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  1. SooBin's mom isn't a single mom though. She just has a pretty absent husband (and SuBin has a pretty absent dad). And she grumbles about being married to someone as useless as him, LOL. Well, I wouldn't say SuBin's mom is pushing SuBin just because of peer pressure. In their fight, it was revealed that Mom herself is a graduate of SNU so she does well academically and her profile pic is "net", like some kind of logo of a company. She seems like a high ranking manager at a corporation and knows how disadvantaged women are in the working world and how much better they have to be compared to the men to even be thought of as competent. I get the feeling that she wants to try and mitigate the effects of gender inequality in her daughter's future even if it means she has to push SuBin now. I get the sense that she doesn't feel like SuBin can't make it. After all, she did, herself. It's that SuBin just doesn't apply herself and strive with her best abilities. As long as SuBin works hard and has the right help, Mom is certain that she will excel academically and so that's what she tries to provide. Also maybe because she wants SuBin to be independent, seeing how her own marriage turned out. On the other hand, SuBin is certain of the shortcomings in her abilities and feels like she can't make the cut no matter how much she tries. So there's some friction between the two, but I'm pretty sure there's enough love between them to smooth over any conflicts what come may. Unlike HwiYoung and his abusive father. I kinda just pity him.
  2. I watched episode 5!! I kind of wish Ha Ssaem wouldn't be so naive. She's supposed to be the adult though. She's supposed to be more experienced, more jaded... wiser. But she comes off as a naive child who still believes that everyone plays nice. Anyway, Ki KangJe, let's see what you can do.
  3. I liked that they touched on these topics... but there's nothing much controversial for me to talk about them. Obviously, private information should be private, but hell, in this age of big data, whatever you put on the internet, you no longer can control 100%. Govt and Corps are always gonna be greedy and try to control the internet like authoritarian bodies, and the power to fight back rests solely in the power of the people, which, honestly is what drives and keeps the internet alive anyway. Deep down at the core, it's basically Free-information vs Media-control. When everything goes well, the internet is good. When something goes wrong, the internet is to be blamed. That's just too shallow a view and too complicated a topic for a thread dedicated to spazzing over a drama. The governments which are filled with congressmen can't even form a coherent opinion on this topic. What should I even discuss about? The romance lines though? Simple and real enough to squeal or wail over. Plus, it's closer and more relatable to our daiy lives. Honestly, the only controversial topic from there is the marriage vs non-marriage or that seize-the-moment vs worry-about-the-future dilemma between TaMi and Morgan.
  4. I was bored and ended up binging all 4 episodes earlier. Hm. I mean, it could be true that BeomJin might have been the one to kill SuAh... but why? BeomJin doesn't seem to be interested in power-plays and all those shenanigans. He is thoroughly confident in himself and his position in school, and seems to find all those childish games beneath him. I see that the only most important thing to him is to not get in trouble and be the model student as he is his father's son (and a genius in his own right), aka, his pristine reputation. He doesn't need it shining bright and filled with stuff like class president or anything. Just make sure there's no stain and that there're enough awards to put him a little above mediocre. He just has to be the nice, distant Oppa next door. That's it. He is so level headed and calm in everything that he does. Rather than the one doing things, I believe he's the kind to sit back, and watch things happen and manipulate a little only if the guns start turning his way. Otherwise, he won't even lift a finger to whether to help or make it worse. But if he were the murderer, what would drive him to do something so extreme? It's interesting. At this moment, I'm more inclined towards SuAh's murder being KiHoon and YeRi's doing and BeomJun being the brains behind the cleaning up... sending HanSoo as scapegoat? I mean, the status quo is important to him and imagine the mess if the two knuckleheads were actually investigated. Lawyers, reporters, crazy parents, being talk of the town.... eugh. Or maybe he didn't because KiHoon and YeRi were threatening each other. I dunno. This drama has piqued my interest.
  5. HAHAHAHA, the BTS cracks me up. First the Maknae-line gets screamed at for singing an old song before jamming it up with Fire and then Jeon HyeJin's stomach growls. PD: "Argh, it pains my heart." PFFTT! And then Lee DaHee constantly worries if Lee JaeWook can carry her without stumbling, nagging him to workout and eat. And then he DOES stumble and embarrasses himself, HAHAHAHAHAHA, and later he even goes, "because Sunbae-nim was heavy..." and the two start squabbling. Hee! So cute! Im SooJung is apparently the much better mathematician/ engineer than Jang KiYong who ends up finding that he's not as flexible as he thought himself to be after insisting she lie closer to him, hurrr. I'm so sad this is the end! Though I've gotta say, I don't want season 2 unless they can bring this same level or higher of storytelling, directing and cinematography with the same casts. If any one of the conditions aren't met, I'd rather leave this as a beautiful drama that's carved itself a special place in my heart.
  6. Hnnnnnnghhhh..AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *jump jump squeal scream shriek* I LOVE THIS SHOW, I LOVE IT! From the very start to the very end! I just finished the last episode (I gave up partway after last night's choppy live stream. Gotta do my show justice and it's better to wait to enjoy the whole smooth stream than get frustrated at the ultimate episode!!) and I LOVE IT. True to its title, it's all about the women! Not to say that the men were relegated to nothing because those 3 relationships turned out cool and good too (How cool is JinWoo for letting GaGyeong do whatever she wants and still backing her up silently? How cool is Morgan to drop everything, including ego, and find TaMi again, accepting her complicating thoughts and all? How cool is Seol JiHwan for surprising Hyun in the most adorable way ever? He came straight from the army!) but I loved how we ended with the 3 ladies and not with their romantic relationships. Because they're cool and badass and awesome in their own right. No need for men or anyone else to justify that. (Also, GaGyeong is both the GaGyeong TaMi and Hyun know of. Hahahahah, when it was revealed that she went ahead with the banner only after she's gotten her evidence. I mean, her conscience does sway her but damn if she can't kill 2 birds with one stone. This lady always finds a way. She wowed even Brian, hee! Ballin'!)
  7. WAE WAE WAE WAAAAEEEE. OF ALL DAYS TO BE GLITCHY! But I guess I have to be grateful it even works, even if it choppy.
  8. As a person working in the "life industry"... ha. It might be a cheap twist for you, but for me, it was another ice cold splash of reality. And the writer actually alluded to this way earlier in the episode where JinWoo's news reported of a car accident of a lady in her forties in Paris, which, wow, planning. I'm pretty sure someone once asked why MoGun's Mom was introduced or something. That reminds me: I adore how when JinWoo offered never to come to their apartment instead of having GaGyeong find another place and asked what he should do if he missed her, all she said was to find a reasonable excuse (to come over). *mysqwishyheart!*
  9. Well... the lyrics are like it's written specifically for them: "I don't want to become a person who can't live without you, so that I can leave you first." "I make these stupid calculations so that I handle only as much as I can." "Do you know, that these things don't matter?" "I don't want to become a person who can't walk alone." "In this life that I've been running endlessly, you were like a chair to rest on." They might as well just make up a story that TaMi wrote these lyrics and MoGun made the melody and it'll make sense. The ending where MoGun's instinct was to run to TaMi but then held back because they've broken up... specifically, the lyrics were: "I didn't know, that this road would be hard for you..." *MoGun faces us head on.* "Being unable to walk alone..." *Cut, zoom in, pregnant pause, as if MoGun is confused or conflicted between his head and heart. He blinks.* "I don't want to become that person. So that I can leave you first. I make all these stupid calculations so I only handle what I can..." "But do you know..." *fade to black* "That all these don't matter." -End- I will be so sad when this show ends tomorrow. I can't bear to say goodbye to such quality.
  10. I cannot! I cannot! I am rewatching this part and I think I'm crying. This is GOLD. I need to share the transcript now! Waitress: "Enjoy your food." JiHwan: "Thank you. It looks delicious. Hurry, let's eat!" Hyun: "... ..." Hyun: "When you were hit by the seaweed... I think I fell in love then. Right then... *sobs*" [T/N: heh. hehehe....] JiHwan: "All of a sudden... why are you crying?" Hyun: "Hngh! Don't go. Don't go, Seol JiHwan." JiHwan: *Looks like a deer in headlight* Hyun: "Why are you going, WHY~ Eeehiihii...hngh! The Military Manpower Administration is so damn annoying! I'm going to destroy the military(?)! Eeehiiii.... is this a country? *full out wailing*" JiHwan: "Please don't cry." Hyun: "I told you to speak in Banmal didn't I!" JiHwan: "Eo, I got it. 'Creith not.' [T/N: PFFFTTTTT] Ah, ah, ah, that's Sageuk-speech. 'Could you not cry?'... 'Dont cry'?" Hyun: *Sobs* Look at this! You can't even speak in Banmal, who are you to protect the country! You just protect yourself! Uuououooo!!" JiHwan: "I'm sorry. I'll go quickly and come back." Hyun: "Ah, me crying like that..." *MAKJANG DRAMA MUSIC* Hyun: "I have no confidence to wait at all. I cant wait." JiHwan: *Smiles* "If a good man appears, without hesitating, date him. The waiting, I'll do it." *MAKJANG DRAMA MUSIC STILL RAGING IN THE BACK* Hyun: "Who are you to tell me who to date or not! To me, you're the good person! *WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!*" [HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!] Hyun: "Tishoo!!"
  11. Not step bro though. Half bro. They share a mom. This drama really knows how to end its episodes. That voice-only part at the end while the camera focused on MoGun's face... I think I forgot how to breathe. And then: > Insert your search query here. "How to make up with a lover you broke up with." *Shocked silent ovation*
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!!!! HYUN!!! Hyun ah! She's so funny! "EeeEEeeEEeEeEEeeeeee~~~! You can't even speak casually what do you mean by you'll protect the country!?! EeeEeEeeEEeeEE~~!!!!!" She suddenly started bursting into tears at the sight of SEAWEED soup. The SEAWEED that Cha MinHyuk was slapped with. This lady kills me.
  13. AH HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!!! Lee DaHee's flustered, confused shuffle back when PD-nim suddenly called cut the moment their lips met. I mean, I didn't expect that 'cut' too, but her reaction was just too cute! And Lee JaeWook's red face is hilarious! PD-nim! I know you're all about aesthetics but dang, your methods are awesomely over the top! And Im SooJung's "saranghae"... oof, I had goosebumps too.
  14. It was me. The writer is Ms Kwon DoEun and Search:WWW is her debut work. I mentioned Kim EunSook because she was formally from Kim EunSook's writing team before heading this drama herself. I can see Kim EunSook's influence in this drama's snappy, witty dialogue, but I think Kwon EunDo has far surpassed her mentor by actually creating deep, human, believable characters (see how we're all arguing about TaMi and MoGun) and holding the excitement all the way to the end. Good job!
  15. That's true. I agree 100%. But it's also true that MoGun coming to understand how TaMi thinks means the end of their relationship because there's just no going forward with that any more, which is why I really liked that ending dialogue. As much as this is a TaMi problem, it's now MoGun's turn to let her go because he loves her. There's nothing else he can do. TaMi's the only one who can fix this. Honestly, I do think TaMi is very well characterized though. Just because you're a lady warrior at work doesn't mean you're just as strong when it comes to relationships. Because success at work can largely be something you can control independently or if it doesn't work, something you can leave pretty easily because it's just work, but when it comes to relationships, it's something you can't do alone and you even have to take account of another person's perspective so that your good intents aren't misconstrued and the thing about relationships is even if you do everything right, the other person might still leave and the whole thing falls apart. It's that vulnerability inherent in emotional relationships that TaMi is too emotionally immature for which results in this. I mean, people over-compensate. Work is where she traditionally excels and what she's confident in but relationships is like unchartered territory and so I'm not sure if she is ready to believe in a relationship that, given all signs and signals, is gonna fail. It doesnt make her any less badass though, in my books. Just very complicated and frustrating.
  16. Haiya! So today we have a couple made and a couple broken. Scarlett and JiHwan are so cute, . I love how the lady just wails out loud, mouth open so big unashamedly. And then throws a fit in order to get him to speak casual. Are we sure she's supposed to be the older one here? Damn. Park MoGun and Bae Tami. So MoGun learns from his mom that she gave him up for his future and he finally understands TaMi's hesitance. It's not so much insecurity (although it does play a part) as the fact that she cannot and will not forgive herself for grabbing onto his ankles and holding him back from what she believes is his proper, happy future. The problem is not whether he's ok with it. The problem is that she's not, and it's eating her inside. So MoGun let her go. Argh. MoGun ah. You are very much loved. Their actions came from a place of love and shame, although it does seem to you who were so traumatized by being abandoned as they're throwing you away. What irony that Joseph had to tell TaMi right then that Barro is now 1 top against Unicon. Honestly, that last part between MoGun and TaMi is amazing. This writer has far surpassed Kim EunSook.
  17. Grarrrrr!!!! What's so important about marriage?! You're not even wanting to get married, so TaMi, why are you thinking so much? MoGun's a big boy and can choose for himself so let him! For all you know, while marriage has been a dream for him since young, what he really wants is having someone he loves to set up a family with - which you can do without marriage. I don't see anywhere that she's against kids. And even if she is, then leave it to MoGun to make that decision whether to leave or stay, but let him make it fully informed. Because if you can part ways amicably, why part ways bitterly? All she has to do is be true to herself, which is what MoGun wants from her too, instead of saying whatever that's opposite because of her mental gymnastics and hurting MoGun who can only take it as yet another person not accepting him wholly and pushing him away again. Honestly, when she said last episode that he's not being fair because she's the only one explaining why she doesn't want marriage, I thought she was not being fair to him at all. Like, he wasn't even questioning you, he just wanted time off to try to understand what he can't understand because not everyone's logic is the same and he just happens not to understand her logic on that point. Besides, he WAS explaining himself too - why exactly he's hurt, why exactly marriage (protection to him). This couple, is so hard. Now that JiHwan is gonna be in the army, can he approach Scarlett as a regular man? You aren't supposed to be a celebrity in the army anyway. Heheheheheheh. And, urgh! What timing. Reminds me of Choi JinHyuk -took nearly 10 years to gain traction and then is carted off to the army so unceremoniously. Do your military service whenever earliest guys! But Scarlett! This is a chance for you! GaGyeong and JinWoo is heart-teu! I hope JinWoo is soothed as much as GaGyeong is by her breaking down and crying on his shoulders at how pathetic the ending of their marriage is. At least it showed it meant something to her. I have lots of hope for this two. Maybe they'll be the ones starting their own family and getting married only when they're in their 70s and fully retired, hahaha! Also, Manseh!!!! The man who kept crooning about not wanting to work is back to work!!! And flanked by his two badass left and right hands too! Shall we see where Barro goes from here? I'm so excited to see what GaGyeong has up her sleeves. It will be a competition of a lifetime - but I hope a more fair one now that she doesn't have that mother-in-law hovering above her and instead has an ex-husband who'll cook and clean and care and (what else does he do? I need that AhPeng strip) support her. Also, her parents are disgusting. Plus, GaGyeong has always been a more formidable foe than Na InKyung. TaMi and Scarlett better pull up their bootstraps. I wonder how long TaMi's gonna stay employed.
  18. Retriever. Morgan's a Great Pyrenees and JinWoo is a Husky. The stars show their respective "Sociability"; HA at JinWoo's one star. And JiHwan is described as a "dog" that has "a lot of tears" (LOL) and is "calm and clever". Up top, he's labelled as a TMI (Too much info) Puppy. Meanwhile, the Great Pyrenees is labelled up top as a "Big Companion Dog" and is described as "Follows people well and is smart", "especially when it comes to anything regarding his owner, his loyalty runs deep". The Husky is labelled "Katalk-dog" and described as "generally quiet and well-behaved/quiet", but towards "people who harass his owner, he becomes very energetic (furious/vicious)".
  19. Lol. Apple and Samsung did it to each other just last year. You can. Just be ready for the consequences.
  20. LMAO, no, ShiHoon is no Jack. I was just calling him the Titanic and referred to how it would drag anybody nearby into the abyss of the deep dark sea as it sank and descended into the depths of the sea after cracking into 2. SeoIn's gotta be out of reach when his whole career and finances implode in his face.
  21. Oh damn, this just popped up in my mind: Does SeoIn hold joint debts with her scumbug husband? Because if he files for bankruptcy (let's be real, he's got no assets worth any real cash whatsoever and he's getting into MORE debt because GiSeok is gonna be stupid), SHE'LL be as good as bankrupt too! She better cut everything between them and RUN ASAP! Gurl, you quit yo job, have yo evidence, KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR OWN PERSONAL ACCOUNT, now just RUN before it is too late! Run and don't look back! Run to your parents house, hide with your sisters or plain just enjoy life in Jeju. Don't be dragged down by that ugly version of the Titanic! This is not a matter of saving face or time to be cowardly! This is a matter of saving your own life!
  22. JunKi's junior, the main actor, stole a role from JunKi in the past by pulling strings via the investors. Not just any role but THE iconic role that launched the junior to fame, fame that JunKi would have had if he hadn't gotten the role stolen. When JunKi finally passes the audition in the present with the renowned director, he thought it was through his own skills, only to hear while in the toilet that it was because the junior threatened to leave the production otherwise even though JunKi's role actually had already been casted. It wasn't an act of loyalty. It was his way of paying back his "debt". So in the director and staff's eyes, JunKi is a disgusting "parachute" (what they call people who get a role they supposedly dont deserve purely/ mainly due to connections) and when JunKi confronted the junior, junior snapped that he's not sorry at all for having stolen his role because otherwise he wouldn't have what he has today. It's a dog eat dog world after all. JunKi didn't want to take the role by stealing it, but his dad calls and he caves, justifying it by saying everyone does it. But when the guy he took the role over from comes begging to the director, he remembers his devastated and desperate self pleading his director years before when his role actually got stolen. Thus, disgusted and beaten, he gives up acting. Dang. That hit right in the heart.
  23. You are right that US citizens have got lots of rights and are freer than many others in other countries and I applaud that progress. I'm not saying that the US is abominable, although, yeah, it's got it's problems. I'm using US precisely because it's supposed to be a bastion of democracy, rights, freedom and justice... and still it hasn't gotten them down pat,even as a Super Power in the global arena. If the US can't even get them perfect in 241 years, what's the chance that the entirety of civilization and humanity had been "UNCORRUPTED"? US is used a lot specifically because it is a Super Power, influences a lot of countries, has special privilege at the negotiation table, it is like a King! And yet despite its advantages... it's not perfect. It is mentioned not because everyone's forgotten about the other countries. It's mentioned precisely because of what it stands for... and yet still isn't perfect by those standards.
  24. LMAO, if you really believe this, I have to hand it to you. Humanity has never been corruption free. It is in humans to be greedy and want better lives. There will always be those who think they're owed more than others, like colonialists. Please back up your statement with evidence. Which Golden Age are you talking about? What old legal system are you talking about? Please also note that history is written by winners and can be biased, so take off your rose coloured glasses. Slaves. Killing of deformed babies. Genocide. War. Battles. Abuse and exploitation. Scapegoating. Take your pick. There has never been a time when none of the above happens. If you can't think of any other word, it's not Soompi's fault for trying to prevent trolling, Strawman arguments and disrespect by censoring swear words because it seems like that's all those who try to do the above know and use. It's on you for having a small vocabulary and not being able to describe your situation well. Filthy, disgusting, abomination, preposterous, blasphemous, treacherous, incomprehensible and unfair nonsense... etc. Here are a few words you can use that Soompi won't censor. They're harsh, but not swear words. It's not that I want Soompi to censor me. I just understand why Soompi does and accept it because it promotes peace on its boards which I LIKE. Plus, Soompi isn't stopping me from airing any single one of my opinions which I am doing so perfectly now. I don't have a religion anyway, as if that matters at all, so I'm not mind controlled or domesticated like you so "beautifully" put, as if people with religion can't think critically and are all sheep. I find it interesting that you believe someone who thinks differently from you to be mind controlled, as if your narrative is the only acceptable one... Which is the definition of mind controlled... How can 7 billion people in the world think the same way? In real life, how do you even know who is a "PERVERT, ABUSIVE MURDERER" without competent and objective police, prosecutor and judge? Are you implying we should just lock up everyone who is believed to be one? If so, please refer to the United States of America where lots of innocent Blacks are locked up and even killed just because they were believed to be as such from prejudice born from the colour of their skin. Lastly, why do you talk in circles and assume people know what "sane" belief you're referring to? Have some balls and get straight to the point.
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