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  1. I remember she denied the rumors that she spending time in FSF house...she denied also pregnancy and saying that she has illness blah blah....but suddenly she posted wedding clearance (my reaction was oh will she have choice to do that bcoz she is 30yrs old)but unacceptable to me why denying a baby to her whom even she is already married....Im so shock realizing the fact that ZLY doing this for fame for herself and dont care for the sake of others...!!!
  2. LGX is moving on now and I see the spark of his eyes ones again....happy for that and wishing the best for me him... LGX is a man that Im dreaming of hehehe...A handsome and kindhearted man...If he is not kind he can speak up that ZLY and Feng feng guy had an affair....and nothing wrong if he go out wth WLK but he remain silent facing all hatred....as if ZLY is innocent denying all the rumors about dating wth Feng feng old guy....and now ZLY suddenly posted her wedding clearance but its too late after all the fanwars?she is smart and a greedy one she didn't spoke up when somebody was suffering bcoz of her?and denying her baby instead of showing love or affections to her little angel?who are I am to judge?Im the one who adore her so much commenting here that ZLY was one of kind...believing that she is honest to herself and now that she is a liar...
  3. I realize now that LGX is a gentleman guy who remain silent and humble enough facing all the hate of ZLY fanbase...ZLY fans hurting LGX so badly but he accepted all the comment of arrogance ZLY fanbase....!!! I think that LGX is so humble enough to face all of this... I adore his kindness now ♥♥♥
  4. Oh now I dont care what the reason why she deny all the pregnancy rumors...but Im sorry for that angel of her tummy...Im not ZLY but for me thats not good enough wether u accept or not what ZLY reasons are not valid to me and Im not pleased to her doing that...so that is why I stop idolizing her bcoz of that habit...denying everything to remains one of the top celebrities in China...I idolize actress who are humble and kind and being true to herself...I hate actress lying to gain sympathy and greedy enough to her career...!! i think that ZLY is one of a kind but her actions when she meet that Feng feng guy were dissappointed for a fans like me...!!
  5. as a mother and being happy married you cant lie the fact when u are pregnant.....many young people idolize her but accept or not its not ok to lie about having a baby...!! its ok not to public about the pregnancy but denying a baby in ur tummy is not a good habit anymore....!! Will many of us are dissappointed in ZLY actions.... not only for marrying Feng feng guy but also for denying an angel in her tummy as if she is not happy marrying that old guy as if she is not proud having Feng feng guy's baby lol...(will thats my opinion only) Im not perfect as will but 100 times I want to say this I am disappointed of her.....
  6. I always roaming around reading all of comments here in Soompi...and Im happy that LGX are ok this days...he is gaining weight and can resist his charm...As a fan of XingYue I give my brokenheart few time to ease the pain hehehe...I'll be like a brokenhearted person lolz moving on was not easy
  7. i think ZLY is pregnant but so odd when she denied it even she and Feng Feng guy were married now....She should be happy bcoz she want to become mother right?But how come she hide it in the public??Will no hope for PA 2 anymore so I want to say this goodbye ZLY....
  8. @happyfanlgx hope u welcome me hehhehe.....!! Now Im a new fan of LGX who always supporting him in IG lolz now I adore his looks as much I adore him before
  9. when ZLY announced her wedding wth Feng Feng guy I tried to accept it....but my PA heart so disappointed wth her bcoz she choose old man rather LGX....when I saw LGX in IG every now and then I decided to choose him rather than ZLY....!! I become ZLY fan bcoz of PA so Im so dissapointed and annoyed on her decision to marry that Feng Feng guy....so in order to move on I unfollow all ZLY fans IG account bcoz I felt betrayed as a fan of XingYue....heheheh....I respect her decision but now I realize that LGX was betrayed in this situation so now I become fan of LGX and forget ZLY lol....I maybe harsh but I love PA so much so thats my decision to remain LGX fan and not ZLY fan anymore....!! :(
  10. in the latest episode SJH was sick and tired because she filming 2 movies or drama.....As we can see SA have interaction again bcoz KJK his personality is a sweet person ever....ofcourse he should take good care of his girl lolz hehehe....I remember when JSM is sick KJK did not treat JSM the same how he treated SJH ......!!! Will I believe that after Kang Gary left RM SJH and KJK are more sweet now unlike before.....Yes they are close back then but this time they are more good friends as you can see how they diffinitely treats each other....!! I believe that KJK and SJH become real now unlike before....!!!
  11. I agree JSM and KJK what we called siblings here in Korea....Media did not paid more attention about JSM and KJK because Korean RM fans know that JSM and KJK is impossible to be a couple....Korean fans knows about KJK he such a gentleman and have a respect towards woman so JSM is impossible to b the girfriend material to KJK.....And Korean fans blessed SA relationship they want SJH and KJK be real so these two are more aware of what they said in the show....!! You are right JSM is one of the option to stop the rumors between HJY and KJK.....!! KJK and JSM can act lovey dovey in the show without rumors but if SA act same probably the media and the rumors between KJK and SJH will come out again...They want prevented this rumors will not happen again....KJK and SJH are those celibrity want their life must private as a much as possible....They can hide their relationship to the public if they want....!! International SA fans must not bother about JSM and KJK interaction because here in Korea people believe is not a big deal....They know KJK ideal type of a girl he cant pursue JSM because of their age gap...KJK treat her as a maknae in the set...Korean people know JSM also maybe you can see her bubbly side but she also a matured woman also....JSM is not irresponsible type of a girl outside the camera...She know her limitation between her and KJK....!! So if SA fans hate JSM by lovey dovey stuff you must misinterpret everything....!! One thing for sure KJK and JSM are impossible but SA is possible to be real base in Korean culture....!!
  12. will if that happened I will go back here after 3yrs then....That time I dont care ZLY was married to FSF I only care about our XingYue CP lolz...
  13. yes exactly....and I hate English translator since I learn to understand Korean many are not translated then.....!! Back in the episode where HJY was guest in the RM I saw all the members rolling their eyes suspiciously when HJY flirt to KJK....!! LKS and JSM never reacted about the scene instead they are focus to SJH....!!hayzzz...!! RM members want KJK and SJH to be real so that YJS ended the rumored between KJK and HJY....!!!
  14. hayzzzz....I want to blame da production team of PA they should end the love story just happy ending....so we did not wait PA2 then hehhehe....!!! But happy to b part of this Thread hayzzz....!! Its a long trip in this XingYue ship now it ended huhuhu....Im so sad as a XingYue shippers but then I know I just only a fan....I cant b angry to them nor blame ZLY why she choose FSF rather than LGX....!! I just want to recall the happy memories of my XingYue ship thats all I can do now to recovered my sadness fan heart....!!
  15. omg its over no more PA2 then.....wish Zhao Li ying and FSF happy lives....!!! My 1% hope are gone about PA2.....Goodbye to my XingYue huhuhu...It is sad but Im happy that ZLY and FSF confirm it then now...!!
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