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[OFFICIAL THREAD] So Ji Sub ♥ Shin Min Ah - Oh My Venus Couple - SoShin/Scarf Couple


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full_6851425.jpegWelcome to: SoShin-Scarf Couple Threadfull_6851425.jpeg



Stars of KBS Monday-Tuesday "Oh My Venus"

 PkTzbbJ.gif  pdZ7bJp.gif

 QrR3UTT.gif HSNqf6o.gif



Name: So Ji Sub

DOB: November 4, 1977

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea


Years Active: 1995 - Present

Agency: 51K



Name: Shin Min Ah

DOB: April 5, 1984

Hometown: Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Education: Dongguk University


Years Active: 2001 - Present

Agency: O& Entertainment



They both endorsed Giordano until 2013




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@charliew you rang? :w00t:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1437211344766233.gif?1437211348                                                                                                                                                                                               

 @LavelyShai  gomawo :wub:

cr  vid owner
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Hello, why this thread is so shy there is no news or anything . It such a waste not to post about SJS SMA amazing chemistry in drama. There is somany something fishy in every hug scene, playful scene, holding hands scene kkk we never know what will happen with this 2 i pray for the best I love to imagine both of them cud be real in RL  :blush::wub::heart:

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I just felt that sjs is so protective of sma... 


He seems to distract emcee to focus on him so he won't disturb sma... 


And his thank u speech... omo..  is that an open challenge? A confession??  A cometome kinda confession??? 


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@zeppy10, lol I think it was meant to garner interest for the last two episodes of the drama. I mean, you hear comfortable and erotic night and it's like WHAT? SJS possibly undressed?! Of course I'm going to tune in! But moreso, I think he was trying to be funny lol he's known her since the Giordano days so I would like to think they're such good friends that he's comfortable enough to joke around like that. But who knows what the future holds? I try to be "reasonable" and separate reel vs. real but it's oh so hard with them. Their chemistry is off the charts onscreen. Like I want to be IN LOVE because of them and that just shows how amazing they are at their craft. 

And HAPPY NEW YEAR, guys! 

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HAHAHA I'm laughing out loud how some of us from OMV thread-- ended up on this thread bursting emotions with our shipper SoShin hearts so we don't get in trouble by mods! This thread is lacking and it's unfortunate when they're literally the hottest drama couple right now. I heard Naver etc had them trending the most. 

I can't stand how good they are together and to each other during candid moments like the awards show. SJS totally took care of SMA from sometimes pervy hosts who ask stupid things of beautiful women. What a gentlemen. Their exchanges and how they address each other is to die for. I'm fanning myself now. It's going to be a great NEW YEAR!

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It's just so hard not to ship them!!! 

I was mentioning in the OmV thread that I noticed how sma changed from hooking ard sjs arm while walking to stage to receive couple award to.. sjs changing it to holding hands..


I can't help but notice sma is more cautious but sjs is more open?

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