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[Official] Lee Jin Wook ❃ Moon Chae Won ❧ JinWon❤Black Swan Couple ❧


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4 hours ago, evergreen said:

Fully jumping on board this ship now! :wub: 
Yes, I think Chae Won was crying in that scene but she was smiling so much bts!


ChaeWon is the shy queen! She cannot even look back at JinWuk straight in the eye... Is there already a malice within her? Ahem!

but then i understand her, a sexy/hot JinWuk is right infront of her... So hard to resist

JinWuk is so hot and sexy in his tanned skin and ruggedly look.... So manly...

pretty flower boy with milky complexion doesnt appeal to me, but i admire them from afar wishing i have those skin.... But for my partner? Nah! 

Our otp BlackSwan is not yet sailing but the BTS JinWon is already out of the shore! 

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Goodbye Mr. Black: Episode 3 by javabeans | March 23, 2016

Now that both leads are firmly onboard the cover-up disguise, I’m enjoying watching how they come to understandings about each other and start working together. It’s perhaps a bit of a cliche to have Swan fall so readily for Ji-won, but it makes sense to me, and I expect Ji-won to struggle with himself when he finds himself torn between his two women. It’s not mean of me to look forward to that struggle, is it?


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On 3/22/2016 at 3:59 AM, saeedeh said:

As you see this is part of press conference and when the MC asid to actors say" Hwaiting" and  they all were in gesture of hwaiting, suddenly our LJW stopped and turned to uri MCW while grinning from ear to ear.:lol::D

LJW why are you acting like this in front of reporters? Ah i got it ...now i remeberd you said:

:wub:"Looking at her makes me happy. She's a lovely woman" :wub:



and here what do you whisper :phew: in uri MCW`ear? please tell us we are curious :huh: you black fairy couple,what are you talking about?!:P:D



I love the highlighted part after showing the LJW-happilylookingatMCW-clip! OMG! She indeed makes him happy! :wub:

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Goodbye Mr. Black: Episode 4 by girlfriday | March 24, 2016

mrblack04-01221.jpgI was surprised that Swan got left behind too, because I expected her to be a part of his revenge. Right now she’s somewhere in the middle, and it feels a little strange for him to have two past lives in limbo—one with Mari, and one with Swan. I suppose in exchange we do get some development for Swan’s character independent of Black, which is a pretty nice bonus. 


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Goodbye Mr. Black Ep1- Ep2

Cha Ji Won comes from a rich family but he joined the navy to escape from the pampered lifestyle. His carefree attitude is reflected in his fashion sense. You wouldn’t know he came from a wealthy family based on his casual style. It’s clear he doesn’t put too much thinking into his clothes, but he still ends up looking handsome because he is just that cute.

See his look here:



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Goodbye Mr. Black Ep 3 – Ep 4


After Cha Ji Won leaves her, she starts learning how to read and write and takes on a new job being a news reporter. Although she still gets corrected for her writing, she doesn’t give up. She also moves in with Kim Ji Ryoon’s mother in a high end district. We see Khaya’s transition reflected in her fashion. She starts out wearing tropical vacation attire (t shirts and loose boyfriend jeans)  to business casual attire (trench coats, scarf). As a reporter, her outfit still leans toward casual to fit the fast moving aspect of the job.

See her fashion transition here:

Tropical Beach Style
Tropical Beach Style
Seoul Style
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:wub:Seems our Black (LJW) cant take his eyes off our Swan (MCW):wub:  



'Goodbye Mr. Black' cast give one another a relay of compliments on 'Section TV'

MBC's anticipated new series 'Goodbye Mr. Black' started airing recently, and in commemoration, the drama's main cast members made a guest appearance on the March 20 airing of 'Section TV.' 

In the very beginning of the interview, the MC asks everyone to start a 'compliment relay,' starting with Lee Jin Wook and moving down the row. Moon Chae Won, who was the person sitting right next to Lee Jin Wook, was complimented by the actor as being "full of life," while Moon Chae Won complimented Kim Kang Woo as possessing a "quiet charisma." 


uri moon chae won is full of life

and here in the press conference they just were praising and giving each other a big round of applause.


and i guess the mc asked MCW to express her character in brief,then he replyed with " Black Sarang" and uri LJW was delighted with her answer.(please correct me if i`m wrong)


and here as you all know our LJW oppa said:

"(Working with Moon Chae Won) has been great. Looking at her makes me happy. She's a lovely woman. Our characters have a sizeable age gap, so I try to protect her character like an older brother would. Working with her, though, naturally makes me want to protect her and look after her."


Moon Chae-won, meanwhile, described their chemistry as very good, saying that while younger-man-older-women couples are all the rage these days, she thinks the chemistry is a little better when you have an oppa-dongsaeng setup. She also said teasingly that she’d seen “Lee Jin-wook oppa’s” prior drama I Need Romance 2012 at her brother’s recommendation, and noted that it was full of kiss scenes: “I hope there scenes like that in our drama too.”


                                  JinWon :heart: Black Fairy Couple                          


(those are some articles(credited to owner) were posted in goodbye mr black thread and i reposted them here.)

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