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[OFFICIAL] Park Hae Jin x Kim Go Eun aka JungSeol Couple


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On 2/5/2016 at 5:18 PM, kismetfate said:

No new BTS?

So, I want to talk about Jung and Seol in CITT. What do you guys think about them? I'm really afraid for the ending though.. I know that Seoul will end up with Jung, but I want the story end with something perfect, like they fast forward to 5 or more years later and they both adults and ready to get married lol

Not that I know of. Someone update me if anyone knows any alternative eng subbed BTS please! (such a waste D:)

I definitely think that Jung and Seol are great for each other but only if they can both resolve their differences and meet each other halfway. If Jung and Seol are unable to both take a step backwards and compromise then I think Seol is better off alone (In Ho has a lot of baggage himself and so far Seol doesnt seem to have felt any romantic attraction towards him so not sure how that would work out). Seol may not necessarily end up with Jung if she thinks that all his manipulations are too emotionally exhausting and not worth dealing with... But  judging from her diligent, gotta-work-as-hard-as-i-can attitude I think she will just keep trying and trying and trying to make this relationship until she reaches her limit, and only give YJ up when this breaking point is breached. Seeing how Jung has always been respectful of Seol's boundaries, he will probably only give up the relationship when Seol unequivocally calls it quits. Otherwise, he's too invested at this point to give her up.

The 5 year later thing will be a nice bonus, though I think that the getting ready to get married part is unlikely to be shown. In all honesty I hope that they dont go that route because as sweet and fluffy it is, ending it at marriage suggests that they'll live happily ever after just because they're binded together by a formally recognized contract, that their problems will end from then on(which we know from real life will not be the case and is not what the drama is about). Again and again, the drama has shown that the starting a relationship is only the beginning and not the end, that love is hard work and requires consistent care, communication, and effort from both parties. So to me, a marriage ending to tie up loose ends seems to undermine all the struggles that they had to go through in the process of making their relationship work out. I would much rather see an ending that shows that their relationship is a work-in-progress, and it will continue to be so, but that's OK because no matter what, our OTP will be there to weather it out together, having reached a common understanding of each other. 

3 hours ago, tengxanxan said:

i hope this couple would promote their drama together more. like going to variety shows or have magazine shoots. 

A thousand yes-es to this! But seeing how incredibly popular and busy they are (especially PHJ ) in part due to the success of CITT, I'll take whatever I can get and just be happy with anything they can appear in, individually or otherwise (and hope that they still continue to namedrop each other a lot heh)  

Off topic but found an interesting interview that PHJ had with Elle*, in October 2015, which sheds some light on PHJ's personality. I really agree with one of the comments made in response to the article: "I’m intrigued by his answers.. he seems warm AND cold at the same time. Like, he gives to others and makes time for it, which is really warm-hearted, and yet, when someone breaks off with him, he ends the relationship without hesitation, or so it seems. He seems complicated, but interesting too." He seems kind of like Yoo Jung in real life. 

I highlighted some points which I thought was interesting. Have a read here:




[October 2015 – Allure] Park Hae Jin – Interview

I didn’t know you were allergic to animal hair. You were anxious during the photo shoot with the horse. Are you okay now?

It’s okay for me up to something like this. It’s not severe, but my skin can cave in sometimes, according to my condition of the day. When I went to the university hospital to research on that, it turned out that I was allergic to more than 30 out of the 50 items I got tested for. I was such a special case that the professor drew out some of my blood for research purposes.

Do you have any inconvenience in your daily life?

My body is more sensitive than other people’s. It’s dangerous for me when I have food allergies, so I can do nothing but to be very careful about everything.

It’s not easy. I heard you will start filming the drama “Cheese in The Trap” soon.

Filming will start seriously in September, so there’s not much time left. To be honest, I still don’t know what to do. Yoo Jung is definitely a difficult character. It’s not an ordinary one. To be honest, I haven’t figured out what I must prepare like I did for my previous dramas.

It’s definitely a special genre. For anyone, the line can be blurry about this perfect guy called Yoo Jung. Is he a good guy or a wicked guy? The original webtoon “Cheese In The Trap” is called a “romance-thriller”.

It’s not easy to approach someone with such a complicated mind. It’s hard to create this feeling of understanding what he does if the reason is shown in a simple way because it could only be seen through a victim mentality. My life these days is about finding the way to approach him.

The original webtoon is very popular. It must probably be a burden for you, right?

Indeed. However, I don’t think the webtoon fans represent the entire Korean audience. We’re making a drama to appeal an unspecified public. And there will be fans of the webtoon in this public. Obviously, there will be reactions like “this is different from the original, it doesn’t look like Yoo Jung”. It’s fair. I can’t be like the representation each reader had in their mind because everyone has a different point of view. I just hope it will stay as the character they had pictured in their mind. Of course, the flow will be different from the webtoon’s, but if we make the drama exactly like the webtoon, we will be able to do nothing but to be confined into this mold. The drama is clearly different.

I hope to enjoy this variation based on the actors and the drama producers’ interpretation. Before this adaptation project even started, your name already created quite the issue because you were seen as the best actor for this role.

This was already 5 years ago. It would have been better to turn it into a drama back then because Yoo Jung is always a 25-year-old college student in the original story, but I’m already 33 now. The way my age can show on my face is something I can do nothing about. The other actors (Kim Go Eun, Seo Kang Joon, Nam Joo Hyuk) were all born in the 90’s. I had worries like “won’t the age gap stand out too much on the screen?”, “what am I doing right now?”, “where am I?”, “who am I?”. Haha. However, when I think about it carefully, the character living through this worry is definitely Yoo Jung. He definitely stands out because he doesn’t fit in while pretending that he does. So now, I wonder if my age can’t be used as a strength now.

I’m curious to hear the reason you chose this drama so many people had a close eye on.

To be honest, it’s because of this pressure that I turned the offer down several times. My thought back then was that doing well would make it worth it and I still think the same today. That’s why I must do well no matter what. If it’s not now, when will I ever get to play a college student? And I guess that’s why I got so many love calls? I felt like refusing any longer wouldn’t be nice. And that’s why the desire to do well took over the pressure at some point.

The webtoon delicately drew out cruel relationships as if they were close ones. Frankly speaking, Yoo Jung has no charm as a boyfriend.

I think I wouldn’t date someone like that. It’s frustrating and exhausting when someone acts different from the way they feel inside. I want to hear a truth that isn’t a lie, rather than a lie out of good faith. Thinking “if I act this way, the person I’m with will leave me” is like living worrying in advance about stuff that you don’t even try to do and stuff that don’t happen like people who can’t make soy sauce because they’re too scared of maggots [t/n: I used the literal translation here. I couldn’t figure out the English equivalent, but it’s like you’re afraid to try and be successful because you’re scared of failure]. That’s sad.

Is your vision of love the complete opposite?

Some aspects are slightly similar. Like I will avoid doing something if it might cause a fight. I just follow along. Sometimes, women like fighting and getting closer while pulling you around, but I don’t really like such emotional confrontation. I’m a pacifist in any situation. I’m the type to discuss a problem after letting my emotions cool down because if you only prioritize your emotions, you can miss out the facts. However, this moment can be frustrating for the other person. Sometimes you just want to find the solution right away. However, wouldn’t it keep adding to the frustation for both us if it’s not something I can solve right away.

Some people think it’s hard to find the right timing when the other person is in their feelings. Do you think it’s more about a personality difference than a man-woman difference?

Hm, you’re right. I definitely seem to be this type.

On the outside, Yoo Jung keeps a small smile on his face and tries to fit in. Anyone can have moments like this, but isn’t it something celebrities in particular can relate to?

I don’t mind suffering a little bit more if someone says “I don’t like him”. My job is about reaping what I sow and the words “I don’t like him” are a part of it. I’m very similar to Yoo Jung in this aspect. If someone wants something I own, I just give it to them because owning this thing or not doesn’t matter to me.

This doesn’t sound like the stance of a collector? You’re famous for having a house filled of Nike shoes and figurines collections.

I’m not as obssessed as I used to be. If collecting was in my top priorities in the past because it was a big part of my life, now I just keep it as a memory of a treasure I packed away. My materialistic side is vanishing away as I’m getting older. I feel more and more like this these days.

Your interviews give the impression that you’re a perfectionist.

I like following a good line a litle bit different from perfection. It’s like measuring with a ruler. It’s not mysophobia, it’s paranoia. I like when objects around me are placed in a straight line.

What do you think is the most imporant thing in human relationships?

Trust. My mind is a bit old-fashioned. I think affection is the first thing people should share. I know everybody doesn’t think that way these days. There are many things I realize as I’m getting older.

What have you been figuring out lately?

You don’t just earn money because you want to earn money. You can’t own all the things that you want. Things depends of the efforts I make. Money, work, people. Is the right line to follow? A penny saved is a penny earned, but I dont wan’t to live a life by being stubbornly clingy because it’s not meaningful either to get close to someone just because you force yourself to do it.

So making friends is the hardest thing for you?

I’m a bit cold-hearted.

Is this what your entourage says?

Many people tell me that I form and end relationships like a knife. Same goes in my work and when I’m in a relationship. If she says “let’s break up”, I’ll reply something like “okay”.

So you’ve never been that “ex-boyfriend” who sends the “are you sleeping?” text message at 2 in the morning?

Never. Once you broke up with someone, it’s pointless to stay in their life. You get that one chance. There’s no way to know that someone who left once won’t leave you a second time. How will you be able to handle a deeper pain the next time? Once I turned 30, it seems that I have less and less the stength to handle this kind of feeling.

You probably have something in common with the people you’re close with, right?

I feel like our discussions are like a tennis table game. They’re usually in the same mindset. Personality-wise, I like people who are frank. People who speak with sincerity and don’t say something different behind your back.

What are you the most careful about when it comes to other people?

Considering my job, I’m careful in any situation in which I’m facing someone else because there are many ways for a ring to turn into an earring if you put it to a ear, for a ring to turn into a nose ring if you put it on a nose [t/n: he means it’s just a matter of perspectives]. The most complicated situation is when things get bigger than what you actually meant, when there are exaggerated explanations. I wish people would only look at the true situation.

Not everybody shares the same feelings. If you worry about something like that, wouldn’t it be hard to reveal your true personality?

That’s why my network of friends is getting smaller and deeper.

I heard you were invited to the “Making One Happy Korea Through Sharing” event at the Blue House recently.

With the people I met through the Korean Children Protection Organization, I’m supporting Chinese children suffering from heart disease. I deliver briquettes in winter. As I wondered if there was not something I could do to help when the disaster happened, that’s what I found. The organization slogan is “you can save a few people each month with this money”. When you join, letters of gratitude from children in Africa fly in. If I don’t eat this, it won’t a problem for me, but this food can be the cause for these children with a livelihood threatened to dream about their future. When I receive these letters, my mood is very special. The emotion I’m receiving is much bigger than what I give.

How did you find out about the joy of giving?

It’s not that there was a specific occasion. People say I’m from a rich family to the point that you can see there are a grand piano, stairs, a fresco and a garden in my childhood pictures. It’s a house that I actually don’t know. The house that I remember is the one in which my family slept in the same room because we were in a tough situation. I was a teenager when my parents got divorced, so I couldn’t be in a good situation, right? When my situation stabilized after some time, I started with a “let’s give it a try” mindset. First, I naturally learned about volunteer work through the people the CEO of my agency was already helping. Once I tried it, I realized it wasn’t something hard to do. I was very happy to feel that I could help someone else. It made me so much happier that I shared what I owned. I just hope I will keep being in the circumstances of being able to help someone.

You’re amazing. Putting into action the words you say isn’t something easy to do.

And doing so isn’t hard either. It’s exactly like exercising. If you keep saying “I’m too busy to exercise”, you will never exercise in your life. It’s not that you can’t do it because you don’t have the time. You exercise because you make time for it. It’s exactly the same for donating and volunteering. It’s just about taking off one hour of the time I dedicate to other things.

You will celebrate the tenth anniversary of your career. Were all these years a tough time for you? Or was it a smooth ride?

I didn’t come here by taking steady steps like other people and here I am 10 years later. I went on a hiatus for a long time after I debuted. That’s why I must be more active in the future. If this had been a tough time for me, the ride would have become smoother. As I’m getting older, I’m definitely getting more at ease. I’m not in a chase anymore. These tough times are part of my life. There will be other times that can hurt me like hell. What’s clear is that it will pass one day or another. It’s something I know for sure now.


Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


I still don't know how true the KGE ideal type thing is, whether they will even go beyond just friendship or keep in touch, but if the vibe that ive been getting from reading his interviews is right, he is careful about relationships but when he likes someone (as friends or otherwise) he goes all in and makes an effort to keep things going... Which means that if he truly likes KGE (as friends or otherwise), he would definitely keep up their (???)ship. So all in all, a good thing for our OTP :D 

(PS: regarding the comment about the Nike shoes, if he really gifted KGE shoes then yay! But if he didnt then it just means they have chemistry in terms of the footwear they like :phew:

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LOLLL some sneaky fans compiled a vid w the 2014 PHJ interview + cuts of intimate JungxSeol times and captioned it: " Oho so our manly god PHJ had other thoughts while filming CITT[阴险][阴险] " (vid from here) There's a ton of PHJxKGE shippers on weibo (kind of like chinese twitter) and their comments crack me up all the time :') 

Meanwhile... from PHJ's official IG ....


:D Now I just need to know what the caption says haha 

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5 hours ago, rottenxtears said:

As much as possible, I'd really like to avoid shipping any K-actor and actress right now (I've been a part of too many ships that sank) but these 2 are sort of getting my attention.

I noticed how KGE is too responsive to PHJ's actions in diff BTSs. To think that he is really her senior irl. That just shows how comfortable they are with each other. And PHJ is being totally playful around her. They suit well.

But I'm afraid that what we see in BTS vids aren't concurrent with what's happening between them now since CITT is preproduced and already wrapped-up their filming. I'm wishing that they're still in touch with each other until now.

And one more thing, both of them could sing right??? Dear TvN, why not make a special OST for CITT with a duet from KGE and PHJ???? Hihihi :blush:

Well who knowns maybe they meet in China, They're both fluente in chinese and he was going to work there after the CITT was over :)

His personal IG? OMO A picture of this scene? Ship away :D

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Bless the weibo C-netz and their efficiency! :wub:According to them, the bench kiss BTS captions say: Preparing very seriously even for the kiss scene~ The coordination between actors has to be good in order to present a beautiful image.

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Guys, I have some bad news and it's quite shocking for me, but it may be just a rumour so don't freak out. Some sources said that Kim Go Eun is still dating Byun Yo Han who was said to be her ex boyfriend, a throwback photo on her instagram couple days ago showed the couple ring on her index finger while the other can be easily recognized on someone's hand which was guessed as Yo Han's. This makes me pretty sad, it's so obvious that Hae Jin likes her a lot, I've never seen him like that before, maybe it's not the right time at all. But Go Eun did response to PHJ not in a normal way co-stars would treat each other, you can see that many times in the bts. Or did we let our imagination go too far guys? I just start to ship them so hard now it feels like my ship is sinking :bawling:

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24 minutes ago, radiohead said:

Guys, I have some bad news and it's quite shocking for me, but it may be just a rumour so don't freak out. Some sources said that Kim Go Eun is still dating Byun Yo Han who was said to be her ex boyfriend, a throwback photo on her instagram couple days ago showed the couple ring on her index finger while the other can be easily recognized on someone's hand which was guessed as Yo Han's. This makes me pretty sad, it's so obvious that Hae Jin likes her a lot, I've never seen him like that before, maybe it's not the right time at all. But Go Eun did response to PHJ not in a normal way co-stars would treat each other, you can see that many times in the bts. Or did we let our imagination go too far guys? I just start to ship them so hard now it feels like my ship is sinking :bawling:

I hope not! 1-if she's taken, then I don't think the director would make a joke about PHJ n kge should date in real life in front of the camera, would she? 2- I also don't think PHJ would behave like that around her just out of respect for the other guy and keeps his distance from her. 

Ieven if she's really dating, so what? She's not married! Know what I mean? Hehehehe. It is not easy to find the girl that match or get along well with you. I say go for her PHJ!!

@mgicclove all the goodies in front page dear! I love it! Thank you for your hard work!

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@radioheadHow do you know that KGE's ex is Byun Yo Ha? Is he the guy from misaeng, right?

Actually, when I saw the caption on her ig (her throwback photos from her trip like London) I was kind of intrigued. Bcs I dont know, why you caption photos that happened 2 years ago with the dates when those photos taken?

I'm not trying to ruin this ship, but I'm trying to be rational when it comes to shippinh, bcs my delulu mind always makes me get hurt by the end :(

Thankyou @mgicc you are jjang!! I notice that you are the first person to declare PHJxKGE ship on CITT forum (applause!!)

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16 minutes ago, kismetfate said:

I found this.. http://kpopkfans.blogspot.co.id/2016/01/text-messages-when-byun-yohan-and-kim.html?m=1

But after I read the article, I feel confident :D

lol. I saw those messages and I was like "dude! Get over yourself! "

She seems like the type thats straight to the point w/o too many words based on that text messages. 

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Many have speculate KGE n BYH dated back in 2013-2014 i think, but both agencies denied the rumour.. they may dated because they were attending the same univ along with lim ji yeon, park so dam and exo's member (dont recall sehun or suho). whether they still dating or already broke up?  Based on the article regarding text msg between those two, probably they did break up. However, since they have the same circle of friends, they might bump into each other though. 


I think most of the people in the industry certainly know who's dating who. Given that PHJ is a thoughtful kinda guy, i think he'll distance himself from KGE if she's in relationship right now. Based on CITT bts, i believe both of them are comfortable around each other. i do hope this ??ship will bloom into something even more beautiful. :heart::heart::heart:

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Can't help but smile with these comments

Mydaily - Nate: 'Cheese in the Trap', Park Hae Jin shares the same bed with Kim Go Eun "Should I stay here today?"

1. [+633, -10] Ah my heart skips a beat when Park Hae Jin uses honorific

2. [+591, -20] A few years ago, Park Hae Jin did an interview and he chose Kim Go Eun as his ideal type. After seeing that interview footage, I started to think he's not acting in CITT but he's being sincere. My heart flutters every time Yoo Jung smiles


Osen - Nate: Park Hae Jin ♥ Kim Go Eun embrace under the streetlamp

2. [+432, -5] It was daebak when they hugged ~~ I envy how her body fits into his hugㅠㅋ I don't know if I can wait another week ㅠ


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3 hours ago, annypooh said:

I hope not! 1-if she's taken, then I don't think the director would make a joke about PHJ n kge should date in real life in front of the camera, would she? 2- I also don't think PHJ would behave like that around her just out of respect for the other guy and keeps his distance from her. 

Ieven if she's really dating, so what? She's not married! Know what I mean? Hehehehe. It is not easy to find the girl that match or get along well with you. I say go for her PHJ!!

@mgicclove all the goodies in front page dear! I love it! Thank you for your hard work!

Yes I agree! By the time they had the press con they would have been shooting for many months so unless KGE wanted to and was really good at hiding her relationship, there's no reason why the crew/cast would not know that she was dating. From their past interviews both KGE and PHJ dont seem to be the type to be so easily touchy with others. Not just PHJ, it's the most comfortable/touchy I've seen KGE with others. If she really was attached I dont think the two of them would have had so much physical contact with each other. Even if they're OK with it, I think most significant others would not have condoned that.

Of course I'm no body language expert, but watching their reactions to Director-nim's suggestion again, their body language/reactions did not look like they disliked the sound of it. Assuming i was in her shoes, if the director suggested me to date some other co-star while knowing I was attached I might have been mildly annoyed but there was no flash of annoyance here. (Then again it's PHJ, so I might just be flattered lol) Also in the 3rd gif, the 2 of them almost simultaneously did this cover-mouth-with-hand action, almost like they were shy at the thought of it. 

Then there's also the Meet&Greet V App video ,where after interviewer asked KGE to choose her dream lover between the 2 male leads and she asked them to smile for her, at 17:50, he picked up his bottle to get a drink of water before later asking the MC to concede his defeat to SKJ :"Can you just take it that I've lost" (Coincidentally, in the 2014 JTBC interview, after the interview joked "Oh, I understand. Looks like (we'll be hearing) good news from you soon", PHJ was also laughing while picking up his mug for a sip of water) Isn't drinking water a sign of being nervous/uncomfortable with the situation? If he totally didnt care for KGE's opinion there shouldnt be any reaction right?

ORRR they could all just be coincidences/ perfectly innocent, platonic situations that I've read too much into with my OTP glasses on. I guess we may never know, so I'm just not gonna take the outcome too seriously and just have fun with the ship.

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I hope they're not dating anymore, I want to believe that they're not but I did go on his IG and from a picture that he posted 5 weeks ago, I can see that he's still wearing the supposedly "Couple ring" 

although to me I notice that she's also friendly with Kang Joon and I feel like if she was in a relationship she wouldn't be so friendly like that with other guys in general right? I just feel like she's a single girl right now and there is a strong connection between her and Park Hae Jin, because  I've also never seen PHJ act so friendly with his other co-star and he's had so much compliments towards KGE, especially in his recent interviews, if I was her BF and read those articles I would be jealous, that is assuming she's in a relationship. this is just what I think :) 


this is probably just me but I feel like PHJ is really attracted to her :D

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17 minutes ago, seulgoddess said:

Gonna drop this here because Im haejingoeun trash.


omo~! whats with that stare, smile, blink-blink oppa?~~

Omo Thank you! I was hoping that some one would of remembered doing a gif of tha scene when i found the video on you tube. And the laugh of the director and her KGE smile at that moment DAEBAK!

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