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Heard of his dramas, but never really noticed him until now lol. He looks like a baby Song Joong Ki facially speaking. I been viewing clips, interviews, and past work which began 2 wks or so ago. Dunno how it began, but I guess it happened randomly from viewing a web page and came across Duel gifs of him. I was like ok I passed by this several times, and then finally was like "Alright who is this guy?" and lo and behold I became more interested in his work!


As for his interviews, he seems like an individual which in a homogenous society isn't the easiest. He has a good mindset in life, which bleeds into his choices. Seems like instead of becoming more famous or popular, he wants to do what feels right for him. He has the potential to grow more as an actor, and may end up in a role that takes him to a bigger level.


Also, he, Kang Ha Neul, and Go Kyung Pyo could be really good friends in rl based on their interviews they given about fame, acting, and life. All three actors aren't concerned about being famous, and want to distinguish the line between their work and their real life. Very cool dudes.


I wonder if he'll stick with Good People since his contract ended with them. Imo, he should go for a bigger agency like BH Entertainment which is really good for film/tv stars, or Namoo Actors which is also a respected acting agency. Def. a solid and big agency could give him good backing and better picks for him. He is 1 or 2 roles away from reaching his full potential career wise imo.


I predict that he will become more dashing and cooler when he comes back from the military. He was boyishly puppy dog cute in the dramas he's been in at this point, but he definitely has the potential to mature and shed that boyish persona and be a more sophisticated and confident man. I will be looking forward to that transformation lol. :) 

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On 11/3/2019 at 2:43 PM, r047 said:


But as you said, Sunho's character seems more compelling, and I mentioned this somewhere else, I believe YSJ's character underwent more major transformations, each stage delivered by him in an excellent way, and I believe both were given the chance to shine and show what they've got in a different way.

Hi, I just found out today about your interesting conversation from last year with mademoiselleasia about Se Jong and My Country. Although it's a bit late – and I feel sorry for that –, I wanted to add a few remarks.


I agree with your comment above saying that Se Jong's character underwent more major transformations than Seon Ho throughout My Country. Hwi's transformation is indeed spectacular and extremely touching, and Se Jong acted this brilliantly. I see no other actor of his age capable of that right now. The director seemed to know it since he wanted to have Se Jong so badly as Hwi, adding that it was a very difficult role.


As for me, I found Hwi’s character much more complex and compelling than Seon Ho’s. I understand why people would care for Seon Ho since the type of struggles he has to endure are clear from the get-go and well developed during the drama. However, although Hwi looks like a typical hero at the very beginning, he becomes more unpredictable and multi-dimensional as time flies. His change is very deep and striking up until the last episode, where he looks so mature but also so tired and vulnerable.

I like the fact that Hwi keeps his values even when he’s suffering so much, and even when he’s revealing his dark side while getting lost into his desire of revenge. By the way, I found Se Jong’s acting incredibly great in episodes 9 and 10, when he is looking for his sister after getting poisoned and then desperately confronts Nam Jeon. He is also marvelous in the last episodes.


I remember reading a lot of comments in Korean under the Naver clips of My Country. There was a lot of praise for Se Jong’s acting. A lot. Some praising his beautiful emotional acting, some finding him so cool with a sword, some admiring his chemistry with JH, etc. I even posted a few comments myself.

The Korean press articles were also full of praise for Se Jong’s acting. I read them with delight and I will re-read them again. I appreciated how well the journalists were able to put their finger on the unique points of his subtle performance.

I want to add that up until now, I’ve also read a lot of comments, in English or in my language, saying that they fell for Se Jong thanks to his performance in My Country. Some people had a real shock while discovering him in this drama.

It is true that there were also a few bad comments, but I think that some of them were coming from fans of his co-stars, since he was the lead above popular actors. I’ve observed the same pattern during the TOL era. There was a lot of bitterness ("he should be the lead", blablabla), whereas I’ve never seen Se Jong’s fans dissing any of his co-stars.


I agree with one of you saying that it is a bit early for Se Jong to win a Daesang now. From my point of view, he is already at this level, acting-wise, but it’s true that winning a big prize too early can bring unexpected damage to a career.

As for his popularity, I could write a lot about it. I am glad he doesn’t have SNS like other young stars. He is different. He is not selling himself for the sake of popularity, and this has become so rare nowadays. He also seems to be a very sensitive person, and SNS is especially bad for sensitive people. I hope he keeps protecting himself well like he already does. Of course, I can’t wait to seeing him in more projects, dramas and movies.

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