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  1. JunKi's junior, the main actor, stole a role from JunKi in the past by pulling strings via the investors. Not just any role but THE iconic role that launched the junior to fame, fame that JunKi would have had if he hadn't gotten the role stolen. When JunKi finally passes the audition in the present with the renowned director, he thought it was through his own skills, only to hear while in the toilet that it was because the junior threatened to leave the production otherwise even though JunKi's role actually had already been casted. It wasn't an act of loyalty. It was his way of paying back his "debt". So in the director and staff's eyes, JunKi is a disgusting "parachute" (what they call people who get a role they supposedly dont deserve purely/ mainly due to connections) and when JunKi confronted the junior, junior snapped that he's not sorry at all for having stolen his role because otherwise he wouldn't have what he has today. It's a dog eat dog world after all. JunKi didn't want to take the role by stealing it, but his dad calls and he caves, justifying it by saying everyone does it. But when the guy he took the role over from comes begging to the director, he remembers his devastated and desperate self pleading his director years before when his role actually got stolen. Thus, disgusted and beaten, he gives up acting. Dang. That hit right in the heart.
  2. You are right that US citizens have got lots of rights and are freer than many others in other countries and I applaud that progress. I'm not saying that the US is abominable, although, yeah, it's got it's problems. I'm using US precisely because it's supposed to be a bastion of democracy, rights, freedom and justice... and still it hasn't gotten them down pat,even as a Super Power in the global arena. If the US can't even get them perfect in 241 years, what's the chance that the entirety of civilization and humanity had been "UNCORRUPTED"? US is used a lot specifically because it is a Super Power, influences a lot of countries, has special privilege at the negotiation table, it is like a King! And yet despite its advantages... it's not perfect. It is mentioned not because everyone's forgotten about the other countries. It's mentioned precisely because of what it stands for... and yet still isn't perfect by those standards.
  3. LMAO, if you really believe this, I have to hand it to you. Humanity has never been corruption free. It is in humans to be greedy and want better lives. There will always be those who think they're owed more than others, like colonialists. Please back up your statement with evidence. Which Golden Age are you talking about? What old legal system are you talking about? Please also note that history is written by winners and can be biased, so take off your rose coloured glasses. Slaves. Killing of deformed babies. Genocide. War. Battles. Abuse and exploitation. Scapegoating. Take your pick. There has never been a time when none of the above happens. If you can't think of any other word, it's not Soompi's fault for trying to prevent trolling, Strawman arguments and disrespect by censoring swear words because it seems like that's all those who try to do the above know and use. It's on you for having a small vocabulary and not being able to describe your situation well. Filthy, disgusting, abomination, preposterous, blasphemous, treacherous, incomprehensible and unfair nonsense... etc. Here are a few words you can use that Soompi won't censor. They're harsh, but not swear words. It's not that I want Soompi to censor me. I just understand why Soompi does and accept it because it promotes peace on its boards which I LIKE. Plus, Soompi isn't stopping me from airing any single one of my opinions which I am doing so perfectly now. I don't have a religion anyway, as if that matters at all, so I'm not mind controlled or domesticated like you so "beautifully" put, as if people with religion can't think critically and are all sheep. I find it interesting that you believe someone who thinks differently from you to be mind controlled, as if your narrative is the only acceptable one... Which is the definition of mind controlled... How can 7 billion people in the world think the same way? In real life, how do you even know who is a "PERVERT, ABUSIVE MURDERER" without competent and objective police, prosecutor and judge? Are you implying we should just lock up everyone who is believed to be one? If so, please refer to the United States of America where lots of innocent Blacks are locked up and even killed just because they were believed to be as such from prejudice born from the colour of their skin. Lastly, why do you talk in circles and assume people know what "sane" belief you're referring to? Have some balls and get straight to the point.
  4. I get your frustration, however there are no perfect man-made systems in the world. The same system that is supposed to judge filthy criminals for their crimes is also used to judge innocents accused of crimes and as much as you rage about the system letting filthy criminals get away because of a lack of evidence, I believe it is reprehensible that innocents are locked up based on circumstantial evidence and speculation only. The concept of "Innocent till proven guilty" embodies that because while you may let a criminal slip once, it doesn't mean he won't be caught forever. However, if an innocent is wrongly locked up, his rights, time and life taken away, no one can ever give them those back. It is precisely because of this principle that WooKyung is able to walk around, save and comfort kids, tuck her daughter in for the night, provide great advice to the cops and so on while Red Cry is running around. I know some people who sincerely believed that she was Red Cry based on "logic"... but they forgot that the beginning point of their "logical series of thoughts" was was based on shaky ground - non evidence - which means.. they were just building castles in the air. The criminal system was meant to separate the dangerous from our society... but it will never run perfectly given that it is run by humans who are not perfect. That's why there are prosecutors, lawyers, judges, juries, and why laws and policies are revamped from time to time. The system changes as we as a society learn. We can put all the checks and balances we want, but if the people operating the system do not work as intended, then how can the system work correctly? (See Donald Trump and the GOP in congress.) It doesn't mean that we dump the system and carry on with personal vendetta. It means we should challenge the people in the system and work harder to collect and make sense of evidence (as our technological advancements have enabled). The problem with rogue justice warriors is that someday, someone might get killed innocently just because of heresy. Judgement has to be objective and based on facts, not based on speculation and a moment of fury - and the public opinion is often fickle, which is why we even have the system in the first place. Sometimes judgement can even be over the top, like HaJung's case and bring even more painful consequences. I'm not saying that the system is perfect - it has many problems, I admit, and it has a lot of room to grow - but if we're gonna just rely on vigilante justice, we're gonna go back to the times of tribes killing each other because of some your-father-killed-my-father-so-now-I-kill-your-father shtick with wars that last generations cos everyone's killing each other's father like a vicious loop that never ends. And I don't know what in the world that last paragraph has got to do with this issue. How could anyone conflate censoring swear words with repression of free speech. Like... You could just use other formal and proper words that are less likely to offend others to state your opinion vs not even being allowed to state your opinion in peace. They are two completely different things. Soompi is just like a Mom saying "don't swear!" while the other one is a big baby who screams and cries and drowns you out regardless.
  5. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes. I just stared in absolute horror at that. I dunno if Red Cry made that site, but to even know it exists and to use it successfully (the resident computer expert didn't even suspect a thing despite a full scan till the Panty PPL! WHAT. Panties save the day.) speaks to some incredible intelligence.
  6. WHAT. THE. HELL. What is this show??! Why so nerve wreaking? My god, seriously. Where are the local cops anyway? And I have this funny inkling that JiHeon's gonna step up and least become a father figure of sorts to HaNa. She really breaks through his barriers and he, unusually, is really protective of this child. Props must be given to the actress of the girl in green dress. What is that last expression... I can't figure it out, but it feels like she's disappointed in WooKyung and expected better. Like she's saying... "is that all you are? Even if you pretend not to see me, I'm still here." Red Cry has to be pretty smart - he can be omnipresent without being obvious, present a website as a front, use a read-and-erase chat, manipulate HaJung against herself, and carry out all those murders. Like... are you god or something?
  7. Not really though, especially in this land of post-dramafever. At least it gets subbed! The awesome healing drama "EunJoo's Room" and "Top Star Yoo Baek" isn't even subbed! (Although, yeah, YooBaek's is fan subbed (the non-viki kind) and I applaud the effort but the subs are kinda questionable.) Plus, it's an MBN production and MBN isn't big. Even God's Quiz, on tVN takes 2 days to be subbed and this one is subbed by tVN international, the broadcasting station itself, so. And now's the holidays. The great unpaid subbers on Viki are probably spread thin. So be patient. It will happen. 100% subs, I mean.
  8. Uh... thankfully I've been busy the past 3 weeks? What is this derailed train plotline??!
  9. I'm on holiday and I didn't watch the last two episodes but... WooHyun isn't CEO though. He's just Chairman of the Board of Directors. And he took the position because Chairman Cha has an aggressive brain tumour or something that's serious, plus whatever it was with SeHyun and his mother, seems like it was resolved in the previous episodes from the recaps here, so there wasn't much reason to resist. And he gets to protect YooJung and his Mom loves the idea, so, why not. And Madame Cha seems to have let go of her resentment and come to terms with everything now that she knows her son's role/deeds regarding the fire and the fact that Chairman Cha never wanted to push SeHyun away. He just wanted the two brothers together but he's just terrible at being a dad. I think SeHyun and WooHyun are working together in the same Choego Group instead of being pitted against each other. Madame Cha actually told Chairman Cha specifically to be a good dad to WooHyun and SeHyun and to be a good husband to her from now on and before he achieves those, he has no right to be sick when he told her of his condition (which he kept from family). And she acknowledges WooHyun's mom's strength in not accepting a penny from the Cha Group, just so WooHyun could face up to them with his head held high. And, yeah, YooJung and WooHyun are getting married... next week. LOL. Unnie really smacked YooJung for that impromptu decision and even SungHoon complains about the betrayal (for not discussing with him and Unnie earlier). Kang HyeJoo tried one of her tricks, but she's no match for the combination of WooHyun and Madame Cha... whose idea WooHyun agreed to. (again, no idea what this is about because I missed the last two eps. I think it's about being chief director while SeHyun becomes CEO or something.) HyeJoo also tried to trick YooJung's Dad into talking bad about his relationship with YooJung (like, if he didn't know YooJung was going overseas, they'd spin it as she abandons her dad or whatever nonsense they do) but Reporter Joo's there to save the day (by plucking the recording device). HyeJoo tried to dig into YooJung's interview from 10 years ago too for some reason. I dunno, she's nuts.
  10. Argh... why... My heart is in pain, gripped so tight the pain leaves me breathless. The suffocation, the anguish, the upset... that hard to swallow block in my throat... WHY IS THIS DRAMA AIRING ONLY ONCE A WEEK?!?!?! I binge watched from ep 1... and just finished the last ep... 나 망했어.
  11. No I didn't. Didn't watch the episode. He better not be thinking that she's hot.
  12. Which is pretty much self-induced pain for which I have no patience. She's now an adult, not a kid. She's acting like a 10 year old that even her own younger brother gets fed up with her. Where is the logic with this one? And you know, kids can be smart. And have survival instinct. At least scream or something. I'm not sure what Western Style of Romance means, but if it means communicating instead of hiding away, I call it maturity. It feels like she's been so sheltered by Unnie that she doesn't even know how to do anything other than put on a show in front of a camera. What kind of top star is that naive? In the entertainment business? The one that's pretty much ruthless? This is no hate to Yoon EunHye the actress, let me put it out there first. The writer is just screwing things up.
  13. Ooh la la, ooh le lei~ I admit I didn't watch this episode. And it didn't fail me by being another mope-fest. Seriously. You have Yoon EunHye, Chun JungMyung and a FINISHED NOVEL for reference and you pull this richard simmons for 3 episodes. Grar! And I once said that perhaps only Choego Madame knew what family is... And yeah, she knows what a Chaebols version of family is - my blood and my blood only (matters). Whaaat. This is messed up. The only reason I can excuse her for not saving WooHyun is if both kids were too heavy to carry at once and she tried to go back but the fire got too nasty. Then of course it's time for the pros. Although... I might be really mean for saying this... but it's been on my mind... but while YooJung's mother's death is obviously not her fault... she died only because YooJung saw fire... and chose to huddle on the sofa instead of getting out. Like really?! It wasnt even that the fire had spread! She still could run out, get out through the windows... but she chose to sit on the sofa for who knows what. Bleurg. Of all the people who could do something then, Dad is not it since he's not even there. YooJung is so emotional I don't get her at all. There, I said it. The only feeling I got out of this episode from @ktcjdrama's recap is pity for poor Unni. Eek.
  14. Is it? Lemme go check. I might've heard wrongly. Edit: Oh yeah, she said that WooHyun picked it and acted surprised that WooHyun didn't tell YooJung. Sorry! Honestly, I'd rather trust the Chinese Subs than myself, lol, cos I multi-task during the show too (esp these 2 eps). Plus, Chinese subbers have more time to go through and they're much more detailed and true to the language from what I've seen - most times even more than Eng Subs.
  15. WooHyun's biological father really has no clue about being a father. He admits that there're too many things he's sorry for towards WooHyun and his mother and accepts that WooHynu can't accept his apology because the hurt runs too deep and the apology's too late. However, he tells WooHyun that it's a fact that WooHyun is his son... and then decides that now is a good time to negotiate... Er... So in exchange for clearing up the HyeJoo mess and accepting YooJung, he wants WooHyun to admit his paternity and join the business. WooHyun's just like... I came to see you for nothing. LOL. Chaebols don't know how family works do they? HyeJoo is messed up in the head, her father treats her like a wagyu heifer... I think only Madame Choego knows, given how protective she is of her son. And considering she hasn't done anything evil to WooHyun or his mother.
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