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  1. The English-language version of Jane's club-infused track 808 reached no. 23 at the US Billboard Dance and Electronic Songs Charts in January 2018 And the Chinese version
  2. Work For It Sichuan TV New Year Gala 2018 in Macao
  3. First English single for 2018 - Like That Also, Kris has been officially signed to Universal Music Group (UMG), the world's biggest music company early this year And his first Chinese single Tian Di More of Kris Wu for Xiaomi smartphones (ctto Donovan Sung, Xiaomi Global spokesperson)
  4. At the Victoria's Secret Fashion SHow in November 2017 Full performance VSFS 2017 in SHanghai (songs: Work For It, 808 and Dust My Shoulders Off)
  5. Kris Wu for smartphone maker Xiaomi (ctto Donovan Sung, Xiaomi Global spokesperson)
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