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I love how she did this photo shoot with a purpose, too, and it's to spread awareness to a cause that's close to her heart. Soobin not only loves animals but she is also an advocate for them. She does volunteer work for neglected dogs. Mata is an abandoned dog that she adopted and her cat is adopted, too.









BTS Video:


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On 7/26/2021 at 4:02 PM, skye said:

Movie, please come out this year. And yay, Soobin actually shared somethin about an upcoming project :p First photo is from her IG stories (210714): "... Recording with the whole body..!"


She followed that up with a second photo captioned "Got tired after a while..." She's so cute and funny! It's just voice recording but seriously, her dedication and passion for acting.


Looks like she did the photo shoot and the recording on the same day judging by her attire. No wonder she wrote she got tired after a while :(. Really makes me think that she is so busy. I hope that filming for her upcoming drama will be over soon so she can rest before doing promo activities for her projects and, more importantly,  I hope that she remains safe and healthy throughout.


Which brings me to these updates on:


Disney+ Drama ~ I honestly don't know what to call this one so I shall just refer to it as that, lol. This project is shrouded in so much secrecy but at least there are a few things known so far


- Disney+ will finally be launched in Korea in mid-November

- It is expected to be the first Korean original drama to be shown on Disney+

- So we will most likely see her drama comeback in November (!!)


PIRATES 2 ~ according to Lee Kwang Soo, it is set to be released in October so YAY.




Mata for MAG & JINA, makeup by Chae Soobin 



(gif's not mine)



210814 Instagram Update










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On 8/17/2021 at 8:16 PM, skye said:

PIRATES 2 ~ according to Lee Kwang Soo, it is set to be released in October so YAY.


According to news today, PIRATES 2 was supposed to be Lotte's Chuseok offering but another film will be released instead. I don't know if October is still a possibilty.


Drama casting RUMOR:





From the photographer's instagram account :wub:








Here as well:


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My favorite part of the MAG & JINA interview:


Chae Soo Bin: "My dream is to be an actor with various colors. If the character I have shown so far had a bright and confident image, I want to play a more intense role."



I always hope that she gets better roles and projects because she has so much to offer as an actor. 



She's so pretty:(




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Soobin is literally the cutest and the coolest. And her goofy side is apparent in this vlog ;p When she was singing in that traditional kinda way while she was looking for her tools like? So cute!! Also, she's probably not aware of how funny she is, lol.









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Haven't watched the first episode of 'The House On Wheels' spin-off with Soobin and the rest of the PIRATES 2 cast yet but I guess she appeared toward the end. Tune in on September 20 and 27 at 9PM KST to see more of them:)




So pretty~




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Healing photos:)








Healing videos~


I am so in love with her voice. People comment that she has such a soothing voice and I agree! I really just think she has the prettiest speaking voice in K-ent and it's great that she is able to use it to her advantage, too, 'cause she gets constantly praised for her voice acting (vocalization/pronunciation).






It's so sweet that she kept gifts from fans through the years (she also had a bouquet of flowers, that she received from a fan during Grandpa Henri and Me, preserved). One of the gifts is an art piece called "Spear of the Soul" and the artist commented on her vlog and wished her happiness always:)


Also, in case anybody's wondering, she named her pets Haku (cat) and Mata (dog) after "Hakuna Matata" ("No worries" from the LION KING). And well, Mushu's, the beloved dog that passed away, name is from MULAN. Hey there, Disney princess lol ;p

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Still busy shooting for the Disney+ drama~ Soobin spotted today. Curious about this project because they have been filming for almost 5 months, her hair looks longer (?) now to me. 






AAAHH, so cute and lovely, and I really loved the red vest that she wore at the beginning~ wished she wore that longer. Anyway, Soobin is definitely more shy than you'd think she is so it's always a treat to see her come out on a variety show which is rare, I think.


Chae Soo Bin Cut in Episode 2 of the House on Wheels: For Rent



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It was nice to see the PIRATES 2 team's chemistry on House On Wheels which is why I was so sad that, apparently, the film's gonna be released early next year (I was expecting October). In addition to that, someone from production said that her upcoming Disney+ drama will premiere in January (no more Soobin this year T T).


But my mood quickly changed because of this, lol:




Soobin was offered the main character, Pyo Ji Eun, and according to her agency, they are still considering/ it's under discussion.




A single, independent woman, who takes charge of her own life, living in the city and working in the fashion industry? YES, PLEASE! They are about to start filming and If she decides to take this on (I hope she does!), I need her to take care of her health, cause she has a tendency to work nonstop... So happy though that there is so  much to look forward to in 2022.



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211012 Instagram Story Update



In Gangneung for filming. Maybe it's 'cause I haven't seen her in weeks but her hair really looks longer now T_T







With her team ♥







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'너와 나의 경찰수업' 채수빈 "곧 30대, 나의 마지막 청춘물"







Kang Daniel And Chae Soo Bin Talk About Working Together, Why They Chose To Star In Their Upcoming Drama, And More


Kang Daniel And Chae Soo Bin Talk About Working Together, Why They Chose To Star In Their Upcoming Drama, And More

Oct 14, 2021
by M. Kang

Kang Daniel and Chae Soo Bin have shared insight into their upcoming drama “Rookies”!


On October 14, Disney+ held an APAC Content Showcase ahead of its upcoming launch. At the event, “Rookies” was introduced as one of Disney+’s original dramas.


In the upcoming series, Kang Daniel and Chae Soo Bin will take on romance and growth as students at a police university.


Watching the teaser video that played at the showcase, Kang Daniel commented, “This is my first attempt at acting. It feels cool because it’s my first time seeing the final product put together in the form of a trailer, and it seems to have captured the essence of youth that I expected, so it makes me want to watch the show soon.”


Chae Soo Bin added, “We started shooting in May, and we’re still working on it. Watching the video makes me more excited to see it.”


In regards to how he felt about the script, Kang Daniel shared, “A lot of my worries and concerns about acting disappeared after receiving the script.” He continued, “I was convinced to give it a try for the comfortable vibe created by being with people aruond my age and because I figured I’d be able to portray growth at a police university as I had imagined with my actual friends. I felt a new kind of fun from the experience that was different from the acting I do when performing on stage.”


Chae Soo Bin explained that reading the script was what convinced her to take part in the series, revealing, “While reading the script, I felt that the stories of Generation Z youth were portrayed beautifully. I chose this project because I felt that it would be my last youthful drama before I enter my thirties.”


Regarding their experience working together, Chae Soo Bin commented on Kang Daniel, “He maintains an energetic vibe on set without getting worn out.” Kang Daniel described their teamwork by saying, “Chae Soo Bin is very considerate. On days when we have action scenes to film, she tries to maintain high energy. My sense of humor is unique, but recently I’ve been getting her to laugh more. I’m very grateful for that.”


Kang Daniel also explained on how he prepared for his role, “I tried to improve my physical abilities in all ways. I trained a lot at action school. I also went through all my connections to meet an actual police university student, getting the chance to ask a lot of questions and study.”


“Rookies” is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2022.



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Her Instagram posts are so rare I treasure them :P. I especially love her last post~



211024 Instagram Update:


"이게 2016년이라니
곧 2022년이라니"


"I can't believe this is 2016.
 I can't believe it's 2022 soon."










And finally!!


The Pirates: Goblin Flag is scheduled to be released during the Lunar New Year Holidays next year.

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She updated again. So cute :')



211102 Instagram Update


"뒷북이지만 사탕선물이라니 귀엽쟈나
trick or treat
(이거 다 먹으면 엄마한테 혼나게찌..?)"







Soobin still promoting Fruits of Love  :wub:. She was appointed as a goodwill ambassador back in 2018.


211102 Instagram Story Update



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I have high hopes for this because it's a Netflix original series. Netflix does a lot of things right when it comes to their Korean productions.



The only thing I am a lil bit worried about is the male lead. Please don't kill me, he is pretty but I tried watching Yumi's Cells and... he was not good. TBH I have the same worries for her other drama since the male lead has no acting experience. But I hope they will both surprise me.



Chae Soo-bin and Min-ho confirmed for new “hyper-real” Netflix drama

by tineybeanie

New Netflix drama The Fabulous has cast Chae Soo-bin (A Piece of Your Mind) and SHINEE’s Min-ho (Yumi’s Cells) as its leads. The romance drama is a “hyper-real” miniseries about youths in the fashion industry who are full of dreams and bursting with passion. Why does this synopsis suddenly give me Record of Youth vibes? (Hopefully it’ll be much better executed, and with a better storyline.)


Chae Soo-bin plays Pyo Ji-eun, who leads the marketing events department for a luxury brand. She’s always liked beautiful things and wanted a career in fashion, so she works hard to survive in this tough industry.


On the other hand, Min-ho plays Ji Woo-min, a freelance retoucher who has talent and handsomeness, but doesn’t have any passion. He’s not tied down to his romantic relationships or his work… although that may change as his ambiguous relationship with Pyo Ji-eun develops.


Directed by PD Kim Jung-hyun (Legal High, Hwayugi) and co-written by Kim Ji-hee (SF8: The Prayer) and Im Jin-seon, The Fabulous is expected to be released in 2022.





Chae Soo-bin, SHINee’s Minho to star in new Netflix romance series

Actor Chae Soo-bin and boy band SHINee’s Minho, whose real name is Choi Min-ho, are set to star in Netflix’s new original romance series “The Fabulous” (translated).
The decision was confirmed by Netflix on Thursday.


“The Fabulous” is about people in their 30s who are passionate about working in the fashion industry. Netflix explained that the show will explore “hip” and “hot” places in Korea and how the main characters strive to achieve their dreams.
Chae will take on the role of Pyo Ji-eun, who is the section head of a PR agency for fashion luxury brands. Ji-eun is described as having always dreamed about working in fashion. Her love interest is Ji Woo-min, played by Choi.

The date for the show’s release has not yet been disclosed.

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