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  1. I took it as BH not knowing how to handle these intense emotions such as longing, worry, romantic love Bec he has always been kind of shallow, a playboy , and so would never have felt these before and didn't know that it was going to be feel that way and didn't know how to handle them esp since he was aware the danger to CJ was very real. It felt consistent to me with his own journey and not necessarily SY's influence. But then, maybe you are right and this is the production's attempt to subtly (so very subtle, it is almost non-existent) show SY is still around.
  2. Knowing they didn't change the fact that CJ died young and their child died too, in some weird skewed way, it was probably better bec he wouldn't be pining, feeling like something is missing and wondering about why his wife is different for long (though 12 years is long enough) It is almost impossible for CJ to be certain that a different soul inhabited the Queen and that this is the soul he fell in love with. So, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that he will love SY bec like KJH said, he thinks it's his wife. But I still think that he will probably always feel something missing
  3. Just some of my thoughts on the series as whole. Like @kwayteow_mama said, lots of folks gravitated to this series bec of the story's complexity. I’m one of them. I very rarely watch korean historical dramas but I was curious how they were going to tackle such an interesting predicament: imagine a modern playboy travels through time, ends up stuck in a woman's body who just happened to be chosen to be queen in restrictive conservative Joseon. I anticipated how they were going to tackle the ff: · The mechanics of time travel · The fish out of water aspect with modern man i
  4. great way to put it. The way they shot that ending, it really isn't clear exactly what JBH remembers of his whole experience and what he feels. They really toned it down and minimized the impact on him, esp considering that night they had in the mountains when both were sober, both knowing what they felt for each other. There should be some grief at least, if not for the love lost, then the real friends he lost too. When SY said that maybe the inner her was finally unleashed or revealed (sorry paraphrasing, can't remember exact words), it grated on me a bit. It seems lik
  5. I thought the Korean industry is becoming more open to LGBT themes. I watched 2.5 Korean shows recently that were straight up BL. They were web dramas and were quite short but there have been more that I haven't even seen. Maybe not prime time network yet but wasn't TVN a more progressive network anyway? and it's cable right? So I thought there was a chance ... I thought SK was finally joining the BL bandwagon that started decades ago in Japan, quite common in Thailand, some in Taiwan, derailed in China bec of the ban, spread in the Philippines and now starting in SK.
  6. @aislingposted the soompi article talking about how SY being in there the whole time doesn't make sense. I always thought SY was not there anymore, that after helping recover her memories for BH as a final act, she's completely gone, perhaps to be reborn. I didn't see a separate, distinct consciousness from beginning to half of ep 20. It could be explained that the memories were stored in the brain within the body now inhabited by BH, the skills in musical instrument etc can be explained by muscle memory. So I thought SY was gone for good. I didn't see a distinct separate c
  7. Exactly! On one hand they're implying that he changed into a more selfless, law abiding person by turning whistleblower b and yet showing that he has not changed his playboy ways trying to score with that lady in his place of work, in the same scene! So which is it? Did he or did he not change and if he did, why did he change before the event that started that change in the first place?
  8. Like others, even if Mr Queen has ended a week ago, I'm still thinking about it. But reading posts here and writing my painfully long posts (apologies to those who've read them LOL) has helped me get some distance. But I will add a few more thoughts that I didn't before . I remember a couple of WTH moments (aside from the incomprehensible ending, that is.): * When SY and CJ met finally met by the lake after running around missing each other, CJ noted that she was back to speaking in a formal way to him and was she planning a surprise (I don't know the exact w
  9. LOL! As I've gotten older, my patience is much more limited for these kinds of things. I haven't watched a drama live as it aired in a long time bec of this. I even read reviews and comments on the ending before I start one now. I don't mind being spoiled but I do mind wasting hours watching something that will just ruin my day.
  10. If anyone influenced BH to be less selfish, more empathetic and more actively caring abt others, it would be CJ. He's the perfect example of how to be selfless and always thinking about others and putting the welfare of his people before his own.
  11. Just a quick comment on this. Abt HY not staying loyally by her side if SY was truly cruel. Well, the maids in this drama seem very loyal and trained to be so. The GQD's maid remained loyal even after she was not longer in power and we all know the GQD is a lot more vicious and cruel than any other character in the show. She had her own grandson killed, the previous king, to keep her power! And HJ's maid remained loyal even while she was being tortured. So it's not a good way to gauge it. But I didn't say she was cruel. What I pointed out was her choice of being cruel to ot
  12. This! The lack of complete resolution really is disappointing. They obviously changed events in history. They mentioned that CJ didn't die there and his reputation changed from an ineffective king to one who changed the monarchy. Someone here noted he died at 32 which I think is the same age as before. That's pretty young, if he was around 20 when the events in Mr Queen happened IIRC, he had only abt a dozen years to rule. His child would still be so young. Did they have more than one? How did he die?? Did SY become regent? It would be logical to think BH would read every info
  13. @kwayteow_mama sorry to be cutting your post. I wanted to comment and add to some of the points you made ... That's right, there was no hesitation or confusion. She just suddenly said "he's gone" or something like that... and then proceeded to go to CJ. This does support the theory that she was there lurking in the background without even BH being aware. IIRC, wasn't SY the one who approached BH to kiss? I did interpret that as her asking for help and kinda handing off her life to BH as if saying "I'm giving you a second chance at life, see what you can make
  14. I finally watched the final 2 episodes with the subs. I guess it was a good thing I spoiled myself by reading the posts here on the thread before watching. I probably would have been more annoyed with that last half of the finale if I watched unknowing of how it ends. Even with foreknowledge, it was still tough to watch. I think I growled a few times LOL I thought I'd write some thoughts before I go back and read the past few pages...This is going to be long...sorry... I think I will just consider ep 19 as the finale and maybe beginning of 20, and conveniently fo
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