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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread


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24.02.2017 Weibo Update


Translate: #Zhao: how much I want to stay with you. I may have changed destiny because you're back. The years may not be a beautiful face, but it's good to be with those who love them.


cr as labelled

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中华人民共和国家旅游局,跟着偶像做文明游客,《为中国加分》—— #胡歌、#赵丽颖、#王源 为中国加分!
People's Republic of China National Tourism Administration, followed by idols to do civilized tourists, "add points for China" - # Hu Ge, # Zhao Liying, # Wang Yuan for China plus points! (translate google)

AT 0.31 #Zhao Liying

Cr to the owner.

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26.02.2017~ Zhao Liying at Chinese TV drama Quality 2017 award ceremony in Shanghai






Zhao Liying and HuGe were sitting next to each other

First row: Zhao Liying, HuGe, Tang Yang, Luo Jin, Zhang Yixing, etc

Makeup: @穆建明
Modeling: @LuciaLiustylist
Photo: @AXstudio
Dress: Dior SS17
Hand bag: Dior
Jewelry: Dior
High heels: Jimmy Choo




Credit info and pics to the owner as tagged

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26.02.2017~Zhao Liying won strength acting star at Chinese TV drama Quality 2017 award ceremony in Shanghai today

#赵丽颖##赵丽颖实力演技剧星# 恭喜颖宝凭借《胭脂》和戏骨陈建斌老师一起获得中国电视剧品质盛典“年度实力演技剧星”。对于标题党“因腰伤准备退出娱乐圈”一说,她讲道,“我没有想暂退娱乐圈。一个演员应该去不断为追求好的品质而努力。所以要放慢脚步。过去十年只是开始,前面的路,还长着呢。

Translate google : # Zhao Liying # Zhao Liying strength acting star # Congratulations Ying Bao by virtue of "rouge" and opera Chen Jianbin teacher won the Chinese TV drama quality festival "annual strength acting star"

#Zhao I'm sorry to get out of the entertainment circles. She said, "I didn't want to leave the entertainment circles. An actor should continue to work for the good quality of the pursuit of good quality. That's why we should slow down. The last ten years just started, the road ahead still a long way"
(Text: a brother Huang Bin; Photo: Li Yong Leon)

info & pics credit as labelled via ZLYMalaysia

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Gosh I just realised ZLY won 2 awards at Dragon TV Quality Drama Festival,
~Winning TV drama The Mystic Nine -《老九门》aside from Rookie Agent Rouge -《胭脂》, at Chinese TV Drama Quality Ceremony (2017中国电视剧品质盛典) also ~Oriental TV Drama Festival Annual Strength Acting Star (东方卫视电视剧盛典年度实力演技剧星)
Ying's speech after receiving the awards:
" I don't get out of the world c-biz entertainment (China). Over the past 10 years is a solid basis for the future of a man. So I hope i can walk a little slower, maybe after the movie tv quality better, hope i can give everything for those movies tv future primary, 10 years To the most touching people with an actor, an actor to take part of thoughts, feelings, words your gesture to offer to the audience, the people you are important! Need encouragement, support, of course, also need after work after this, not just the person you love and enthusiasm for transfer to the audience, that's a higher standard!" (source info shared by ZLY~Vietnamfanpage,  translate google)

Video upload by ZLY~Malaysiafc

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[News] 030317
Zhao Liying a bib full of vitality, the ticket inserted chest pocket inexplicably adorable!


Today, Zhao Liying wearing a bib wearing a meatball head coming out of the airport, full of the breath of spring, this is going to the Hunan TV recording "pastoral life, longing for life", full of vitality to Bao Ying


This is a youth is simple, without losing the vitality, wearing overalls star a lot, but wearing so lovely is a Bao Ying


Zhao Liying also put the air ticket in front of the pockets, inexplicable feeling a little adorable, finally know why are you wearing braces!


Source bestchinanews.com

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At Dragon TV Quality Drama Festival, Zheng Kai called out Li Ying’s name during his MC-ing. He said, “Oh Li Ying ah, Li Ying, ah, are you there? (*She waved*) When we talk about you, there’s nothing to criticize about. Just wanted to give you screen time because you’re so pretty. See how nice I am to you?” Lol.

Cr translation & source @ AVV


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1 hour ago, angelangie said:


there wasnt much of zanilla in the 2nd part at all :/ 

Thanks for the info. Ah so sad and I just realised it. :(

Anyway i'm patiently waiting for her next project, Princess Agent hope there will be more of her appearance :)

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46 minutes ago, angelangie said:


no prom :) cause i start liking her recently too....she didnt really grab my attention till 'Boss & Me' :)


As for me, around September last year i accidently watched "Journey of Flowers" and i find her acting is very good, thus make me continue to watch few of her dramas and search for more info on her, thats how i ended here at soompi. After reading many articles and news on her I can say she is a truly smart, strong and very hardworking actress. She deserved all her award achievements.
Like her in "Boss & Me" she's adorably sweet and cute. :wub:

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06.03.17 "The Legend of Chusen2" released new ost mv, a true love concept song for Anhui and Beijing tv station.

'Broken Heart Flower"~Waiting for the rain to get out of a flower, waiting for the rain to fall down and miss white hair with your smile to change my silly(foolish) " 


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#为爱加速# 今天举行了“2016 BAZAAR明星慈善夜”第二批300辆救护车发车仪式,感谢亲爱的颖宝@赵丽颖 这份爱的守护,慈善夜上默默认捐的救护车车队即将启程啦,这10辆救护车即将奔赴爱的征途,为甘肃省的贫困县乡医疗事业添砖加瓦。2017,让我们再继续传递公益正能量!@苏芒

# For the love of acceleration # held today, "2016 BAZAAR star charity night" the second batch of 300 ambulance start ceremony, thanks to my dear Ying Bao @ Zhao Liying this love guardian, charity night quietly pledged ambulance fleet is about to leave Friends, the 10 ambulances will soon go to love the journey, for the poor counties and cities in Gansu Province, contribute to the cause of health care. 2017, let us continue to pass the public positive energy! @ Samuel (translate google)




Cr weibo as labelled via zaniliazhaoliyingfc

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