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shes so good playing piano    

Repost from KingKong by Starship Boss   credit:@angelsoobins  

Chae Soo Bin Official King Kong Pics L'Étudiante et Monsieur Henri" making            

On 5/8/2021 at 1:32 PM, skye said:

Some fans are speculating if this is new work. I hope it is! 




Turns out she filmed a CF recently. Girl just works very quietly and won't even tease her fans:( lol.


This is so cool, I hope she gets to work with her seniors in a serious acting project. Chae Soo Bin with Cha Seung Won and Uhm Tae Goo for the new Coupang Eats advertising campaign ~



Teaser Version A:



Teaser Version B:



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Soobin watched actress Lim Semi's (her friend) stage play on May 20. One of her fans went to show as well and saw her.




I keep writing this but I am super excited for her upcoming films. If only they release PIRATES 2 sooner, in time for Chuseok or something. And I have high hopes for her first rom-com film, because of the way the director has so far talked about it.



장기용X채수빈X정수정 ‘새콤달콤’, 이계벽 감독표 찐현실 로맨스

박동제 기자 l 기사입력 2021-05-25


Director Lee Gye-byeok presents a real romance that is 100 times sympathetic with the movie <Sweet and Sour>, which is released in more than 190 countries around the world through Netflix, a global entertainment streaming service.


Director Lee Gye-byeok, who made his debut with <The Beast and the Beauty>, has been triumphant with <Lucky> and <Be strong, Mr. Lee>, but has a steady longing for the romantic comedy genre. His aspirations were realized as "Sweet and Sour", a love story "unique to the bitterness of realistic love."


He said, “During the scenario meeting, the staff bought a sweet and sour snack as a snack. My hands keep going. (Love also) It's sour and sweet that my mind is confused, but it disappears from my mouth and I wait for the next one again. He revealed the reason for the paradoxical title that contained only the first impressions of love, saying that “the mysterious situation that keeps looking for new things” seemed like a title that just fell apart from this work.


<Sour Sweet> depicts the appearance of a man and a woman who are heading for the end of love in a difficult reality, such as the dispatch of a large company and a three-shift nurse work, and the appearance of a new face that evokes a new sense of tension between them. After the illusion that seems to be eternal has passed, the true image of a relationship filled with boredom and unintended wounds will be realistically captured without a layer of packaging.


<Sweet and Sour> is a mirror that reflects young people in this age where dating is not easy to live in reality, and it is also a story about the habit of dating, who only looks at love from their own point of view. Jang Hyeok, Daeun, and Boyoung all look at, mistake, misunderstand, and interpret the other person with their own eyes.


The film is uniquely composed of the first half that follows the gaze of the characters' misunderstandings, and the second half where new truths are revealed as the puzzle of the story is matched. Director Lee Gye-byeok depicts the bitter reality of a love affair, but he could not give up laughter and fresh stories, and raised expectations for the film with the words "a strange and surprising work with various devices that cannot be found in existing romantic comedies."


<Sour Sweet>, which honestly portrays the bare face of a love that turns into an unexpected taste for a moment, will evoke a variety of emotions such as laughter, anger, surprise and empathy to viewers.


Meanwhile, the romantic comedy <Sour Sweet> will be released to the world through Netflix on June 4th.



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Soobin promoting her film via her IG. I need her to post more about it;p








The production press conference for SWEET AND SOUR was held on June 1 and she looked absolutely beautiful, I loved everything about her look for the event (her hair!). I need her to wear more (mini) dresses, seriously.



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Sooo many updates! But first... has anyone reading this thread watched Sweet & Sour yet? What did you think of it? I wrote somewhere that Soobin's character was an OB-GYN nurse, but she actually came out of that clinic not as an employee but because of something else. Anyway, I would highly recommend this film to everybody. Soobin was not kidding when she said in one of her interviews that there's a lot of things to unpack about this film.



Keyword Interview with English subtitles


~ This woman is seriously everything. Shy, cute, funny, smart, humble and honest. Lol I expected her to answer "family" (or maybe her adopted pets) when she was asked on the things that make her happy and she did. She's the most precious human being♡




Cineplay Interview 


~ This is probably my favourite interview of the bunch. It's in Korean though.

~ Soobin saying Jang Hyuk is an idiot (because of how he handled things when the couple had that fight in the movie) is giving me life lmao.

~ She also said that she did not wear makeup in scenes inside her house and, she was unbelievably beautiful throughout the entire film, but she was even more beautiful in those scenes, like IMMACULATELY BEAUTIFUL. 

~ She said she had a lot of fun filming and joked around on set and joked with the director. I also remember the director saying in a past interview that Sweet & Sour is the best production he's been in or his favourite production so far.

~ When asked about the abandoned dog that she adopted, she said "I have to show the picture first" (so adorable).

~ There's also mention of her first love/high school boyfriend and he sounds like a sweet guy ^^




Soobin has been on the top 10 list for movie star ranking on Naver for days. That's an achievement considering she's the only Korean actress on the top 10, and there's more Hollywood stars/filmmakers on the top 50 list. She's currently ranked at number 9.



Credit as tagged.


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