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[Variety] Sister's Slam Dunk 언니들의 슬램덩크 (KBS) - Season 1 & Season 2

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Sad news for the following countries blocked by kbs world youtube. :tears:

[!!!] KBS World TV country block

That’s right, KBS World has started to block their latest variety show episodes from viewing on YouTube in certain countries. Based on what I know, the countries include (but for now, are not limited to):

Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea (of course), Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan

Eg. you can test this first episode of Sister’s Slam Dunk here.

It’s quite serious since many of us are in Asia/Oceania too, that’s why I’m making a post about it. Gag Concert is affected, Sister’s Slam Dunk, Entertainment Weekly, Talents For Sale, Happy Together, Hello Counselor… (not sure about 1N2D yet, we will know tomorrow).


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I'm sorry for some reason I just can't stand Tiffany, but thankfully there're 5 other Unnies so not much is delved on Tiffany for too long. My fave Unnies are Jinkyung and Miran. Jessi is v. loud and obnoxious, she sometimes come off v. intimidating as well. Somehow she's slightly more tolerable than Tiffany LoL. Of course the ingenue that is Min Hyorin, she's got this cutesy voice and seem to have a cool personality. Still can't believe she's dating Big Bang's Taeyang, she just comes across too wholesome for Taeyang's Bad Boy image(?)

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“Sister’s Slam Dunk” Reveals New Jacket Image For Upcoming Girl Group Debut

Wow!!! :wub:

160630 [FANART] Tiffany - KBS언니들의슬램덩크/ Sisters Slam Dunk Shut Up Cr photo : 6HUNNY #SNSD #GirlsGeneration #소녀시대다 #少女時代 #GG#sone #hwangmiyoung #jyp#shutup #Tiffany #티파니 #언니들의슬램덩크 #Unnies #sisterslamdunk #xolovestephi #hongjinkyung #ramiran #kimsook #jessi…


160630 [FANART] Tiffany - KBS언니들의슬램덩크/ Sisters Slam Dunk "Shut Up" Cr photo : 6HUNNY #SNSD #GirlsGeneration #소녀시대다 #少女時代 #GG#sone #hwangmiyoung #jyp#shutup #Tiffany #티파니 #언니들의슬램덩크 #Unnies #sisterslamdunk #xolovestephi #hongjinkyung #ramiran #kimsook #jessi #minhyorin @xolovestephi#sjjd #少女时代 #tiffanyhwang #soshi#kpop#koreanvarietyshow #korean#kbs2

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I really love this show. I've been watching since season 1.. and the girls are really funny! They have different charms. I'm currently watching season 2 and the new cast is not bad - they just started and I feel like their chemistry will get better after their girl group task. (:

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I never watched season 1, but i'm enjoying season 2 so much. I get the feeling that the relationships this season are stronger and more supportive, and i'm so happy this group has found each other. One of the reoccurring themes that has stuck out for me is how all these women and girls have pretty much had to go it alone for most of their careers, and how grateful they are now to have this opportunity not just to be a girl group, but to be a real team of friends.

Yewon's story has struck me since episode 1, If music is part of your life as much as it was in hers, and then to suddenly have to give it up, must feel like the death of a friend. She seems to have protected herself through the years by pretending it was never a part of her life at all. I think she is so brave to try to overcome that now, and I am thankful that the coaches and the Unnies recognize her sincerity and effort.  

I just watched episode 6 and hearing what Jin-young went through, and how hard she has had to work just to keep going in this business made me realize how much depth and strength of character she has especially since she is still such a positive, kind and friendly person. She's they type of person that you can never tell how old they are; she has such a lovely face and young attitude, but as Jin-kyung said, she has the eyes if someone who has gone through difficult times. I'm happy that she shared her story, the Unnies may not have seen though her happy facade otherwise,

I was as surprised by Chae-young's story as the Unnies were. No one is immune to loneliness or insecurity, which we all know rationally, but to hear about Chae-young feeling that way made me realize that she is a real person and not just a superficial character from a TV show. More than any of the other Unnies, I think her motivations for joining the group were for friendships and team bonding, which seemingly contradicts her cool exterior. I love her confidence and surprisingly carefree attitude.

I think Minzy and Somi have both been chewed up a bit by the K-Pop life, and both have felt that they had to suppress some side of themselves to better fit in with their surroundings, but I think this experience will help them overcome some of that. They are still young and obviously passionate about performing. I think that with good people to support and teach them, Minzy will be able to see her own value better and Somi will end up more confident in her abilities. Plus, with such a wide range of Unnies to look up to, they can see that they don't need to be anything more or less than who they are.

I would like to see more sincerity from Sook and Jin-kyung, The fact that they are back for a second season tells me that they want this, but I don't think that Sook knows how to show it, and Jin-kyung needs more than confidence- she needs to put in a lot of work. Perhaps season one was more focused on the comedy and they are just slower to adapt, but with this group the comedy will come on its own, and team work and friendship should be their focus.

I'm excited to see where this show takes us and hope that only good things come to these ladies, as they all deserve it.

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I am a huge fan of the new season. I watched S1 but I hardly catch up the last few parts of that season but I vowed to watch S2 and I have nvr looked back since.

It's pretty lonely out there as I have no one to talk to about this show. I read comments from sites but that's juz it. I wish this thread is active. I am following this show attentively. Hope this place is more active so that we can talk about it.

Oh, juz days ago the girls are starting their song recording sessions already, juz to update anyone whose interested...:blush:

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@scone1025 . @tdjunlimited  been meaning to reply and post on this thread bec like you guys, been wanting to talk a bit abt this show.:) I've been enjoying it a lot. I've never watched any korean show this many times LOL - watch once the raw episode, then the sub from kshow123 then again the kbs subbed episode when it comes out a week later! Considering how long each episode is, that's quite impressive and very unusual for me! But every time I watch, there are always instances when I would laugh so hard, sometimes till the point my tummy hurts!:lol:

I came across the show through the 2 former WGM wives Hong Jin Young and Kang Ye Won. I liked them both so I decided to check out the show and I was hooked from day 1.  The other celebrities quickly caught my eye and affection. I didn't know much abt the others , didn't know Minzy from 2NE1 (and even less of Somi) since I don't follow K-Pop and I only barely recognize ChaeYoung from an old drama. I had no clue abt Kim Sook and Jin Kyung (?) I didn't know abt season 1 either so I really had no idea what to expect.

I think if they had not chosen these 7, I don't think I would have stuck around. They got lucky I think with the celebrities they chose. Bec all these women have great chemistry together. And for all their accomplishments, have very little ego, vanity and pride. They are humble, hardworking, and willing to show their vulnerabilities on camera. They are also willing to open themselves up to each other. 

I understand that the concept for this season changed from fulfilling each person's dream to forming a girl group, still related to each person's dream but maybe not as exact. It does change the focus to making their group a viable group for the korean k-pop market which places so much more pressure and bec of how the industry is from what I observed watching, it is less enjoyable, less personal and more abt making sure the end product is good enough to put the producer's name on it and sell, so they focus on fitting them into the mold of what "sells". I think the first 2 episodes really shows this from how strict and almost humorless the coaches or trainers were. Comments like they come off not young enough ( I believe this was said to Hong Jin Young who at low 30s is certainly not old) when the average age of the ladies is probably in the 30s it's unrealistic if they're going for the young girl vibe as most girl groups are. Even the dance moves, though the choreography is nice and looks great danced by the stand in dancers, I wonder how it will look with the ladies doing it. Though credit for them adding in JinKyung's paris/squid dance move.:wub:

I think the producer and the trainers, including everyone's crush vocal coach, after seeing the first episodes, gained a better understanding of the ladies and had to change their preconceived ideas of what they are like. That first level test of dance and vocals was painful to watch and made me wonder if The Voice Korea (or other singing type show) is something like this, quite unlike other countries' versions where the coaches are more supportive, still critical but concentrate more on what the person does right than what they did wrong. I am probably just not used to the korean way, like I said, I don't really follow all that close, beyond watching k-dramas and We Got Married, I only catch the rare episode of variety shows when someone posts a link.

I wonder how much these ladies are paid LOL bec they are working so hard! And are they paying their personal teachers out of their own pocket? From what I saw, ChaeYoung and Yewon have their own teachers.

It's a bit weird how the ladies are underestimated and at the same time are subjected to high expectations (almost too high). When they showed their concept ideas, the staff were obviously surprised at how prepared and well-thought out the ideas were. They were not impressed with their vocal (even JinYoung!) yet gave them songs that are hard to sing esp with choreography added. Their new song is consistently and prolonged sung in a high register and doesn't slow down at all. I'm really curious how the new vocal guy will treat them in the studio next week.

Each member of this group brings something to their relationship. or sisterhood. I remember Sook saying the first season was liek a family who fight and make up but that this group feels like a group of best friends that have fun together (or something like that).  It is interesting bec you can't choose family (so you do your best with who you have) but you can choose your friends.

Sook brings leadership in her own way. She is the oldest and her laid back funny personality sets the tone for the group so the tensions are low. She also subtly leads conversations and sometimes smooths over some awkward gaps, or brings up things that one did well. They all do this, they all compliment and support each other very well. Even when JinKyung does badly with her singing or dancing, they don't lose their temper or look down on her. They laugh (it's impossible not to) but it's not hurtful. When they had to stay longer to get the dance right and when they celebrated when they got it - very satisfying and heartwarming to see. No one complained or lost temper, they kept trying.

Jin Kyung, the funniest of the bunch, who I've never heard of before but now love. She is amazing. I heard she's a model and businesswoman and mother. It is amazing how she can keep her cool and self-confidence faced with these challenges that are nowhere near her comfort or skill zone but yet she still does her best. She was so warm and supportive when they had that heart to heart talk at the waiting room when Jinyoung sang at Music Bank. Sook did her part by lightening the atmosphere by cracking a joke abt what Jin Kyung said. These 2 work well together in guiding the group. I wanted to know more abt JinKyung but couldn't really find much when I googled. But I love her confidence. She provides a good role model for the younger ones.

Chae Young is interesting. Kinda mysterious. I wasn't sure abt her but even at the first episode, I realized she's a nice person who is quite interesting. She comes off as aloof but is quite warm, unskilled but willing to try, and willing to look not her best. From watching WGM, female celebs seem to have a fear of showing their naked face on camera, I don;t think it bothered Chae Young. I felt for her when she had to sing even at the house in front of the others and the vocal coach and she sang so fast and it was too high. She doesn't demand attention, she quietly does what she can, recording what the vocal coach said and hiring her own private teachers. Even with the cooking, she made mistakes the first time, then she went home and learned how and then cooked her pasta dish for the others.

Yewon is quirky. They all are in their own way LOL.:tongue: It's funny how she can get competitive with the others at the bottom of the pack. Those excuses abt the dancing bec of their bust size was just so very hilarious!!! Her back story abt her voice is very touching and I hope it really gives her back her love and skill with music. It is obvious how far she's come just from episode 1 to now (is it 9?) I think even coach Serious is really rooting for her. I hope they show another longer clip of her from her past singing days. When she was doing vocal warm up during her late night private session with coach serious from last episode, you can tell how much more power her voice had and her training showed for the first time (that I noticed anyway)

Hong Jin Young's warmth and affectionate nature knits the group closer. It is a bit of a risk in some ways, to show such open physical affection to people you hardly know. But she does it and it breaks the ice and makes the group feel inclusive, the members connected and accepted. Her not fitting in that cabinet bec of her bum was just so hilarious.  

I do think that the coaches are a bit harder on her than the others for some reason. She tries hard but she gets shot down every time. Even when she sings well. Her trot flavor is fixed more easily than the vocal difficulties of the others, but they point it out and say there are a lot of things to work on instead of complimenting her. They threw her a bone by saying he wished they all had her confidence when performing. Nice sure, but she probably wanted to hear a compliment for once.  Even her dancing, when she demonstrated with her outfit during the concept ideas episode, the dance coach pointed out she was doing it wrong. She wasn't doing it very wrong, she was just doing it her style, again easily fixed but they pointed it out anyway.  Again when she rapped, she obviously wants it the most but instead of working with her on it, or commend her for coming up with a rap on her own initiative, they shot her down again. Her disappointed face was painful to see.

The biggest worry I have is the producing team trying to make this group just another k-pop girl group. They aren't. Except for the youngest 2, they all have had rich lives outside of the genre, are accomplished, are older and have distinct established personalities already. You can't mold them to be something they're not, into the cookie-cutter girl group image and sound . You can only highlight what makes them special. If JinYoung has that trot flavor in her voice, she can tone it down, but removing it completely to me does not seem like the right move. If she really wants to rap, why not let her when this show was supposed to help them achieve their dreams?

Minzy is a nice surprise. She is quietly confident and has no need to show off her experience and skills in the genre. She is there to offer support and teach when asked but doesn't impose it on the others. She is shy but seems to be slowly opening up more with the support of the unnies. When she said that she lost the tendency to speak her mind like Somi does, as she was in the business, it was sad to hear. Even more so when they asked her if she had anyone to talk to and she said no, not even the other members of her group. Makes me wonder, since I know nothing abt her or 2NE1 history, if she wasn't close to the others. She does give off that vibe of being a lone wolf. Capable, hardworking but seems isolated and keeps things close to her chest. More time with the Unnies will cure her of that LOL. I don't think they'll let her be on her own much. Her and Chae Young kinda similar in this regard.

Somi is the baby of the group and they shower her with affection and guidance LOL. They often compliment her, gently tease her abt her crush and nudge her abt her studies.  She does come off as older than her 16 yrs (international age right?) Her presence makes it feel more family-like than a group of girl friends. I'm glad the vocal coach is strict with her singing but in a nice way.

The eng subs for the latest episode is probably pit in a few hours, looking forward to it! I really hop there are more parts where the ladies just sit down and have a good talk. They must have a lot of interesting stories to share!

Gosh! this has been a long post, So sorry. But I also hope there are more posts so we can share abt this show more.:D

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I just finished episode nine. I too am watching this multiple times. I feel a little silly watching it raw, since I don't understand Korean, but I still laugh anyways, so it's worth it. 

I think the reason I've fallen for this show so hard is because it's about nice women working together and having fun. That is so rare a concept that everything these ladies do feels both fresh and comforting. Usually, all women casts are made to seem catty and competitive like Top Model or Unpretty Rapstar, but this show just eschews all that. That makes this show important, and potentially influential. 

I was annoyed at Lee Young-ja for trying to psych out the Unnies before the Immortal Songs performance. I know that she meant it to be funny, and that the Unnies took it lightly, but to make jokes about low ratings compared to season 1 seemed in poor taste since it's not often a show like this even gets made. Young-ja should be encouraging them as I'm sure she knows from her own experience the difficulties of making it in their business. I recently read this article from Variety about Korean TV gender imbalance and it specifically mentions how difficult it is to experiment with new concepts like this one. Lets hope that the ratings pick up so more shows with female casts can be produced. 

I'm happy that Chae-young and Yewon have been supported by fans and greeted in a friendly way. They were both so pleased at how people have warmed to them, it makes me wonder again at how lonely actors and idol's lives are. I'd like to hear of any other positive impact this show has had on the cast in addition to the friends they have made here.

I don't know much about Jin-kyung either, but I did watch her episode from Sister's Slam Dunk season 1. If you watch it, you may get some insight into her character. I found it amazing how she put aside what she thought her life was going to be, and instead went into modeling and comedy to support her family after a parent died. Just like the other Unnies, she has endured a lot to get to where she is. I'm happy to see her improving in dancing and even singing and I love the dance teacher's faith in her.

The Unnies have really won over their team one by one, but each coach comes in with preconceived notions. They all have so much experience in their field, and k-pop can seem a little de-humanizing at times, so I think that the coaches may have had to de-sensitize themselves over the years. Working with the Unnies may be a chance for them to improve as well, by seeing the Unnies as flawed but wonderful people they are coaching, and not just idols who are held to nearly unreachable standards. I think that like Coach Serious, Coach Stubborn, and even Kim Hyeong-seok, this new guy will try to do things by the book before being won over by the Unnies charm and determination. Hopefully without too many tears.

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Finally, someone spoke my mind especially in relation to Hong Jin Young. I also find the coaches very hard on her which I don't really understand why. She is the trot princess and has been singing trot for years. What do they expect her to sing like? Wipe her trot flavor out of the song I feel is just plain silly. Afterall this is really creating an unique girls group, not just a typical commercial one. 

I particularly admire her in that in the midst of her hectic schedule she spent so much time practicing the song and dance moves. And yet she hasn't really receive any compliments for her efforts. Especially the part when she got shot down for her rap. It was really painful to watch. 

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For Jin-young, I think she has one of those indomitable personalities that cannot be broken; people in power either take it for granted that she'll suck it up and just keep going, or feel she needs to be brought down a peg or two. In episode 6 Sook and some of the others even admitted that they found her personality annoying on other variety shows that they had seen her on, not knowing how hard it was for her to keep on making a display of herself and going home and crying alone. I think the editors of this show can see what a great person she is and they are showing that to the audience, but people in her real life may still be carrying preconceived notions about her from other tv appearances. Hopefully,they will realize what they're doing and take the opportunity to rethink their approach with Jin-young.


on a side note, I wish they would translate the rap lyrics or any of the lyrics to the main song. 

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@Carol White @scone1025 . Yeah Hong Jin Young has such a strong personality that can come off too strong, I had reservations at first  when I started watching her in WGM.  But after a while, once can see that she is so much more than what she portrays on screen. It actually annoyed me a little esp after learning that she did very well in school and I believe even has a masters degree in something business related. Not just the typical arts or film and acting related degree. Sorry for my poor memory.  I thought, she might have been doing herself a disservice portraying herself as a sort of ditzy, seductive character when she is actually very smart.. I made my peace with it LOL and watching her kinda touch on this in that heart to heart conversation was sad and at the same time good bec it can maybe help people understand her better, like Kim Sook did. Sad that she has to go to such lengths to just get noticed and it shows that like you mentioned and like Yewon mentioned (re: the actors mostly getting the most gifts during those movie premiers instead of the actresses), that it is very much a male-dominated field. If not in front of the camera, then most likely, behind the scenes. 

But because she comes across as very strong and indomitable, she might slip through the cracks. They have been quite supportive of the youngest, and even Minzy, they've made it a point to compliment her and even the critiques are said very nicely. Maybe they're scared of her fans? LOL

They've made allowances for JinKyung (maybe bec they know from season 1 how it will be so expectations are low for her) , Yewon with her vocal issues, Chae Young for her lack of experience in singing and dancing (and I think her demeanor kinda prevents them from blasting her, she just has this air about her). Kim Sook has been middle of the pack and is the oldest so she hasn't gotten a lot of negatives, plus is a comedian so she can just give it back some way.

What I worry about is that, bec Jinyoung looks like she can handle whatever they dish out, that they'll just keep doing it forgetting she needs some positive feedback too. They all support one another but JinYoung is always quick to support all the other ladies, giving hugs, back rubs, kisses, compliments etc. Sometimes we forget that these types of people also need to get it back.

The rap parts hopefully will get subbed when KBS releases their subbed episode maybe friday on YT. I want to know the content too esp Yewon and Jinyoung's.

And yes, the comment abt the lower ratings stung LOL but maybe it will spur more effort to get more viewers. I haven't seen season  but i really like this group of women and the solidarity and support they show each other to help get through this process. You are right, it is rare to see this instead of the constant competition we see in most shows. Even when they compete to move up in the levels, it's not catty and it's mostly a competition with themselves to improve their own performance.

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@cdcotr @scone1025 .Jinyoung has a PhD actually. Her thesis topic was on international trade. They even showed her transcripts on WGM. 

I think her unflavourale image was during the time when she first debutted. It was the time she wanted to be noticed. It has changed though since 2013/2014 when she was more comfortable I feel in showing her quirky personality on tv. And WGM really helped her in  terms of popularity and image.

She does has strange charms. Cute and sexy at the same time without even trying hard. Anyway, I really hope she gets the rap part. She put in alot of effort on it and the latest episode shows it - her change of tone and style. 

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