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[Official] ♡ Ji Chang Wook ♥ Yoona ♡ (Bang Bang Couple)


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Hi @sakura22 thanks for sharing the introduction on YoonA. I'm happy to hear that you have been a fan since SNSD debuted in 2007. During that time, I was not a fan yet. I liked Wonder Girls and Jewelry more. ;):P

Then I started to be interested in SNSD when I heard Taeyeon's voice singing "If" or "Manyagae" for Hong Gil Dong OST. You Are My Destiny started in 2008 and I watched all the 120+ episodes. I watched because of YoonA and also the story was good. YoonA even won the newcomer and popular awards, I think. After YAMD, I watched Family Outing 2 because of YoonA....during that time I have started liking her and also shipped her with Taec.  I discovered Soshified because I want to know more of YoonA :).

Previously I only like men singer and boys group, YoonA is the only Korean female celebrity that I like until today and she's my no. 1 Bias. And of course I love SNSD too. :wub:Oh yes, she is also a very kind person, she did charity quietly but still people get to know of it. But too bad, many international fans hate her because she's too famous and popular. :(

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31 minutes ago, julie721 said:

who's with me that during this scene JCW doing adlib and just want to teased her. I feel that his laughter was a genuine reaction. And YoonA, doing that exaggerated but cute reaction.. Ah these two. 

Me! me! me!!!!! Glad that i'm not the only one who think jcw doing adlib and want to teased yoona in that scene haha. Yoona glare was so cute tho :wub: I noticed they exchanged glares too at latest bts right? 

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33 minutes ago, julie721 said:



who's with me that during this scene JCW doing adlib and just want to teased her. I feel that his laughter was a genuine reaction. And YoonA, doing that exaggerated but cute reaction.. Ah these two. 


me.. me.. definitely its JCW's adlib I bet..

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In summary, a few things that are in common.

Favourite chinese food : both likes hotpot

Wook's Ideal girl: (mentioned by them)

1. Character to be suitable 

2. Same point(s); be in sync

3. Funny

4. Can chat cordially; interact well

5. Gentle - Okay shes tomboyish but she has her caring and sweet moments

6. Rich in love

7. Socialable

8. A little meek 


Wook style as a boyfriend is gentle and understanding. 

Yoona's ideal:

1. Gentle  

2. Kind

3. Can communicate well and understand 

4. Kimura takuya

5. Looks good in a suit

6. Looks good in white

7. Looks good with black rimmed glasses

8. Same standard

9. similar thoughts



Girls' Generation's YoonA and f(x)'s Sulli revealed their current ideal types on KBS 2TV's 'Saeng Saeng Information'.

The pair had an interview with the show on the set of a CF shoot, and the staff asked the girls about their ideal types. YoonA answered, "Since the weather is so good and there are pretty flowers, I want to be in a relationship. It must be everyone's ideal type, but I like someone who can communicate well with me and understand."


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i thought i am the only one who saw JCW staring at YoonA..even in their scene..his eyes never ran from her..because i think sometime when partners are talking, the other actor will can just facing them by using body only. but here even time for Anna delivering her dialogue..his focus is still on her. even camera only focus on his back or his side only.

Really like the scene where Anna ran to him.then they hugged. when JH apologized for not buying the ttbeuki..he seems tightly hugged Anna..i love that.. YoonA never really give big hug in her other drama..and her kiss scene always be bashed by other. but here in K2 she looks really well comfortable with him.






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i never really saw a couple in kdrama that look at each other so lovingly like they are in love especially during the welcome hug scene and the rooftop blanket scene they are  not shy in looking at each other so affectionaly or is it only me that feels tha way

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Guest julie721
46 minutes ago, meh2222 said:

I soo want to know/see what's happening inside the blanket! Hahahha


YAA!!!... Youuuuuu @meh2222 don't you dare to temp @eva23 oke?  YoYoCiCi77.gif Im trying soooo hard to hold and stop her from being non-PG rated here. Hahahahaha she  always LOVEEEEEEEE THIS KIND OF DISCUSSION!!! See see... how she respond very fast? But when you ask her about something else, tsktsk she left you hanging for years before respond to you, I am right, aren't I Eonnie?Crazydancingchickenemoticon.gif

you want to know what's happening inside the blanket? They are playing rock-paper-scissors.. Remember, the key is PG-rated okay? EEF5E09C-0BFB-4FCD-9993-60606F72B3E8_zps


@fifie Ah that scenes. One of my fave from JehAnna. My sister name that scene as, "Aku pulang.." Something like "I'm home..." (Lol teenager) Any guys/men who's welcomed with that kind of reaction from GF/spouse will be a happy man indeed. And the two portray that excellently. 


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@eva23 and @julie721 You guys are funny! But OMG I just realised I'm becoming a little bit not me. OMG!!!! Jehanna what are you doing to me?!?!? I watched the blanket kiss scene like a couple of times and I have watched dramas with kissing scenes BUT I NEVER REPEAT THEM... And my comment  :astonished: OMG!!!! What has become of me?!?!!?

And guys, I can't move on with the hug scene when JH had a nightmare and also the tender stare he made during the time when Anna was tipsy... Like if JCW stares at me like that in real life, there's no way I'm not gonna fall!?!!?! JCW is dangerous guys. He is dangerous!!!

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ummm, i read somewhere before (probably on ig, i don't remember, correct me if im wrong) that JCW probably doing some adlibs when it's not on the script, mostly the head-patting yoona (yoong likes to be rubbed on the head, right?), like in the rooftop scene and the night JH had a nightmare (it's been said that he only had to hug Yoong but he hug and ub her head too lmao). 

- Yoong is fans of CNBLUE (?) (Read it somewhere that she  went to several CNBlue concerts). JCW loves to sing CNBLUE's songs too

- they love to eat. shikshin hehee. 

- both gained big popularity in China the past 2 years 

- Yoong likes someone who looks good in suit, in white,and rimmed black glasses right? Well, JCW has it all lol, he's filming in suit all the time 


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9 hours ago, julie721 said:

I read somewhere that his ideas so far are shampoo during naked scene, walkie talkie scene, and blanket scene. But I gotta check my source again. JCW's graduated from film major btw. His passion is becoming a director someday. 

Nice ... thanks for the information. Had no idea that JCW was film major, but can see that he's put that education to good use, coming up with such good scenes. I think he's able to suggest them as well since the whole cast and crew get along so well; def has faith in his co-stars and and director for making the scene come to life. Good job, JCW!

@sakura22 - *high fives* ... such a lovely post about Yoona and her awesomeness! She gets a lot hate for no reason but the more you follow her and learn about her, you just fall in love with her. And speaking of physical beauty, seeing her onscreen is already breathtaking, seeing her in person? It's absolutely unreal ... if it's possible, she's even more gorgeous in person. But yea, everything u said is spot on about Yoona ... :wub: anyway, glad to see you here! :D



Credit: captainjoongki

Love this gifset ...the hand holding is so nice ... another adlib perhaps on JCW's part? Hahaha .. but idk, it makes me go aw with this scene, there's just this lovely sincerity about that little gesture. More of this please!!!!

When JCW was announced for K2, I really really had hoped that Yoona's name would be mentioned for this project. Given that other younger leading ladies were attached to other projects, I knew that she might have stood a chance for this and I was so freaking elated when she was confirmed. I knew the visual game was going to be strong, but hell, I didn't anticipate their chemistry to be off the charts like this where I'm actually shipping them in real life. And I must say, that must have been one hell of a Spanish coffee date they had cause there is no awkwardness at all. I wonder what kind of romantic scene they shot in Spain. I'm lowkey hoping it's a bedscene or morning after scene, which I personally think this would a good chance for Yoona to have one, since the comfort level with JCW is so good. Or maybe that's just my shipper wishing out loud ... LOL... Little gestures and the stares .. my goodness, they are going to be the death of me ... so damn cute ... and this is something that I'm seeing for the first time with Yoona and her male lead. For those who are YA's, I'm sure they can attest to that so I'm all for these OTP scenes, keep them coming!

And yay for this thread!! Such a happy way for me to start out the day! Thanks everyone ... *group hug*


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cant wait for the rooftop hug date BTS,. them being cuddly cuddly :wub: i want some deep analysis from you fellas of their body language. OVER ahhaha

but really guys i am hoping that in ep 13 we will have some passionate kiss. hahahhaa writernim chaebaaall..1 kiss is not enough! we want MOOORREEE!!

guys even if the drama ends they will still promote this drama in other country right? like in china and japan? for sure we will still see them together fooling around. hahhaha it would be nice if they will have some CFs together too and photoshoots. :):wub:


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One of the reason I love Ji chang wook and yoona is their horoscope compatibility. I love analyzing horoscope and it seems like Gemini and Cancer work well. My parents have the same horoscope and they match very well !! 369220a3hjk9pcg9.gif

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On 11/1/2016 at 0:08 PM, julie721 said:

Me me me!!! Well, liking and following her since 2007 (I wasn't even married back then).. Going abroad just to see her and SNSD concerts, watching smtown and and SNSD concerts twice in my hometown, buying all SNSD CDs on iTunes too..collecting all her drama DVDs. Is that all consider her fans? Hahahaha.. I'm crazy.. I know!!!



woah! eonnie i envy you! ive only seen them once when i was in my home country for a vacation. unfortunately i live in italy where basically kpop doesnt exist. poor me.. i saw them once at kcon but i would love to go to their concert and smtowns too :bawling: ..

oh hello to all my fellow sone! :blush:

 @sakura22 *high five

thanks everyone for all the gifs.,bts, videos. aahhh.. its so nice to be here. hahhaa im so happy. wiiiii~

ps. ive never shipped ANYONE irl this hard. drama character yes yes! but IRL? nope. this is the first one. hahhaha there is something with these two that makes my heart flutter. awww.. even if they dont date (for now..hehe) i hope they will become close friends (JCW is going to MS soon so..), eventually date and then get married hahahaha ok ill stop now. im on delulu mode again. lol

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Guest julie721
5 hours ago, stargazer187 said:

Okay, can someone gif me the part when both done taking their first kiss scene shot, JCW hugged her then she gives him massage on his shoulder back.... ahhh... love that part!!

@stargazer187 Dongsaeng darling... This one? 


4 hours ago, meh2222 said:

eva23 and julie721 You guys are funny! But OMG I just realised I'm becoming a little bit not me. OMG!!!! Jehanna what are you doing to me?!?!? I watched the blanket kiss scene like a couple of times and I have watched dramas with kissing scenes BUT I NEVER REPEAT THEM... And my comment  :astonished: OMG!!!! What has become of me?!?!!?


Poor you @meh2222 let me sing "Amazing Grace" like Anna to pure you mind and soul... -singing passionately with my awesome out-of-tune-so-much voice- 189bbdde.gif don't be sad dear... It's what happen when you spend too much time with all those shippers. They corrupt you... mean-devil-smiley-emoticon.gif

that's why stick close to me.. I'm the only one who still maintain my sanity and innocent, pure mind in the thread...

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