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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread


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DATAWIN Chart : 2017 TOP 10 Most Influenced Chinese Entertainer on the Internet in January



#1 Zhao Li Ying

#2 Tang Yan 

#3 Lu Han

#4 Wang Jun Kai

#5 Yi Yang Qian Xi

#6 Fan Bing Bing

#7 Li Yi Feng

#8 Zheng Shuang

#9 Yang Mi

#10 Wang Yuan

Credit: DataWin2017



Congratulations 1st place > Zhao Li Ying

Source onehallyu

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[05.01.2017] ZLY update weibo.

google translate~"a bike ride to learn it, you will be able to see the scenery"


Cr Weibo

*Pics shot in Taiwan while filming her upcoming movie "The King Monkey3: Rule of Women's Country" (date release is said to be next CNY 2018)

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google translation:
Zhao Liying broke into the rich list after 80, users angry: a few years ago also can not afford to buy apples

Judging at the google translation, i can  smelll antis?
Please anyone here who know chniese, kindly do summarise and delight us all here, thanks:)

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