGYUE brand's SMFK, oh zly please stop linking yourself to LGX (or your couple's items)..you can choose Nike or Adidas, why XINGYUE SMFK couple brand's. Am i delusional here..lol


OMG!!!! I remembered when ZLY she was rehearsing MISS U....MISS ME with her XINGYUE couple brand's, was ZLY missing LGX's, when ZLY was rehearsing..




Now look at ZLY wearing XINGYUE brand's again..Oh ZLY is tho jogging pant comfortable in your couple's brand's SMFK..oh ZLY stop missing him and stop wearing anything deal with moon and stars please...its too much already...

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@cenching I too, just realized that SMFK was a sporty brand's when I posted on ZLY thread..I was so happy to know that ZLY's wears her XINGYWY brand's again...:D







Look like ZLY is missing her YWY...:D


ADD: I will never posted if it not our XINGYUE brand's its embarrassing...that's why i was   in a hurry to posted on our thread when i was on ZLY thread...

Cr to Google images/weibo/xingywy 

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OMG!!!!!OMG!!!!:bawling::bawling::bawling:NO NO NO!!!!!!:bawling::bawling:I just more found out more information /evidences of my baby ZLY and uncl FSF :bawling:. Thailand workers have spotted my baby ZLY and uncle FSF holding hand when my baby was vacationing in Thailand's...:bawling:


My baby ZLY and uncle FSF even have couple items together tooo..:bawling:


My baby ZLY wearing couple cap's with uncle FSF and with the red pendant heart she updated on her weibo..:bawling: NO, how could this be..



There's is more of their couple items...:bawling:..our ship is sinking now!!!!!


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Oh, well....I have always consider FSF as a potential BF for ZLY....:) He is truly a husband material, mature, loaded, caring and ready to settle down (my problem with him is his Botox BUT that's truly mine only, if the girl doesn't mind so go ahead) ZLY has announced that she is looking for a husband not only a BF to plays around, she doesn't even mind a flash wedding.....Many people said that FSF is a playboy but I would beg to differ.....His only known GF were NiNi and JL, he was dating NiNi for years until they broke up and he went to JL briefly and he is single since then. He got many rumours BUT so are ZLY, LGX, WLK, JC, WK, even the married ones like YangMi and many many more C celebrities....None of his exes ever said a single bad thing about him, a standing evidence for his good characters....:)


He is the only man that ZLY ever been caught red handed twice spending the night at his home. That evidence was enough to gave me a doubt of LGX-ZLY's possibility.....LGX has been caught repeatably with WLK but that's not news for me bcoz he was always get caught with the ladies....<_< but not ZLY. She has a sterling reputation despite of rumours by haters so when I saw that papz's news/video, I knew that there is a possibility FSF-ZLY is a real deal.....


So I will wait until there is an announcement from their own mouth to declare whether they are single double or triple.....:ph34r:

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@princressagents1 I am so sorry. I dont mean too:bawling: but the truth is the truth..:bawling: there is more..



Some fans visit Thailand's ask about my baby and uncle FSF...:bawling:


I am sooo sad right now..i am crying all by myself right now..I dont want to believe..NO WONDER WHY THEY HAVE COUPLE ITEMS..:bawling: UNCLE FSF IS SO LUCKY TO HAVE MY BABY ZLY..I'm going be happy my baby..oh my heart hurt so much:bawling:...


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If Feng Feng guy was the dude with ZLY in Thailand, then he’s the one taking her pictures. Pretty good photographer as those shots were pretty artsy. 


I’m a bit surprised though that no stolen pics by those “alleged “ witnesses...so far. With everybody carrying around their phones , it’s so easy to snap a pic here and there especially when celebs are in public places.


Still, nothing beats the accidental outing of the Uni pic. Maybe there’ll be one to rival it from Thailand but until then , Uni pic rulz! :D

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I agreed with you @pawla who's ever ZLY choose, I'm gonna support her too, that's why i don't want to posts, bec of stuff like this..it look like a legitimate evidence to me..I gonna hold on to my post and wait for the announcements from her mouth..wow!!! I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO SAY!!!!:(..I was so happy a minute ago bec of ZLY and our XINGYUE SMFK brand's, and now that's goes down the drain...this is very sad..i don't know how much more i can take..:( @lgxzly don't be sad everything happened for a reason..hopefully soon, one of them will make announcement..so its be all over..:bawling:

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5 minutes ago, Kimberly Amor said:

@cenching i think so too also. 


or maybe also when he was with Mark Chao in Taipei. When he posted ugly pic of MC. 


Maybe, bcoz in these pictures LGX didn’t look as skinny as his recent public appearances...So the papz did take many pictures of them in Taipei and releases it series per series to create an illusion of taken in many occasions....

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