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  1. Or are these screaming fans able to look at the performances through an objective lens or maybe they are more forgiving bec these are their idols which maybe they liked bec of their acting skill, or more likely, for their physical attributes... Is that a cynical view or an optimistic one? probably both. lol Watching these different asian dramas or even shows like The Voice from around the globe has helped me get a peak at the different flavors that each country has with their music and I can appreciate the merits most of the time. Except for EDM, or a lot of the songs nowadays that seem prepackaged, inorganic and soul-less. I can appreciate disco and some rap, some disco I am fond of. But EDM seems just like a sequence of beats in a loop. Sure it makes you bob, tap or sway but it doesn't really feed the soul IMO anyway. So yeah some of those clips, i cringe so hard, and I think they hit a bum note but I give the benefit of the doubt (unless so blatantly obvious) bec I'm just not familiar enough to how their melodies go . But I still hit forward or bail.
  2. I guess I've set the bar low for these kinds of things, if they don't make my ears hurt when they sing, I can live with it. I've seen a few clips of fan meets and I've cringed so hard when they sing and I've had to almost yell "Why??!!" Why do this? But then I see/hear the fans screaming and I'm left baffled and wonder if maybe I'm just not getting their type of music?? maybe it's my ears that have a problem? or maybe the sound system was poor? I just shrug and move on as I've been forced to do when I watch medical or legal dramas with glaring error in the most basic of protocols or standard procedures. If it is too much, I bail on the series. It feels like, esp for the newer, younger artists coming up that they are more and more required to do multiple things when I wish they would really focus on one thing (at least when they are newbies), if it is acting then really hone that and consider the others hobbies. Maybe it is the difference in western and asian celebrity world. Aside from the fan service esp for shippers and fujoshis. Do you guys know if celebrities or actors were required to do this years ago? They seem to be choosing taller and paler skinned ones too. With the requisite gorgeous face, perfect teeth and six pack abs. LOL Remember the Love Sick days when they really looked like regular high school students with gangly or chubby bodies, and braces. For his first try, Win did pretty good. Maybe it helped that for most of it, Tine was confused, uncertain and didn't have to have intense love scenes. I hope he gets good projects and doesn't get lost in the dozens of artists GMM (?) has. I thought Drake was miscast, he just looked younger, even with the eyebrows and him trying to act older. Gunsmile (Boss) was wasted and he was reduced to hamming it up to just get noticed (or maybe that was the way the character was written?), he barely had lines. I wanted to see more of Green and Dim. He was supposed to be an annoying stalker but he was kinda adorable LOL. Tine's friends could have been reduced to 3 or even just 2. Only Fong and the one who did food vlogs had any contribution to the story. Toptap as Type was a good choice. He is older I think and it showed when he was giving Wat the 3rd degree and freezing Man out. Wish there were more scenes between the brothers. Mike looked too old for a freshman but not too bad I guess? And once again, the females were window dressing. As if in BL world, half the population don't really matter or serve as the villain. At least Pam wasn't shown as one of those really nasty characters that you want to smother with a pillow.
  3. I haven't watched majority of the BLs though I have seen some and some clips are pretty close to soft porn lately LOL. Sometimes it just doesn't seem as needed in the story and feels exploitative and just a bit too much fan service at times. That is just my opinion. I once read a story on wattpad and the author added photos of Thai actors and the poses surprised me bec they were quite revealing and looked like porn star poses! LOL I asked and the author said it was quite common in Thailand and it wasn't just BL actors. One was Weir as I recall who is mainstream and I think is pretty big star. It made me uncomfortable to contemplate that these actors are "forced" to do these bec it is what is expected, esp if you consider some of them are really very young. Interesting though that I don't think the females are required to reveal as much skin as the males...or are they? Anyway, I got sidetracked..got off topic. But that is one of the things I appreciate about this series 2gether, I liked that it was about how Tine worked through his feelings and how he came from being straight to not-straight. How they handle the change in dynamics between a hetero relationship vs a same sex one. I wish they actually tackled this more beyond Fong telling Sarawat that Tine is used to being the one taking care of his partner rather than being taken cared of - which again, Sarawat didn't really internalize or pay attention to bec he just went on to do the same things, he didn't change his behavior to adjust for this. This is more interesting to me than seeing them do the horizontal dance. I read some comments abt how they had sex the first time(?) in the novel and it was controversial. So I am glad that the series decided not to go there. Perhaps the rating (PG 13?) had a lot to do with it but I was relieved. I'm glad too that I'm not the only one that thought Sarawat is sadistic and manipulative. He is very popular and until the last episode felt like, in a lot of eyes, he could do no wrong. But maybe midway through, I just felt like he kept the secret that he liked Tine, too long. There were several times that Tine asked him straight out and he could have fessed up those times, bec they were close enough by then and he should have known that Tine is not the type to just blow him off. He would thoughtfully listen and think about it. And Tine never really showed discomfort or unease when Sarawat was excessively touchy, possessive and affectionate even when there was nobody around and so didn't need to act as boyfriends. We can see Tine trying very hard to figure out the mixed signals he kept giving on top of trying to figure out his own feelings. If I recall right, it was Tine who ultimately kinda laid his cards on the table and only then did Sarawat confess his own feelings. He did seem like he enjoyed seeing Tine confused, bothered and flustered too often. Even that plot his friends hatched to make Tine jealous so he would eventually declare to his brother that Sarawat is his bf. It was just mean. Tine's reasons were understandable esp since they were so new (maybe a month?) and they didn't know how his brother would take it. He didn't say never, just not to tell him right then. But that trick was mean bec Tine is so new to it, still uncertain and this trick played into it. Hitting him where it hurts. Sarawat just went along with it. He was more into his POV and didn't consider how Tine would feel. I didn't post these thoughts before bec the director presented things from Tine's view then later things are revealed from Sarawat's POV that changed some things. So I waited until the end. But I'm not a fan of this style bec if a story is told through one character's POV, you can only judge based on what he sees, then to correct that when you reveal the "truth" from the other POV, it feels like it is just done for that "got ya!" trick esp if it's done more than once. I prefer an objective viewpoint, 3rd person POV rather than 1st person. I rambled on too long again...did all that even make sense?...
  4. Finally get to post at the last episode lol. I was disappointed with this finale. Not bec of the absence of a kiss, and the minimal signs of affection and chemistry (which lots of comments complain about), but rather in how they decided to plot the episode. I have not read the novel so this is all just based on the series. The first glaring thing was Sarawat not following Tine to the hospital. He had all night to get his butt there. Him not doing so is just opposite of how his character was written through the whole series. Then he didn't make much of an effort to go talk to Tine to clarify things. He went only to get the guitar! If I recall right, even the way he worded it - he came to take it back, not borrow. It was only at the end he said he will return it. Like a slap in the face for Tine. Sarawat seems, through the whole series, to never really communicate with Tine and explains himself, if at all, only after the fact. This has irritated me bec it felt like he was playing mind games and manipulates Tine who wears his heart on his sleeve and will speak his mind if asked. Even the explanation abt the song, Pam did the work for him! So the only effort he did was sing half a song and wait for Tine to come to him. Pretty lame and I feel bad for Tine. As for Pam, I don't think she was that bad. I actually think aside from transferring to their college (yep, over the top), it was an understandable last ditch effort for her to see if she can get together with Sarawat finally. I feel like it is all a way to get closure on her part esp since she said that she kinda knew that she'll fail. Fair enough. It wouldn't make a difference if Sarawat doesn't reciprocate. And all the angst would have been avoided if he communicated better with Tine and been more expressive and reassured him better. Pam gave up right away when clearly rejected and even made an effort to fix it with Tine. Credit to her for that. The best part of the finale was Man and Type. Their journey made sense and was satisfying. They acted true to their characterizations. Even the way they made up was consistent to their personalities. And both made an effort. Man tried hard to court Type. Type at first was unwilling but eventually reluctantly willing and tolerated his presence. When Man stopped coming, like his brother Tine, he thought about his feelings and then proceeded to fix the problem. He looks for Man and clears things up and tells Man his feelings (in typical Type way), Man then clarifies that they are together and proceeds to show his feelings. There was payoff at the end of their story, after all that effort and running around. They both knew where they stood, both made an effort to get on the same page. Very satisfying to the viewer. I wish they had more scenes together. Mil and Phukong, I have to confess I skipped a lot of their scenes. I would not have minded if they remained friends or mentor-mentee and it will just be one of those milestones of growing up. It would have been an interesting choice for them if they had them not end up together and yet remain friends. I watched Jennie's reaction to the finale with Go and Bright. It was interesting how much Bright talked and tried to explain Sarawat's POV and motivations. But then if you need to explain this, then it means the drama or episode failed in a way, bec they weren't able to show or accurately convey the character's internal motivations, emotions, thoughts to the viewers. After all, the audience is not privy to the character's inner landscape. Perhaps Bright knows as he may have based it on the book which I think is written in first person POV (is it from both Tine and Sarawat?). We can only go by what we see or what they show us.
  5. i watched this video earlier and it was kinda interesting to see how they interact. Drinking that much soy sauce can't be good for your health, seriously.. Anyway, I wanted to check today if there were posts since the new episode is coming soon but got confused when it is back to one page...So thanks for putting a new one in! I think we are at the point in the series where it could start to go wrong or right, for me anyway. I'm curious to see how it goes and where they take it. So far I've been loving it and liked the ML characters and the actors. They are remarkably natural with their acting, esp Win, considering he is a total newbie. I'm quite impressed with his ability to convey emotions and his inner thinking without over-acting. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, smartly. Bright does a good job of playing that cold, aloof character but a softie on the inside, one who is totally whipped LOL. Although they haven't really been tested with the more intense demands for acting, except for when Sarawat came over drunk and angsty. Which I thought he did well. I think their real personalities might be close to the characters they play. This probably helps a lot. Pls let me know if this is so. I look forward to seeing how the tale develops and how their acting goes.
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