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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Whirlwind Girl 2 旋风少女第二季


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15 minutes ago, new_breed_asia said:


Ji Changwook for EOS


Ji Changwook for Lotte DUty Free


Sean Chen (Chen Xiang)

Hi there.  You do know that these actors all have their individual forums on Soompi where this information has already been posted.  This thread is for the "Whirlwind Girl 2" drama only.  Please try to keep all discussions in here to the subject drama and its characters, and visit their personal forums for their other projects.  Thanks for your understanding.

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34 minutes ago, themarchioness said:


Only in Chinese, last I checked.  It's not been translated.


@Riya Bose i have to take back what I wrote earlier, it looks like one of the translation sites has picked it up.  Only one chapter so far though: http://www.radianttranslations.com/whirlwind-girl-1-beginning-light/

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