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  1. @ck1Oz I guess predictions and revisiting the episodes makes the wait for season 2 a bit bearable. I can't speak for all wintergardeners, with the theories and shipping, at least we'd be able to expect a continuation to the story. Production would not start season 2 with wintergardeners spliting up. It's potential that in the beginning of season 2, the two ended up not taking any action since the two are inexperienced in love and dating so we are back to square one and we'd then start watching how things will develop. However, I do not believe the production would completely twist the story in season 2 and 3 from the foundation laid in season 1. In all honesty, wintergardeners shipped because we followed the story as it is from the words, the facial expressions, without reading into too much of other objects or based on our own preference - so even if the story ended up going a different turn from the speculations, we'd still be able to follow and accept the story. I believe the writer would still provide us with some explanations or events leading up to a complete change in story. All that said, of course keep expectations low and believe in writer's integrity.
  2. I have been avoiding BTS clips as a way for me to not ship them irl. I'm keeping a clear line at the moment for my shipping. Both of them are in my favourite list separately. As much as I am loving the theories, fanfic and also predictions - I am still keeping it open so that I am prepared for anything the writer throws my way and that I'd be able to enjoy their developments without expecting much. Keep it going guys. I am enjoying reading the discussions. I hope the wait for season 2 goes faster .
  3. @ryanallright I am sure you're not the only one . Though I am almost certain there will be more new ones. @sillyvivian_yo89 awww sweet. Thanks. I don't need a welcome though as I'm familiar with this place. I've just been less active since the drama ended. ;) I am thoroughly enjoying all the interviews Hyun Been had. I wish there is one of her and YYS perhaps closer to the airing of season 2. Otherwise a live interview. At one point, drama's would promote on live but I guess the director. writer and casts don't need one.
  4. I've shared this before that my intepretation of Jeong Won's "love in his 20s" doesn't necessarily mean it is his first love - it could be his love and passion for god and paediatrics/medicine. I am also trying to not be too hung up over character descriptions as much as I am with writer and director's past work. Their past story would definitely help to understand the characters more especially to resolve the confusion, provide clarify and align the viewers with characters and writers - especially with some interpretations of ships. Their pasts and all they've experienced and learned undeniably help shape the way they are now. However, their present is more important. Some feelings and decisions in the past could be fixed or corrected in the present - however, most people chose to accept that some things in the pasts happened the way that it was meant to be and moved on with their present. The possibilities are there, and it is still possible to pick up where the person left off - but it is still replaced by new memories, new choices and new feelings. This is why it is better to live in the present moment, decide your choices now, instead of regretting and living in the past. So I would rather the rest of the seasons focused more on the present - the growth of the characters both professionally and personally either individually or because they now have someone else as their additional support system. How do they live in the present and potentially in the future. Of course, flashbacks would help tell the story more and help with the comparison of their growth then and now. Is there a need to relive the past, as if the past would completely decide how they ought to live now in the present. In the first season alone, the characters have shown more maturity and growth, different choices they made and influence on other people by just being themselves - I hope there are others like me who are also excited to find out more of how they would with what life will throw at them and how they would continue to touch and impact others. Jeong Won and Gyeo Ul's development both individually and together are still what I am fully interested in, but there are other elements of the dramas including the characters that I am looking forward to. I hope both writer and director remain consistent with this in the next seasons with minimal flashbacks. I am grateful that they provided certainty with Winter Garden in last season, if otherwise, I would be taking the rest of the remaining months to accept it so I can be open minded with Season 2. Be present, move forward without being stuck in the past.
  5. I've been silently reading the last pages as I am not signed in. It's really nice to read and see new WGers joining the fun. I wish time would go faster for the sake of curiosity and filling this weekly void I feel. (and slower with other things in life - just because there are so much to do in reality haha) I've been reading wishes and theories about season 2. I am of course looking forward to know more about Jeong Won's thoughts and exactly when he started falling for Gyeo Ul. However, like some of you mentioned, I would like to be in the present - I would like to see more of their growth professionally and personally now that they have each other. The same with other characters, isntead of dwelling and going into too much depth with their past - they present is more important. I know this is not makjang and not a melodrama genre, it is more of a feel good drama and I am more than happy if they keep it as that -yet I wonder with much curiosity if their hardships and trials would be further explored and how the characters get themselves back up - the other side of life. I'd also like to add - as much as I look forward to a more lovey dovey Jeong Won and Gyeo Ul I think changes would be subtle instead. I think the final episode at the outdoor garden is a little preview of a more happy and bubbly Gyeo Ul and we will definitely see more of this. Potentially as well more happy Jeong Won as he is now able to really be true to himself and what he trully wants perhaps also more aegyo he is showing Gyeo Ul. It's mixed of not being able to certain about how they both would be, and also able to predict them. haha!
  6. I contemplated a lot before posting this, because I really enjoy each and everyone's contribution and this is my happy place. I avoid going to the site some of you have mentioned, because I refuse to give them any traffic and also any attention (because the more they are being talked about infamously, the more they think their opinions and themselves are significant because it bothered people so much. Her ego boost feeds not only on praises and worships, but also criticisms) and it is a very very toxic place for me or maybe anyone. Getting all these kinda of attention including people being triggered only satisfies them. If I could please humbly request, for us to please not specifically share any of their thoughts/opinions contaminate and spoil our beautiful and calm space. It would be best if it stays in their toxic space and selves. And the more their content crosses over here, it's as if their toxicity is trying to invade this happy and peaceful place. Perhaps a dramatic reaction - just my two cents. It is still an open and free forum that you'd be able to share. @triplem due to my love for this place and partially my reaction to learning about developments in another place, please feel free to remove or edit this post if this is not appropriate.
  7. Like you said the toxicity is there, and as long as it stays in their own toxic place. I rather not provide traffic to any toxicity or give any attention as if to put any weight and reaction towards their opinions. There are plenty of humble and more legit positive opinions from many sources that I think is best to focus on including those who could discuss and debate more positively. There is no point trying to convince or change their minds. Moving on to what I would expect in season 2 - is not too much of extreme lovey dovey changes to both winter garden characters yet - I hope they would show us gradual intimacy and growth with both characters - the same way they have been in season 1 that we have to create our own timeline ourselves. hahaa.
  8. I really like how this pervy space is still active despite HP ended and I really like the efforts to keep it active too. What I am looking forward to season 2 is definitely the growth of their relationship and career. Jeong Won is finally free from his internal conflict, free to be more himself and free to enjoy more his passion and purpose. In addition to that. he has someone to go through the journey with him - a private supporter. Gyeo Ul's will be more balanced now that she is also exploring and experiencing more of life, more of love. I am really excited to see how this would transform her - as an individual, without it being for Jeong Won to please him but rather love just beautifies her heart more. I am expecting Gyeo Ul to continue to be a stable character. girl crush but it is also okay if the writer decided to show her vulnerabilities - because that would be more realistic as a real "role model" - life gives us lemons and we are not perfect beings. As much as I would like to see jealous manchild in action, I hope it won't be too much - rather I'd like to see more of his warmth, leadership and mentoring. I hope that Gyeo Ul will help him be the best version of him - a more resilient and able to express more of his wants or needs. I would not want a jump to them suddenly being all lovey dovey - I would like to see them just discreetly giving each other the eye, smiles and holding hands at the back of the lift, under the table. Planning meet ups. hahaa. It is also okay for them to keep the conversation at work - with less skinships and more professional with a bit of personal via messages or on the side. Then flip to dating scene, both are chummy and fuzzy. lol I have a lot of faith that writer would give them the story both winter garden and we deserve. Am I expecting too much from the two characters and writers Thank you all for actively contributing and I really hope you keep opening up and feeling more comfortable to share your thoughts and opinions.
  9. @ryanallrightohhhhh is there a gif of the many times he kept glancing at her??? I don't know why I remember you as someone who was not really on the WG ship, maybe I am confusing your previous posts in main thread with someone else. I thought you were not WG. @yukiyukiku Refering to your comment on @40somethingahjumma's - certainly its two different scenarios and conditions. However, I still think one would be that worried about a dear friend, instead of someone who supposedly isn't his cup of tea and merely someone he just knew from work. I think the message is that, Gyeo Ul is not only someone he works with - it's definitely different. I think this is probably why I have only gotten friendly vibe mutually between Song Hwa and Jeong Won - because she is only that for him. I don't even get any ex crush vibe. @40somethingahjumma on Dr romantic, you're not the only one. I watched because of YYS, Kim Sabu and the cases. I was not into the romance at all, even with the kisses. I remember mentioning in the previous pages that I am not shipping them irl. YYS is not making it easy. He is either too much into character, orrrrr looking forward to filming in dec! ya know ya know haha. Hyun bin is a breath of fresh air, she's fasts growing on me. She is beautiful in a kind innocent-ish way. LOL I think its apparent that I have certain lady bias and I am very selective with which female celebrity I stan.
  10. @40somethingahjumma It's always a pleasure. I have interpretted the scene where he asked her to get ready post-abuser dad was really like a way to express his displease with her decision. He was not able to openly express it as is because well otherwise it would have been a little odd. He is angry, and the only way to express it reasonably is by not praising her or acknowledging that and being quite anally towards her. Honestly, this seems more like a boyfriend-ish vibe more than a supervisor. But hey I have a biased lens already. HIm feeling sad because she is hurting explains a lot about his painful reaction to her crying confession. I guess I have not been able to really wrap my head around it to fully understand why? Why would it pains him that much to see her cry? I mean its just a crying confession and she was not rejecting him - but yeah its mostly because I haven't been able to really analyse and udnerstand yet. I'd like to say that Ik Jun's is Gyeo Ul's biggest sponsor both professionally and romantically. I can assume that Jeong Won wouldn't have been expressing interests to find out more about Gyeo Ul and ultimately Ik Jun is the voluntary information provider. He offers information voluntarily to Jeong Won without any need for Jeong Won to ask. Eventually he had also directly mentioned to his friend of his support and wishes for both of them to be happy, together which in other words meant that he is in full support for Gyeo Ul, in case friend's opinions add onto the weight. It's nothing new as we are all well aware that Ik Jun is the match maker and Gyeo Ul's fairy godmother/godfather? haha. I just would like to acknowledge the role Ik Jun played in this.
  11. Considering how minimal Gyeo Ul has been and just how refreshingly unique it is to watch them - I anticipate their dates to be unique as well. I have much less hopes about seeing them do a lot of things together, because the drama seems to focus more on scenes at the hospital, band and meals. Therefore, I expect much less time outside (at Rosa's possibly only starts in Season 3, but Rosa may already start bonding with Gyeo Ul in next season) and more dates at the hospital and having meals together - or rather Jeong Won feeding her more. I would like to see them volunteer at an orphanage together and of course for her to watch the band play (though doubt it happens in Season 3) because they both would keep dating discreetly with Jeong Won being very obvious with his feelings to every else around him. Having more scenes going for walks together, taking the bus/train together, enjoying the nature together would be most ideal for them and I am not sure if there will be more outdoor scenes with these two because they just keep working. I also intrigued to find out how these two being inexperienced will balance dating and demanding jobs that they have. It may be challenging especially past the honeymoon period as they continue to get to know each other. More so than that, I am looking forward to how they would both be each other's support system, encouraging and empowering each other.
  12. Lol Oppa feels a little bit too much for now, but it would be nice development. Hahaa. I think she would stick to professor, I have seen dramas with office romance where characters don't change the title. I think Jeong Won would calll her more comfortably with Gyeo Ul. Gyeo Ul would stick to professor or Jeong Won - ssi. I cannot imagine Jeong Won asking to be called Oppa, but I can imagine him sulking learning that she called another professor or man as Oppa. I don't expect a sudden change to be more lovely and sweet with them - I dunno maybe it is because of both of their personalities that we learned to know - I still expects gradual change in their relationship. @thesaddestlove oohhh indeed. It would be interesting to interpret and analyse if the elevator and the GS decision scenes mean anything or tells us anything. I thought it was a filler, but there were no PPL, so I think it was supposed to mean something especially when the camera purposely pans over to Jeong Won to capture his facial reactions. I am now positive it meant something. It would be wise to not even find out what the other camp analyses amongst themselves in their "safe haven". We don't need to convince and prove that they aren't exactly right - they will only believe their own narratives because of their desperation. They seemed to forget that drama isn't meant to be factual as present reality - but rather a story. So really timelines and events are according to the story teller. @dojoed haha I can relate. it's like expected and deja vu right? Nothing much has changed with them.
  13. I don't think he figured it out. Based on his lack of experience and inner battles also denials - my gut feel is that he probably does not spend a lot of time thinking about Gyeo Ul, wondering and worrying about who that man was at least that is the impression I get based on what we have seen in the scenes. I hope it is not the case though and she consumes his mind too, even the slightest. I think this is why he cried when Gyeo Ul cried - because he had thought she moved on? There was a new guy and she was proposed to by ht enew guy. And I agree with you - he took the time to make his move to tell her. I sensed there was a lot of mixed feelings of relieve, guilt and regret for letting her go through it all to the point that she is hurting because of her feelings and his decision. I guess I need to know more to understand more of his thought process and I could only assume it all for now. @hawon That is true, he has been showing through actions instead of words - through facial expressions too. But there are still limited actions from him towards Gyeo Ul that left us only crumbs.
  14. I really enjoy seeing more silent readers and newbies sharing their thoughts and insights, and of course the regulars too. It's really nice to see it from another perspective based on the story line of course, without it being excessive. Finding out that Gyeo Ul has started crushing over Jeong Won from day 1 even before Jeong Won confronted her for being too blunt with the mother, yet she was still able to take the situation professionally is quite impressive. Instead of just saying yes to everything as a resident including when she think she is not wrong, she was speaking up for her self and being sensible about it. Aside from finding an ally with Ik Jun and joining Dr Bong session, I hardly ever seen her behave annoyingly pursuing her one sided crush. It is just so refreshing and I think this is why many were drawn to her character - both as a professional and as a person. She's like a girl crush for many. I am really looking forward to see more of her in the next seasons, not only her career growth but also her growth in her new relationship - Will we see more bright and warm loved up Gyeo Ul? Will there be more changes with her interaction with parents, children and other colleagues? Will we see more bright clothes? different hairstyles? I don't think changes in her style is wrong if it is something that she wants to do based on her feelings and not because she is asked to change. How will Jeong Won be now that he has his own support system in the hospital and someone who is capable of assisting him saving his patients lives? Will he still need to be comforted by his brother? changed his mind about priesthood when the going gets tough? Or will we see a more resilient Jeong Won because Gyeo Ul is by his side? What will his weekend schedule be like? I know that we don't actually see much of their outside work and band activities much. There were a few scenes of Jeong Won spending time with siblings and mom and marathon, but most of the story was around the hospital with patients, friendship, meal time and band. Perhaps it would still be similar in the remaining seasons. I am happy to get some closure in episode 12 when Jeong Won rushed over to ER worried about Gyeo Ul. MInha had said over the same scene that if Jeong Won really likes Gyeo Ul, he would have come to visit - and he did. Except he could not bring himself to walk in. If we go with this - he really had been falling for her since maggot scene, confronting Ik Jun, chocopie scene, Gyeo Ul is busy scene, asking out for meal and eventually Gyeo ul's brother scenes and proposal scene. "Not Songhwa' definitely meant like Rosa interpreted it - it's not Songhwa because it was someone else. It's a feeling of happiness and relieved after Jeong Won kissing Gyeo Ul and of Songhwa's "It really is Gyeo Ul" to get some form of confirmation of their mutual feelings -as an affirmation that I have been following and dissecting the drama and characters as it is told by the story tellers, together with the most of you in this main thread and the Winter Gardeners. With this kind of story telling too, there is a need to also understand the characters as them, instead of the ideal or how we would/they should react or what we want them to be. So to not risk misunderstanding the characters, eventually accusing the characters to ease own disappointments and dissatisfaction in addition to the denial of the flow of the story and the confirmations. I am managing the withdrawal well so far, but let's see how long I will lasts before Season 2 finally airs.
  15. So happy to see newcomers and silent readers posting to share their thoughts. I am all for netflix party and even with the time difference, we could maybe arrange netflix party and just a week to focus on episode 1 - so those who could not watch at the same time could watch in their own time and join the party in this thread. I saw a gif of the chocopie scene on twitter and realised that Jeong Won had actually glanced towards Gyeo Ul more than once. I think it was probably 3 times. Its subtle alright and he is really good at "hiding" his feelings but to be glancing at her way that many times, why did no one else outside this camp picked up on it? I haven't been speculating about their relationship, but I know that WG will be facing challenges especially after the honeymoon period because they are still getting to know each other and have been single for a long time - so it will need some adjustment. I think I will see them both all lovey dovey and most likely just dating in secret for a while, but it would not be over the top aegyo and cheesiness. Considering that they begin in a refreshing non-standard kdrama way, I have a feeling that it will continue to be an awesome love story the same way they both pulled us all into this camp. I am really proud and impressed of Gyeo Ul for having a one sided crush on Jeong Won, yet was still able to stand up for herself when she thinks she is right and admitting her mistake during the confrontation scene with her approach with the parent. To be able to separate her personal feelings and interest during that moment, without gushing over him and going weak in her knees - are just sooo admirable. It is so refreshing to have a female character with a one sided crush behaving this way instead of the typical fangirl that could act stupidly sometimes. A winter gardener pointed out on twitter that Minha told Gyeo Ul that if he really likes you, he would have came to see you. Well, we were told that he did - so based on Minha's words - he really did like Gyeo Ul - when he sent the smiley emoji. He was just conflicted inside to not lead her on and wanted to keep his feelings concealed. @40somethingahjumma Honestly, I think what Dr Bong said about "beating god" or by WG twitters is taken too seriously and out of context by some. What I understand from this is that, Andrea at that time had a stronger interest towards god and for him to stay it means that he would need to have a stronger feeling towards that person than ultimately devoting himself and serving god. I don't think it is meant in a religious/faith context where he needed to worship this person more than god and forgot about god and his faith altogether. He just needs to want to have a normal life with human more and that reason could be someone or something that "beats" his dream to have a different life with god.