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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread


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OMG thank you so much, i finally found Goddess Zhao Liying's thread here :)

Thanks @sugarplum892 for setting this thread and thanks everyone for sharing ZLY's infos and pics.

Just like some of you here after watching "The Journey of Flower" last year, i started to fall in love with Hua Qiangu, since then i started to searching and reading any single info on our Goddess. I've too have watched few of her dramas, movies & variety shows too, I cant deny I find ZLY indeed is an absolutely an amazing versatile c-actress.

I've watched a few of her dramas & movies: Boss & Me (2015), Legend of LuZhen/ First Prime Minister(2013), Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (2014), Legend of Zu Mountain (2015), The Mystic Nine (2016), The Legend of Chusen (2016), Rookie Agent Rouge (2016),  Rise of a Tomboy (2016). And now i'm looking forward to her upcoming drama: "Princess Agents" (to be release~not sure to air, heard probably this summer), movie: "Duckweed" (to be release this coming 28.01.17)  and movie: "The Monkey King 3: Ruler of Women's Country" (date release is said to be in February 2018)

Anyway I hope you all don't mind me sharing and make myself at home here.

Thanks again to @sugarplum892 and all ZLY's soompier fans.

Have a nice day/night. Hope to see u again :) 

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[VLinkage] 2016 Top 50 TV Actors/Actresses Popularity Ranking

Zhao Liying at No. 1 among female actresses.
Comprehensive overall male and female actors/actresses total list,  Zhao Liying is at No 1, beating Hu Ge at 2nd and  Li Yi Feng at 3rd place.

Zhao Liying counterattack, beat the male star topped the list


INFO for TV actress, the top ten were:
Zhao Liying, Liu Tao, Tang Yan, Zheng Shuang, Liu Shi, Yang Mi, Song Qian, Zhang Tianai, Lin Xinru, Guan Xiaotong.

Zhao Liying counterattack, beat the male star topped the list

INFO for TV actor, the top ten were:
Hu Ge, Li Yi Feng, Wang Kai, Yang Yang, Chen Weiting, Huo Jianhua, Ma Tianyu, Zhang Yixing, Liu Kaiwei, Zhang Ruoyun.

Zhao Liying counterattack, beat the male star topped the list

source: ent channel top news

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21.01.2017~ Zhao Liyng looks like a flower fairy at "Duckweed" event
Zhao Liying attended an event today for her newest movie “DuckWeed”.
Deng Chao, Eddie Peng, and Dong Zijian are also part of the main cast

QQ: Zhao Liying looks like a faiiry, so beautiful so ethereal
source: ( http://ent.qq.com/a/20170121/015686.htm#p=1)

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+7,336] So beautiful, her visuals are on par with Fan Bingbing…

[+2,828] Perfect. She’s beautiful from all aspects. Accessories, hair, clothes, and makeup all look great. Fits her very well

[+2,672] Her photos are always heavily photoshopped… I’m immune already… a ton of brainless fans are on the way… everyone please pray for me

[+2,649] Even the flower fairy isn’t as pretty as Zhao Liying

[+2,195] I support Xiaogu, support Zhao Liying. You’re always the best! I look for more wonderful works from you

[+1,386] She got popular after Journey of Flower. Super popular. I really like her. I feel that she’s real and super pretty

[+1,357] She successfully washed her image in the last couple of years. Even I don’t really hate her anymore. Ho amazing

[+1,006] Who doesn’t look good after photoshop? Show up with your bare face if you dare!

[+948] So comfortable looking at her. A natural face looks so good

[+831] You can tell that her shoes are too big

Credit English translation: cpoplove.com

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I'm happy, i just found an english sub on ZLY's interview, this was uploaded in July 2016
I think it's so so hard to find her interviews or news translated. I wish there will be soompiers here who know chinese language (mandrin) to translate for us all.

Credit the uploader

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I'm proud to be one of ZLY's fans.

1. New My Fair Princess
2. The Legend of Lu Zhen
3. The Wife's Secret
4. Boss & Me
5. The Journey of Flower
6. The Legend Of Zu
7. Best Get Going
8. The Mystic Nine
9. Noble Aspirations
10. Rookie Agent Rouge
11. Princess Agents

Credit the uploader

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