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  1. I just checked on my tv schedule. Looks like KBS World TV is not airing live telecast of the entertainment awards show. Sadly they will show it on a delay telecast on the 28th and on the 30th with subs. Please, if anyone knows any links on how to watch them, please leave them here. I really want to watch this year's because last year we didn't get to see any awards show due to the strike.
  2. How can we help vote for that? I am so late because I have been pretty busy with personal life. I havent even finish the latest episode? I will be watching the award show if nothing bothers me during the broadcast hour. But these korean award shows can last very long like 4 to 5 hours and into late at midnight...oh well.
  3. i watched the latest episode twice...once, the raw video after its first airing..and just an hour ago with subs and i cried twice...i didnt know i cried terribly, twice...i cried the moment they went into the room where his photos were displayed ..twice.. i didnt expect to be hit this hard twice as hard it me last year.. i miss gutaeng hyung..i really miss him..i think about him everyday since it happened and every now and then i would look to the sky because i miss him without i'm realizing it.. and i miss coming here too.. let's remember our member well today as it is the 30th where i am now. it's exactly one year ago that we lost a passionate and charismatic actor but a warm and nice brother, friend and son to everyone.. #RememberEachMemberForever Kim Joohyuk
  4. It has been weeks since i last came here. I think I will forever remember Panmunjeom episode - the significance of the place and its history makes it special. 2d1n just made another history visiting places like this but media couldnt care much..hmm the olympics eps are one to remember for me this year. i havent laughed so much. i really didnt expect this trip to be in such a hilarious state yet exhausting for the members. it was so exciting for me bcs there was some hit-&-miss trips for me this year. and i am so excited for the next trip. i think they are going to silmi-do again, (in previews seems to show the place tho sorry for spoiling) the same place where all the struggling friends went..i am pretty excited but i hope i wont be disappointed bcs the struggling friends eps was legendary. @nrllee jooe was the most excited when he saw donggu through the phone. all the girls were twice girls like taehyun obviously since he is the biggest twice fanboy out there. nowadays when i see twice singing on stage or watch their music video performance i would say to myself "taehyun would love this " @rosa123 twice came about 2 summers ago. none of them chose donggu as their fave/ideal type. i dont think you've watch that eps, am i wrong?
  5. i kept replaying that relay game on the island. it's been a while since they play a relay teamwork game. the interview on the way home on the ferry was such a great idea. i laughed every second of it. the jung pd part was hilarious and was such a mess. but i am looking forward to the rest of the members segments. after such a long time being a fan of 2d1n, i realized the whole show is either a GIF waiting to happen or the ultimate meme show. i have to applaud the cast for their reactions and staff members that get along with their silly personalities. they have never failed to make me smile but this week the epi is really different and anticipating. thanks to the editing team too for knowing what to caption at any given situation. dont look elsewhere because either the cast will say something silly or the editing team will write them your reactions for you.
  6. oh i forgot to read your comment. i wonder if this part of the ep is scripted. ever since the luck fabricator episode, i wonder to how much is real or how much is scripted. jongmin is rarely the type to forget. he is not junho. sorry kim junho-ssi. how is it that jongmin forgot he even cameo in donggu's and taehyun's drama. and the rest of the members defconn and junho didnt even help donggu to point out that fact. i think they are partly playing the truth of their awkwardness as directed by pd-nim and his script or they both are really just..awfully awkward because it became the hot topic of the trip. idk.
  7. To a certain extent, we were so used to the original 6 members and we all can say that Donggu had the most awkward of relationships with everyone. We are all well aware that the other 5 are close from the beginning really like a family. Even though Donggu seemed out of place, the most (the most, I repeat) is really Donggu and Jongmin's pairing relationship. Jongmin has always been that way, being awkward with just about everyone at the beginning but eventually he will have a special friendship with them. They do seem awkward way from the beginning but regardless they work well with each other. I hope they find that bond in the future. We all have seen how Junho/Joonyoung, Taehyun/Jongmin, Defconn/Joonyoung etc. friendships but we can only realized it is only Donggu/Joonyoung relationship seem to be the less awkward. Probably becoz they're both the youngest members. It's funny how Joonyoung kept saying DefConn and Junho dont get along and then Taehyun kept saying Donggu and Jongmin dont get along. But im pretty excited for that Joonyoung part. Will he be a PD for a day as what he mentioned on the winter camp? I hope he'll do a good job.
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