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[Official] Lee Jin Wook ❃ Moon Chae Won ❧ JinWon❤Black Swan Couple ❧


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37 minutes ago, saeedeh said:

@ChipibelaThank you dear chingu for your quick response. :)

I love your beautiful works and happy to have such a talentd friend here.:wub:



You're welcome :)

It's my first time making videos and collages, and they're quite poor, still i'm glad you've enjoyed them, i really loved making them :D

here's a instagram post that shows that even MCW wants an happy ending


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  our OTP lovey dovey Scenes after Hot and long night of kisses and love making




and here the screenshots of Breakfast scene.i put it in spoiler.




LJW or CJW or Black (I dont know which one you are now:wink:) please dont be so playful and naughty boy and stop teasing our MCW or Swan.you good know she is very shy.:relaxed:




Surely, LJW you now think to yourself :"oh my god how cute is this girl. am i right..?":blush:


Yeah, uri Swan (MCW) knows: this namja (LJW,CJW,Black) is still hungry.:yum:


Oh...Look at his gaze and how he stares at her...:hushed::love: oh i melted... :fearful::grin:


:grin: He still... can`t take his eyes off her. :love:

:heart: Hope and wish you Lee jin Wook and Moon chae won become Real Couple :heart:

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LJW is so lucky cos he is the first actor(that's my opinion only) to have so many skinship & kisses with MCW as I have already watch all her dramas/movies. Just hope they really become a couple in real life.

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^ Adorable. Love their matching smiles. Although he should really get rid of those hideous pink gloves and she needs a nicer blouse.

Here's another pic. I like how Black is staring oh so soulfully at Swan here. Good job, Black.


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Just a little tribute for our couple..they're basically the reason why I stick to GMB regardless of how crazy the plot gets throughout its entire run..just some collections of bts pics and some sweet scenes in Goodbye Mr Black.. The drama ended already but hope they would still contact each other and would remain good friends..:)



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