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[Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이

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Interesting now that beautiful Kim Tae Hee is married in a highly private sudden marriage to celebrity international star, Rain, all write-ups about her will credit her to Yong Pal, her last highly successful drama with the handsome and cute Joo Won. Of course some don't agree with me but that's their loss. Heh...... how many battles I waged against toxic opinion pieces. They were just that.... trashy and mean.

Now that YP had been screened in many countries, many are still thirsting for YP. If you are here for it, please enjoy the amazing acting and story line.

Yong Pal tugs at my heart once again. I had to get my fix ...... right now it's listening to OSTs

This OST is so achingly bitter sweet. They really had to fight to survive against evil . The scene where Yeo Jin cut her hair became the pivotal point for her. Her character transformed dramatically to a powerful brilliant woman. Alas Tae Hyun couldn't keep up with the swamp and left. i was brokenhearted. Yong Pal thread then turned into a hotbed of arguments and counter arguments. Verbal bricks went flying each making a point. It was well and good , I maintain it's a great drama.


K.Will – Coming To Me mgl sub (Young Pal ost)

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Dear @bebebisous33.... great to see you again . Oh the times you wrote interesting essays about the white Knight, the Queen of Hearts, the white rabbit , other symbols etc and especially about the POPE. I enjoyed them. Thanks

Your essays are always well received in other threads too.  You gifting !!!


Hi to @glee77 ..... ( Joo Won's fan ) Will be seeing you when My Sassy Girl airs.

For Fans of Joo Won And KTH who are still tuning in, I'm sharing and mash up video of Joo Won and KTH . Do you think they will collaborate again after their hit Yong Pal ? I think even if here are plans, it would not be possible because JW will be drafted into NS soon and KTH is busy fitting into married life. Oh Joo Won looks so much better in Yong Pal than in this mash up.


Joo Won || Kim Tae Hee || MV



This parody in the video is so hilarious. Brings back fond memories.

주원과 정웅인의 뜨거운 브로맨스 '용팔이의 사랑' SBS SAF 연기대상 반응 (SBS AWARDS FESTIVAL) Yongpal's love, Joowon,


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Joo Won brought me for a revisit. A walk in nostalgia. To update , JW is in MS and his latest drama and first sageuk show has just ended. JW in My Sassy Girl is not anything Tae Hyun. It is a rom com with some melo and politics mixed in. Young Pal was sci-fi, romance and thriller. In any write ups of Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won , their drama Yong Pal is tagged with their names. The last I know is Yong Pal was aired in the Philipines, Indonesia and Thailand. I'm sure there are many more countries.

YP was KTH's last drama which garnered high ratings and won her the Top Excellence. She proved her acting talent. Now she's Mrs RAIN and starring in her own baby show. Can't wait for the baby. When he or she is bigger she'll see how beautiful mummy was in YP.

So happy for Joo Won that he found love and is dating Boa. Joo WOn deserved to win the top prze, the Daesang for his role in YP. Such an immensely talented actor.

This has been so long and I'm keen to put this wonderful thread on front page for a while to see how many visits there are.

Here are some favourites.



. You'll get mad if I take away the phone





credit : gif maker , onenightinseoul

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